Swiss Gold Global Review [2021] – Is it a Scam or Legit?

If you have been thinking about making more investments or getting yourself another stream of income, then chances are that you’ve collided with this global multi level marketing company called Swiss Gold Global.

You may have heard of it through a friend, online ads, emails or someone mentioned it to you through your favorite social media platform.

And if I get it correct, you want to know if this opportunity is well worth the investment and effort, right?

Well, you’ll get to know the whole truth about it in just a few minutes.

I’ve had the opportunity to look deeply into this program after I had someone mention it to me, and have gathered quite a massive amount of info on it.

So you are going to want to pay close attention to my unique Swiss Gold Global review and get to learn the truth as it really is.

So without any more stories, let’s get straight into it…

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Product Name: Swiss Gold Global

Founder: Bill Rowell

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $50 a month (Basic membership), $150 then $50 a month (Premium membership) and $199 for affiliates.

Best For:

swiss gold global review


Rating: 60/100

Verdict: No

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Swiss Gold Global – Introduction:

Spotting a worthwhile opportunity online that can help you achieve the perfect match of your expectations has become really difficult nowadays.

As the business world continues to evolve, many scams and cheats are increasingly becoming more common, and some programs that are legit but not as good as they need to be like Opinion Outpost and Traffic Authority.

As of now, I am more than sure that no niche online hasn’t been affected by people who are after credit card details.

I’ve seen literally thousands of people being robbed through various ways by being manipulated into joining a program that sound so amazing and well paying. But soon after they joined, their nightmare began.

 swiss gold global review

They’ve been having their credit cards charged without their authorization every month little by little, if not a huge chunk at once!

But how does this happen?

What happens is that most people don’t do research before getting into a program that is set to allegedly help folks make more income.

They jump blindly into half baked programs that sound so easy to work with and have great promises that could potentially make them billionaires overnight.

And since everyone desires to own a fortune, they’ll dish out their money just to realize they’ve been conned after a good deal of money is lost.

So you will want to be doing more research on anything that is going to make you take out your bank account details and give them off somewhere.

There are thousands of programs coming up every month and in the same way there are hundreds of thousands of people joining them and later giving their experiences through reviews like this or other forms. You have seen some companies that pays you pennies for doing a lot of effort.

So if you are scammed, you have no one to blame as all you need to know before joining is always at your disposal. So leverage this and always be safe from any potential danger that may be lurking around the corner.

And talking about danger, is Swiss Gold Global a potential danger? Is it a scam or legit? Does it want to suck your money or help you harvest more of it from just a little amount of financial ‘seeds’ being put therein?

Well, there’s only way to find out, and that’s by getting a deeper view of it and having a better understanding.

Before doing this, let’s see my top notch program lists that are best for making money online;

So let’s get more understanding of it!

What is Swiss Gold Global?

This is a company that deals with gold bars and sells them to people who through their handling of it, are allegedly going to make more money.

Its main purpose, as they state in their webpage, is to get the gold bars investment out of the high rolling community and through to the regular laymen.


It is found to be operating in Zurich, Switzerland. Although some of contact information provided in their site is of Dubai.

The ringleader of this program is Bill Rowell, who apparently has had quite some history in this industry.

According the main website of the company, Bill, who is an entrepreneur from Australia, initially made a program called Joseph Wealth Systems back in 2008 which still runs up until now as Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH and still as New Golden Life DMCC.

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This is still what is operating in the online market as Swiss Gold Global. So if you’re familiar with any of these names then you’ve known that they’re all related.

How Does it Work?

As it is set to get the gold bars on the hands of ordinary people, you sure bet that it’s main operation is selling gold along with some affiliate marketing.

Firstly, it sells gold bars in different weights at different prices. The weight starts from 1 gram all the way to 100grams.

1 gram of gold is basically much smaller than a brick, if you were thinking something huge, then you are far off the road.

And with at least $40 in your account, you can get a piece of your own gold. I believe with this ratio, you can calculate how much a hundred grams heavy gold bar will cost you.

Moving on to their next operation, affiliates may want to get prepared for this. The company wants more members and they are ready to pay quite well those people who are willing to bring in more people inside to make the investments.

Ideally, if you are a recruit, you should first pay $199 to be allowed and get the link you’ll be needing to stream in referrals. And after recruiting, based on what level you are at in their uni-level payment scheme, you can earn monthly commissions from 10% to 20%.

Who is For?

Well, the company’s target audience for this program is the ordinary people looking to invest and secure their future.

So if you are a person looking for more avenues to sow seed into, this is a great opportunity for you as you will be keeping your money in gold (I know you understand what that means).

