Survey Junkie Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Success stories of Survey Junkie have probably reached you, that’s why you want to learn more about it, right? You simply want to know how valuable and worthy the site is for you, isn’t it?

This website has been there for a long period of time and there have been so many reviews on it, some showing gratitude for its services, others cringing at the mention of it. So it can be very hard to determine if it is really a great program for you to get something valuable out of. Right? Don’t worry, I did my due diligence on it and I will be sharing with you the real side of it as opposed to what you might have heard.

So be sure to read this survey junkie review if you want a clear picture of the site.

Product Name: Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie Review
Website Address:
Owner: Unknown
Price: free to use
Rankings: 69 out of 100

Survey Junkie Review – Introduction:

Strategies for making money online have been growing every other day. There are always new ways being discovered for people to generate some revenue.

And surveys have been commonly used in most of those strategies. There are a lot of business owners and large corporates that want to get fairly accurate information on different topics.

And since people’s opinions do count, and heavily so, they opt for surveys to help get the average feedback on the actual aspect they want to know more of.

Surveys can be done on literally any niche or market out there, and this makes it very popular.

But you should also note that, even though this is the case, a fair amount of these survey sites are outright scams. They pose as helpful sites when underneath them lie a loophole they catch the users with.

They make things smooth for you to use them daily but when it comes to getting paid, they either withhold the funds from you or get your PayPal account details and try to hack their way in.

This was the main reason I took the responsibility of investigating this program to see how honest and reliable of an opportunity you have here.

What is Survey Junkie?

As the name hints, this is a site that acts as the junction of some of the relatively popular survey sites.

You may mistake it for an actual survey site but in reality, it only directs you to the actual sites you will need to take your surveys from.

From the way it operates, it comes to me as a site used to generate leads. I say this because you get to give them your personal details and they look for the best survey programs for you and connect you with them.

The site has gotten a huge amount of participants working with them. Their long stay on the web has attracted them many folks wanting to get surveys through them.

But I think the way Survey Junkie is claiming to be the most popular spot to make money and get rewards for speaking your thoughts out is a little bit exaggerated.

They even say that they got more than 4 million members in their system.

Yes, they may be quite popular but I don’t think they are that much famous as to have millions of members to get them crowned as the most used survey website.

This might be a marketing tactic to help them win more trust and get to bring in more people.

Some of the major survey programs you will be taken to by this site are Vindale Research, MySurvey and PineCone Research, and others.

So to be clear, Survey Junkie takes you to the sites you are looking to be paid for your opinions but it is not the actual site for surveys.

How Does it Work?

When you decide to start using their platform, you will first have to sign yourself up with them.

You will be taken to a registration page where you will be needed to give your name, email and a few other details about yourself.

After that, you will be asked to confirm your email to move on to the next step. When you are through with this, you will then be given a questionnaire to fill out.

This questionnaire will help the site know your demographics very well and look for the best surveys that go well with them.

When you are done signing up, you receive 25 points as a sign-up bonus. You will then head straight to the surveys.

The surveys you get usually pay in the range of 20 points to 200 points depending on how difficult they are and the time you will be spending on them.

But something that turned me off is after you have done a number of the surveys you will notice their count starts going down to the point where you can lack even one survey.

Two tricks I found to be quite helpful in securing more of them is either login out and giving them some time to bring more surveys or refreshing the actual survey page you are on.

The surveys probably run out because there might be many people doing them within your demographic, or other reasons.

There are also focus groups that allow you to get more points than you would get doing regular surveys.

It may take longer to get the points but once they have added up you don’t experience any problems using them, especially by redeeming them to get cash via Paypal.

Getting and Redeeming Points:

The surveys pay you from 20 points to 200 points.

And you will need a minimum of 1,000 points to get through PayPal as the minimum payout is $10 which is equal to 1,000 points.

This is very easy to make when you are getting a smooth flow of surveys.

And the points will be seen immediately you complete the survey, if they don’t credit your account, give them 24 hours then contact the support. They will fix it.

The other thing you should note is, you have to be active with your account if you don’t want it to get expired.

This means, make sure you do at least one survey within a period of 1 year to keep your account.

When it comes to redeeming points you have two options.

You can either choose to redeem the points to PayPal deposits or get E-Giftcards if you reside in the United States.

If you want to get E-gift cards, you have the liberty to choose the amount you want to spend, but if you want to money sent to your PayPal account, you will receive all the amount you have worked for.

This simply means that, if you have $40 and want to get E-Giftcards as well cash to your account, you should first get the E-gift cards and then send the rest to your Paypal account.

Survey Junkie Complaints:

People have made a lot of complaints about the system.

But before we get into them, I would like let you know that you can easily avoid them by ensuring you have read the terms of use of the company very carefully.

The most recent complaints are:

• Deleting Your Account – There are times the site will delete your account permanently. People who have seen this have wondered what happened.

But if you are sure to read the terms of use, you will see that the site can and will delete the account due to some reasons listed there.

• Low Earnings – While you can’t be certain how much you will earn with each survey, it is wise not to expect much.

You might have been told by other survey junkie reviews that you can get hundreds of dollars within a week.

This is close to impossible because of the competition and the unstable earning with the surveys. Have the mindset of getting pocket money with it and you will be okay.

• Not getting your earnings – While there is a stable system to calculate your earnings and credit your account, mistakes may occur.

When you don’t receive your points or earnings within a day, see that you have gotten in touch with the support system to address the problem.

• Privacy Issues – Survey Junkie is taking you to other survey sites which will also require your personal information.

And there are times when this kind of information is shared with other companies to promote their products. So look out for the emails and phone calls from the other third parties that get your information.

Who is it For?

This is a good side hustle for people who need some extra money. I wouldn’t advise people looking to make a reliable income online to use it as you can’t get stable earnings with them.

So if you want a place you can get pocket money before your paycheck arrives, this can make a good fit for you.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The program is very simple but decent, and it is very easy to get your way around.

• The points per survey are reasonable compared to other survey sites.

• You get paid immediately you are fine taking the surveys, there are barely any delays.

• The minimum amount required for you to withdraw is very low and achievable in a short while.

• They have partnered with many survey sites which make it possible for you to get more surveys.

• You get more targeted surveys which make it easy for you to answer as you know most of the stuff you are asked.

The Cons

• There is a lot of competition with the surveys and they keep running out.

• The site has only been limited to people living in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

• Your personal information is given to other sites, mostly sold to them, to send their promotions to you.

Final Verdict:

Simply put, the site is a good one with its own good sides as well downsides.

I like the fact they pay with Paypal and have a low threshold for redeeming and withdrawing real cash.

I didn’t love the idea of selling your personal information to other websites as it is very annoying to get promotions which you can’t opt out of.

Generally, it pays well but you definitely cannot rely on it to pay your bills.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Product Name: Survey Junkie
Website Address:
Owner: Unknown
Price: free to use
Rankings: 69 out of 100

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