SurveyHead Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

SurveyHead Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: SurveyHead
Website Address:
Product Price: Free
Business Owner: Matthew Dugis and Gregg Lavin
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 points

Survey Head Review – Introduction:

SurveryHead is a market research company that pays its members for completing online surveys, Mobile surveys and product testing. It is completely free to join and they will reward you $5 commission when you become member of this site. This site has changed its name from Survey Head to iPoll.

Matthew Dugis and Gregg Lavin also started another program in the past named as GoZing. It also works on the same premise like other popular survey taking companies; opinion outpost, survey say, inbox dollar and global test market.

How to Earn Money from SurveyHead?

It is a market research company that simply pays for giving your opinion to the companies. After becoming a member of this site and providing your feedback on products and services, you will have the ability to help out the companies in order to shape their future products and services.

This all starts with completing your profile in the member’s area because your preferences will be harmonized to distinctive survey opportunities. To put it differently, you data help them to tailor the surveys that fits your interests and experience. To get the best results complete your profile and tell them the real information.

To enhance your earnings, take as many surveys as possible. There is no fixed quality that you will receive daily because it all depends on the clients who are looking for opinion from specific type of people.

You are compensated for your time and your information that you have provided. SurveyHead offers a diverse reward program ranging from magazine subscriptions to Amazon gift codes to PayPal payment to your account. Apart from this, you may also donate your rewards to a various charity organizations.

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The length of survey usually range between 10 to 20 minutes. Other than this the site also offers longer version of surveys that delivers more rewards to its members. Before they actually send you survey, they will send you expected time it will take to complete each survey up-front.

Please do remember that the rewards will not be instantly credited to your account. Initially they validate the results to guarantee the honesty of community and the quality of the information they are giving to the clients. As long as they are validating this information the status will be shown as pending. When it get validated then it will changed to “earned” and your reward will be credited to your account. There is no time limit that this process will take place as it can take a few days, or a few weeks depending on the nature of the survey.

Things I Liked:

Bonus and Worldwide Availability

Very few sites I have some across that offers bonus to its members and it is up to $5. Everyone knows earning potential of surveys sites are very limited and you get nearly $0.1 to $0.5 on average for completing each survey. This bonus would help them to reach out their first cashout much early than if they all do on their own.

Another great feature of this site is that it is available to worldwide as I have seen lot of sites that have just restricted them to USA and UK. But it is a truth that if you are from USA and UK then you would get more surveys than from any other part of the world.

Some Earning Potential

As a beginner, everyone was looking for some easy money that don’t require any investment and we have only two options in the form of PTC and survey sites. I would definitely go for survey sites because they offer much more than PTC sites and are more trusted.

I would not say that you will be able to leave your 9 to 5 routine but this may help you to earn $3 to $10 per month. This may not be the enough money for most of the people but if you are looking for this then do not forget to see my #1 recommendation.

Things I Don’t Like:

Limited Earning Potential

The earning potential is quite low, one user reported being a member for 6 months, but only made $13.30 during that time. This is not enough for a cash out.  Another user reported being a member for 6 months with over 100 surveys sent to them. However, they only qualified for 5 surveys. Another major complaint is that the earning potential with this website is very low.

Problems while Completing

Before stating any survey you have to qualify for the surveys and often people have reported that they didn’t qualify for majority of them. Other than this when you are actually completing surveys then people have to see a similar message repeatedly “We’re Sorry, because the survey you are completing has reached its maximum limit”.

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The purpose of this message is, clients generally requires limited number of responses from people and when it get reached then no further responses will be entertained. To cater this problem, be ready for surveys as soon as it is available.

This is the most common problem for any survey site and let’s suppose you are completing one of them that will take your 45 minutes and you are at the last moment. What would be your response when you will see this message?

Withdrawal Time

Whenever you would reach its withdrawal limit then you can request for payout. The problem is it didn’t take 1 or 2 days that any other business model take but you will have to wait for at least one month. This time is very normal with this site and sometimes it get reached to more than 2 months.

Is SurveyHead a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, it is not a scam as has been around years and paying to its members without any problem. The best thing about this site is that it offers free earning opportunities to the worldwide people. You can make some extra pocket money by doing 30 minutes daily work. On the other side this is not for those people who are looking for full time income. Moreover, there are certain potential problems that I have disclosed above.

I always value time more than anything else and this is the right time to move forward and build your own business. If you are in such a mood then don’t forget to see my #1 recommendation.