Also, this program is a good fit for a person who is into affiliate marketing and would want earn few extra bucks every month by promoting the Swiss Gold program.

What is Included in the Product?

Well, since the company is dealing with gold, the only product I can say is included is the gold bars they sell.

There are no other mentioned products the company is involved with. But with the $150 premium membership, there is a “premium education plan” to help people understand better the product and how best to make the most out of it and you may want to note that they get their first fees paid out in silver.

The Compensation Plan:

This plan to compensate members works only for the affiliates, although you should note that gold and silver commissions are paid out as well, to the relevant people but differently.

Let’s catch a glimpse of the compensation plan.

Rankings for Affiliates

In the program, there are 10 ranks that the plan works with. Here they all are, from the highest to the lowest rank:

• Platinum Ambassador – To get here, you should have had 5 affiliates that you’ve personally recruited, who should be active, and four of them should be at least ambassadors and should have their personal recruits bringing in at least 100,000 Group Volume monthly.

• Gold Ambassador – To get here, you should have had 5 personal recruits, three of which are at least ambassadors whose personal recruits are bringing in more than a monthly amount of 100,00 Group Volume from their recruits.

• National Ambassador – To get here, you should have had 5 personal recruits and 2 of them should be at least ambassadors who must be bringing in a monthly minimum amount of 100,000 Group Volume from their personal recruits.

• Senior Ambassador – To get here, you should have had 5 personal and serious affiliates, two of which one is an Executive Director and the other an Ambassador and should have their recruits as well bringing in at least 30,000 Group Volume each month.

• Ambassador – To get here, you should have had 5 personal recruits, two of which one is an Executive Director and the other a director all of whom should have personal recruits bringing in a monthly minimum amount of 15,000 Group Volume .

• Executive Director – To get here, you should have had 5 personal recruits, three of which are affiliates together with a Director and an Executive Director, and should have their personal recruits bringing in a least monthly amount of 15,000 Group Volume .

• Director – To get here, you should have had 5 affiliate recruits, three of which are serious affiliates along with a Manager and a Team Leader with their personal recruits bringing in at least 3750 Group Volume each month.

• Team Leader – To get here, you should have 3 personal recruits, two of which are serious affiliates and a manager whose all personal recruits are bringing at least a minimum monthly amount of 750 Group Volume.

• Manager – To get here, you only to get 3 serious recruits and see that you get 50 Personal Volume or 500 Personal Shared Volume each month.

• Affiliate – To get here, you just have to get 50 Personal Volume or 500 Personal Shared Volume each month and keep it at that.

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P.S. From only one leg of the uni-level, only up to 60% of the requirements of the Group Volume can be gotten from the rankings starting at the Team Leader to the Director. Above that it goes down to 40%.

Retail Commissions

If you you happen to sell to retail customers the premium membership, where they will have to pay $150 and then $50 each month, you are going to get 10% of all the payments they’ll be making.

And if your personal recruits does this as well, you still get to paid 10% of the commissions from their referrals.

Qualifications for Commissions

In order to be able to receive payments each month, you need to be very “active” in the sense that:

• At least each week for 5 good weeks, you should be able to bring in 50 Personal Volume and 500 Personal Shared Volume and keep it that way.

• At least in a month, you should be able to bring in 50 Personal Volume and 500 Personal Shared Volume and keep it that way.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

Every time you make a personal recruitment into the program, you are going to get $55.

And if you make it to make such a recruitment and have the recruit make the same recruitment as well, you are going to get a 10% residual commission as soon as the people recruited pay their monthly payments.

Commissions for Gold and Silver

If you happen to recruit retail customers and affiliates who then buy the gold and silver that the company sells, you are given a commission.

If a retail customer buys, you are given a 2% commission.

If an affiliate buys, you are given a 1% commission.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

These commissions are paid out in a uni-level pyramid scheme, where you, the affiliate, is at the top of the pyramid.

The people you personally recruit get to level 1, the people who your personal recruits directly recruit are put on level 2 and the system goes on that way up to level 7.

Now, every 5% of the monthly payments paid by the people recruited into the program is given to you.

And the amount of commissions you get from the whole scheme is based on where you are ranked. Here is how they are paid:

• At Executive Director rank – 5% commissions paid up to level 7

• At Director rank – 5% commissions paid up to level 5

• At Team Leader rank – 5% commissions paid up to level 4

• At Manager rank – 5% commissions pad up to level 3

• At Affiliate rank – 5% commissions paid up to level 2

Check Match Bonus

This is the bonus that gives you the opportunity, as an affiliate, to be given the same amount of commissions that your personal recruits, who are affiliates ranked above you, are getting. This bonus too depends on your placement in the rankings.

