Survey Money Machines Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Survey Money Machines Review;

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Website Address:
Price: Free
Business Owner: Hailey Gates
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points

Survey Money Machines Scam Review – Introduction:

Survey Money Machines is supposedly be owned by Hailey Gates. It is a site created for work at home moms so that they can earn money from home. But the question is whether this would enable them to earn money or it is just another scam. The answer of this question will be in below paragraphs. So please read my review to get this answer.

Many people believe that Survey Money Machines is typical a survey company. The reality is it is not a survey company but a platform that help people to join different survey companies. You get a commission for completing surveys and Survey Money Machines get referral commission for referring you such companies.

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How to Earn Money with Survey Money Machines?

The whole process is divided into three steps;

Step 1: Register with Survey Money Machines

You can join as a free member by providing the requisite information. Actually, they have a large database of such companies so you don’t need to work hard and find such sites. Not only this, you would also get their training course through email.

Step 2: Start taking the surveys

After creating an account with this site, you are able to get access to full survey list. It is up to you on how many sites you are willing to join. They will definitely motivate you to join as much as possible. Just create accounts with most of such companies. During this process, they require your personal information and you need to provide it. Based on this information they will allow you to participate different surveys.

After registration, these companies start sending different surveys to your email. Just complete them and get rewarded. Your number of surveys will increase with the passage of time because initially they will also check you how much serious you are in completing those surveys.

Step 3: Start receiving cash, prizes, and rewards

It simply depends on how many sites you will join and complete surveys that you get. Don’t expect too much initially because they pay very less and you are registered with only a few. Once you start to create regular accounts with new research companies then this could help you to earn some extra money.

I know this is not much but that’s the truth about survey companies that they will only able you to earn few bucks per month. Only a few people are earning hundreds of dollars with such sites.

Here are some of the things that you need to do in order to earn money;


Things I Like about Survey Money Machines:

Done for You

Most people love done for you solutions and if you love to work on such sites and want to get a list then this is the best solution for you. Once you join the system then you are able to get access to this list.

The list contains some top notch sites that have a great past history for paying to their members. Before joining any site please also check their status on different review sites in order to get a good idea about their status.

Some Earning Potential

If you join multiple sites and are manage to complete daily surveys then you may be able to earn $50 to $100 per month. Remember most sites hype people about they will earn thousands of dollars by just answering a few questions.

There is no way you could earn so much from survey sites so don’t pay attention to such claims. Just work on such sites if you are looking for some extra pocket money.

Things I Don’t Like about Survey Money Machines:

Limited Earning Potential

As I said earlier, it is not a quick rich scheme or you would be able to quit your job. My suggestion is to start such sites and earn money for starting some other project that requires money. In this way, you would be able to manage your budget in a better way.

Requires Personal Information

They give you money for providing your personal information. In the past there have been a lot of frauds have been identified in the form of selling members information to other people. This would be extremely dangerous if you are providing your credit card information.

My suggestion is to avoid those sites that require your credit card information or if you just have an absolute assurance about their trustworthiness. .

Is Survey Money Machines a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

The best thing is, it is free to join and don’t need upfront investment from you. Moreover, after becoming a member, you are entitled to get a list of these sites. This list includes a lot of great sites.

Join as much as possible and start completing surveys. Don’t expect too much from such sites. You are lucky if you would get $100 per month.

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I hope you will like my above SMM review and now it’s your turn, please share your experience with this site and any other question in the comment section below.