Tellwut Surveys Review: A Scam or Legit Rewards Site? (2021)

Welcome to my Tellwut Surveys review 2021!

Tellwut Surveys (TS) claims that you can earn easy income from home each month just by working a few minutes without doing any technical stuff.

No matter what the Tellwut Surveys claims, I must congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before joining this business opportunity.

The best way to find the truth about any product is to read the honest reviews on the web. Let me be totally honest with you; I’m not associated with Tellwut Surveys in any form.

Instead, I’m here to reveal the truth behind Tellwut Surveys and what they can really provide for you.

Is it really that easy for TS to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is TS a legit or a scam?

That’s all I will be covering in this Tellwut Surveys review.

So let’s start;

Product Name: Tellwut

Founder: Tellwut 

Product Type: Rewards Site 

Price: Free to Join

Best For: People who want extra income each month

Tellwut Surveys Review

Summary: Tellwut rewards is a site that offers numerous ways to earn residual income from home. The site is free to join for the people of the USA and rewards its members in the form of gift cards. The site is trusted and has been operating since 2010, but I recommend that if you want to work from home and earn a consistent income, this is not for you. 

Rating: 60/100

Verdict: Yes

What is Tellwut Surveys?

Tellwut sands for Tell Us What You Think and it is an online research and survey panel based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The site was launched in 2010 and is owned by the Tellwut Organization.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Tellwut is a reliable company and has a rating of A+. The site has over 600,000 members.

It is a reliable company as accredited by BBB. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worth your time. As you read my complete review, it will be evident to you whether it is a right opportunity for you or not.

Though I am not a big fan of survey sites, but you could use them to earn extra income each month. If you want to hear from me who survey sites to start I recommend only;

How Does it Work?

The first step is to create an account with them, and it is completely free. Once you create an account and verify your email id, you will get 100 points.

After this, you are required to provide information about yourself (age, gender, income, etc.), and when you complete this, it will also provide you with 150 points.

Now it’s time to earn more points. Let’s look at the few steps to increase your points further;

1.    Create Polls

Previously, you have heard that when you complete surveys created by other brands, they will reward you points. TS provide you the opportunity to create a survey and earn up to 20 points. You are allowed to create two polls per week.

There are some guidelines for creating those polls, and if you follow these, you could easily earn 40 points each week.

2.    Answer Polls Created by Other Members

If other members have created a survey, you can answer them and earn an easy 5 to 15 points. They are very simple yet very interesting questions that can be exciting as well as take your not more than 2 minutes.

It can be opinions about a certain beauty trend, lifestyle, favorite food, etc. As there are many members so you could see many different polls throughout the day. It is up to you whether you participate in those surveys or not.

3.    Taking Surveys

This is very common in other survey sites. You could take them either they send you via email or go to the dashboard and complete one by one.

Please do remember that these are not the surveys managed by Tellwut; rather the site is getting those surveys from other different survey companies. However, they send the surveys to the people whom profile match with the survey requirements

Their surveys usually last for 20 to 30 minutes, and you can expect 100 to 200 points for completing each one. Most of the survey points credited instantly into your account while some may take up to 5 to 6 business days.

Before taking each survey, you will need to be gone through the process of pre-qualification questionnaires. However, if you don’t get qualified to the survey you have a chance to enter into their monthly draw for 4,000 points.

4.    Refer Friends

Many popular sites have an option to refer people and get an extra reward for this. I think this is a perfect opportunity to make a bit of extra money.

Some of the top paying survey sites have really good rewards when somebody you have invited joins. TS only offer 25 points which I think is very low if you look at the competitors.

It is, in fact, the lowest reward for a referral program I have ever seen, and it almost does not make sense even to use it.

How Do You Get Paid?

Similar to other survey sites, you will get paid in points. The points can then be traded for some different rewards. On TS, 100 points worth is $0.25, and you need 4000 points to be able to convert them. It means 4000 points are equal to $10.

Now let’s look at the gift cards which relates to the leading brands around the world like Amazon, Target, Nike, Starbucks, movies, Walmart, or get a prepaid Visa Card. There is no option to get withdrawal in cash to PayPal, so if you prefer getting paid through PayPal, TS is not a site for you.

When you look at other survey sites, they use a simple points system like 100 points worth is $1 or 1000 points worth is $1 but when we look at this site there points system creates much confusion than any other site.  

You need to look at below schedule to figure it out once, and then it will be easier to understand if an activity is worth for you to do.

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Pros & Cons:

The Bad

1. No PayPal

If you prefer to withdraw cash in the form of PayPal, this site is not for you. TS only provides the facility of gift cards. So, whether you need it or not, you have to use them. This is well said; you can earn, but not necessarily get paid.

If you want to get paid via PayPal, I recommend you to join Global Test Market, Swagbucks, and Cash Crate.

2. Limited Earning Potential

Despite the time and effort, you put in Tellwut Surveys business, at the end you only have few bucks in your hand.

That’s true….

Though Tellwut Surveys is one of the legitimate sites on the web, still this issue is with it.

You can get a paycheck of $15 per month. Even for that $15, you need to spend 2 to 4 hours daily. That’s a lot of work.

If you think Tellwut Surveys can replace your 9 to 5 jobs and earn you a full-time income, believe me, that’s not going to happen.

Frankly speaking, I am not going to waste my time on such sites for earning like this and I don’t want to waste your time too.

3. Qualification Issue

At the start of each survey, you are asked to fill out the startup questionnaires. It is likely that you could get disqualified from the survey.

This not only wastes your time but also frustrates as well. Though this is not the only issues with them for recognizing your effort, you will get a chance to win 4000 points.

Is Tellwut Surveys a Scam?

Tellwut Surveys is not a scam because it is still a legitimate company that provides its customers with legitimate earning opportunities. Like most surveys businesses, they have their own upsides and downsides.

The Company offers multiple earning options, and by using each of the options, you could increase your earnings. 

Despite legitimate, I don’t recommend you to take it a long-term income opportunity. However, you could utilize it to earn a few bucks per month as a side income.

Can Tellwut Surveys become your cash cow and provide you with the lifestyle that it promises? I wouldn’t think so, but that’s just my opinion.

There are better options out there than Tellwut Surveys when it comes to making money online.

Final Verdict:

Though Tellwut Surveys is a legit company, I recommend you to put your focus on your own online business rather than earning $12 to $15 per month.

Affiliate marketing is one sort of such a business model that I recommend to make money online.

The reasons are simple…

  • It has far more earning potential than any Tellwut Surveys
  • Unlike Tellwut Surveys, you don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • It gives you control and ownership that Tellwut Surveys don’t
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted only to promote TS
  • It’s Free to get started

Don’t put so much effort on Tellwut Surveys and other similar survey companies.

Let’s suppose, if the Tellwut Surveys gets closed, all of your efforts will get vain, and you need to start again from scratch, while in affiliate marketing if a Company gets closed, you can choose other to replace the older one.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing to make a much bigger and consistent income from home, I recommend seeing Wealthy Affiliate.

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I hope you will like my Tellwut Surveys review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.