And here is how they are paid out:

• For a National Ambassador – 20% commission match

• For a Senior Ambassador – 15% commission match

• For an Ambassador – 10% commission match

Build to Bedrock Bonus

This is the bonus you get when you recruit 3 affiliates in your first 30 days who also get to recruit at least one affiliate each in the same period of time.

And the bonus for this is a whooping $200!

Rank Achievement Bonus

If you are promoted to the Team Leader rank and for the next two months you are promoted again from any rank you may be at, you are rewarded with a commission. And here is how they are paid:

• From Gold Ambassador – $2,000

• From National Ambassador – $1,000

• From Senior Ambassador – $750

• From Ambassador – $500

• From Executive Director – $300

• From Director – $200

• From Team Leader – $100

Generation Bonus

If you are in the Ambassador or higher rank and you are spotted in any uni-level leg, you are going to get this bonus. This bonus is usually gotten from 3% of the volume generated by you being found there.

Ambassador Leadership Bonus

As the name suggests, If you are in the Ambassador rank or higher, you are given a 2% on all the sales made by all your personal recruits and their recruits as well.

And this bonus is given out in every leg of the uni-level down the pyramid scheme, until an Ambassador is found in that specific leg. If none is found, then 2% to the leg as a whole.

Global Bonus Pool

The bonus here is derived from the company’s overall sales volume, as wide it may possibly be.

And then this percentage is then broken into 4 other pools where the benefactors are affiliates from the Senior Ambassador rank and higher. And these are paid out annually.

Here is how they are shared out:

• Platinum Ambassadors, with at least 4 personally recruited affiliates in Ambassador or higher rank – 40%

• Gold Ambassadors, with at least 3 personally recruited affiliates in Ambassador or higher rank – 20%

• National Ambassadors, with at least 2 personally recruited affiliates in Ambassador or higher rank – 20%

• Senior Ambassadors, with at least 1 personally recruited affiliates in Ambassador or higher rank – 20%

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• You can come to get your own gold bars without necessarily having to pay fully for it. As an affiliate you can invest your efforts to recruit people and have that buy you the gold.

• The gold sold in the company is genuine as it has been verified for realness and given a stamp of approval through the signature of Assayer’s.

• It is very much possible for you to cancel the order you had initially made for the gold if need be. Basically, there no commitments to buying anything from them, if you happen to change your mind in the process of purchasing.

• The company offers the gold in weights that are comfortably affordable to people of ordinary status. As the program’s goals are, it is able to mind the laymen which is a good sign of a truly working company.

• There are no huge and unreasonable costs in order to join and get involved in the activities of the company. With just $150 and $50 a month, dealing with GOLD, this is purely a company centered on serving people and not chasing the money.

The Con’s

• It is very easy to get confused in the compensation plan. The plan is very complicated with so !many principles of getting the bonuses and getting paid. You may think you are going to get more bonuses and be actually surprised to get much lesser than you had hoped for.

• There is very little about the company’s dealings, proofs of people who’ve succeeded in this business so that they motivate more others to join and buy the gold too. There is also little information on the history of the company to show where it has come from.

• The company has been operating for almost two years now and there still very little marketing done by the company to make it known online. There is only a Facebook page that has been barely attended to. People are going to find it hard to get more details and a chance to speak with the insiders to know what it is really like to be a member.

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Final Verdict:

With all what you’ve come to find out about Swiss Gold Global, would you call it a scam or a good to work with company that has got loads of huge potential to make a favorable income?

Well, for me there’s a lot to consider. First of all, the company has been running for about two years, so it pretty much there to stay.

Secondly, their compensation plan is reasonable and it motivates people to work hard to climb up the ranks, which is another plus. And there are more of these good things about the company, if you take to think about it.

While on the negative side, you can’t join the company and participate for free, you have to make a few investments. Also, the fact that there are few people talking about it online, many people may find difficult to believe that members can actually make it to Platinum Ambassador.

Anyways, the company is legit and it’s your hard work that counts, not really the cash in hands at that particular time. So, by all means go ahead and join this program and start trading with gold.

Name: Swiss Gold Global
Owner: Bill Rowell
Price: $50 a month (Basic membership), $150 then $50 a month (Premium membership) and $199 for affiliates.
Rankings: 60 out of 100

Have you dealt with such gold trade before? What was the experience like? Did you get to make anything significant out of it?

What do you think about this Swiss Gold Global program? Let us know about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your experience and thoughts on this.

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