TeeSpring Review 2021 – Is Tee Spring Legit or Scam?

I know you were just there probably searching for the best income opportunities that you could get online and then all of a sudden you stumbled upon the TeeSpring that promises you to make you money online without having to do much work.

Or maybe you came here to learn about tee spring and wanted to be sure it works before invested a dime in it.

If you are looking to identify whether tee spring is the right system that you should invest your time and energy in, then this is the right article for you.

In this TeeSpring review, you the information that is precise and straight to the point to help you make a quick decision and an informed one for that matter. Without bias, the article explores every aspect of tee spring whether positive or negative and leave the decision-making to you.

What is TeeSpring?

So what exactly is Teespring? If you are an artist, if you’re looking to make money online, if you’re looking to sellTeeSpring T Shirts Reviews custom t-shirts or hoodies then this is what you should be taking a look at.

It is a platform online based that helps anyone to create their own custom-made products and sell the same high-quality products with absolutely no risk and no cost at all.

You will be simply working online selling t-shirts and hoods. The idea is designing your prints or probably pay someone to do it for you.

After that, you take them to the printers or maybe you own and run the printer yourself, print the shirts or the hoods, for that matter, take the photographs go back online and begin the marketing process, so your customers purchase them you begin the packaging process

From there, you will ship the products to your customers and have to make a follow up to ensure that it reaches them safe and sound, so you take care of everything yourself.

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So How Exactly Does it Work?

1. Join For Free

Firstly, you join tee spring for free. Joining and creating an account is completely free like the air we breathe, without any hidden cost.

2. Create Your Design

After you have joined you will begin creating your own designs and choose whatever type of products you would like to launch, there’s quite a variety of high-quality products that you can choose to design they include; t-shirts, sweatshirts, sticker, totes, and mugs.

TeeSpring has an inbuilt easy-to-use editor where you simply create your designs without consideration of you have prior knowledge in the works of design.

But if you are an artist or you wish to add your own custom-made designs then they allow you to upload an image, as you continue making your design the system will automatically calculate how much it will cost to make your product.

3. Setting Up The Price

The next step is to choose a price; choosing a price goes hand in hand with the quantity, you must also determine the minimum amount that is to be sold, if your product does not sell the minimum amount then they will not produce it.

If you do not reach your minimum requirements then the sale will be canceled and your customers will not be charged anything but to a positive side you can re-launch your campaign by probably adjusting your prices set lower targets for the minimum requirement which can help you hit your target the next time around.

So as you set if you want to make sure you set your minimum amount to a number that you can easily sell or in simpler terms you want to place your minimum target to a level you are sure you can actually achieve, and again if you set the minimum amount to a large number then the base price becomes cheaper for your product.

TeeSpring will suggest a price for you but if you wish you can adjust it to increase or reduce your earnings per share in line with what you desire, as you modify the numbers the system will automatically estimate your earnings if you meet your goals(minimum target).

After everything is done the next thing is to decide on the duration of the sale, you have a range to choose from that is between 2 and 21 days.

After that, you are done preparing the product now your technical part comes in.

4. Promote, Promote, Promote

This is where the product goes live on the market and now it’s your work to make sure the product sells they give you an URL which redirects your potential customers to your products in your shop.

If you’ve done marketing before that is what you do, you promote your brand in every possible way but you know to make sure that you meet the minimum goal, the minimum number of products to be sold.

You can be taught how to market your product if you believe you need assistance, they have a “university” that teaches that they teach you to find your niche, to promote your items to your niche on FB, if you do not know how marketing online is done you can rely on that to boost your know-how.

The Payment Plan:

On the part that we all love, you know that part when you are done with all the hard work and now it’s time to get paid.

TeeSpring only pays you if you reach the minimum order amount, this is important to emphasize because if you do not rich the minimum amount to be sold, your product will not be produced which means you will not make any money.

However, if you do reach the minimum order amount then your earnings will be available for payout within only 48 hours.

They pay through pay pal, direct deposit or mailed check. Direct deposits and pay pal are very quick and their payment will show up within the 48 hours check payments, on the other hand, can take longer up to 3 weeks.

TeeSpring has an analytics dashboard that displays your overall performance it shows you how many units you sold, how many people have clicked your link, different performance on different campaigns, to help you determine where most of your customers are coming from.

All of this is done without any cost, they help you if you wish to put on promotional discounts on the products that you produce, you could even make coupons and distribute or send them around to your potential customers to increase your sales.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

  • TeeSpring is a legit site where you can actually earn money by selling t-shirts.
  • There are success stories from people who have actually earned $100s of dollars.

The Cons

  • This site is not perfect for fulltime income. For this purpose please read my wealthy affiliate review.
  • The other main downside of tee spring is the short marketing period. This means if you set your minimum target to a very high number you may not be able to achieve it if you only rely on a tee spring campaign.

Final verdict:

So to answer the big question is tee spring a legitimate platform that you can make money from; yes this is a legitimate online platform that requires no money from you.

Final verdict – Legit!

The only thing you have to invest in your time in designing and marketing of the products the products have a high-quality print and they are high-quality products so go make your choice now.

If you want a reliable system that will give you a sustainable income online, I recommend you get started building your own online business with my #1 recommendation.

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