Survey Club Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Survey Club Review.

The purpose of writing my articles is to help the people to make money. I tried to cover any money making opportunity I found. You can navigate around my site and can find many good opportunities. Today my topic is survey club review. Let’s see what this company offers.

What is Survey Club?

Business Name: Survey ClubSurvey Club Review
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Score: 40/100

Survey club is a site that pays its members cash or rewards for taking surveys, utilizing coupons and participating in research studies. The company is working since 2005 and has more than 16 million members but it only allows people from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It links you to the other survey sites and GPT (get paid to) sites like;

The site is free to join that’s why most of the people like to join it. Another main reason that why people love to join it is that it rewards you 5 dollars within 5 minutes of joining it.

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How Does Survey Club Work?

  1. First of all, you will be given a form. Fill this form carefully for joining Now there will be a list of survey sites. Choose the sites of your interest.
  2. Then confirm your email address to get started.
  3. After completing above requirements, now fill demographic profile information. After this move to “Available Studies” section where you find all the details about different surveys.

How Much Will Survey Club Pay You?

Same as many other surveys site the amount for each survey will vary. It depends on the duration of the survey. The longer the time period of the survey the more you will be rewarded. But remember that the highest payment is also not the very attractive amount but still satisfactory.

It allows you to collect your money after making a minimum of $10. Instead of taking the cash you can also accept gift cards from Amazon, have it loaded on the Payoneer prepaid debit master card. The processing time can change depending on the deal, but mostly payment duration is from 3 to 4 weeks.


Actually, survey club gives you a list of surveys for which you will be paid. Basically, it is only a surveys directory which comes from some third source. If your survey is not accepted then don’t get disappointed, still, you will be given $0.10 for each survey being rejected. No matter the site to which you are linked is primary source or secondary. You need money and that is paid to you.

Focus groups

On the survey club site, there is a section where you can share your opinion about any product, or any idea. Questions are also asked by other users and you can freely participate in it. And if have any curiosity you can also ask. The zip code provided during registration is required to add you to the focus group.

Survey Club Complaints:

Apart from its many plus points people still have some complaints which I will discuss one by one.

1. It is a middleman

As discussed above survey club is not a primary link. It’s a middleman. Some people realize that they don’t need middleman they can search out surveys for themselves by good search and they can do it without the 3rd party. That’s good for some people who instead of searching on the Google about good survey sites can easily find it under one roof.

2. Don’t Qualify for Surveys

This is very common in survey companies. After spending 30 minutes on the screening questions and at the end you received a message that you didn’t qualify for the survey.

How’s your feeling at that time?

3. Redirected to Some Other Survey Sites

If you click on some survey sites then the link will be redirected to some other survey sites. Even I have seen ClickBank survey site that is even a paid site. The thing is Survey Club get a commission for someone which purchases through their link.

4. Offers low reward

Like many other sites survey club offers very small pay to its users. No one can make it the only source of earning as it is very less. If you want to earn a little bit more than you can take part in the referral program. After spending 30 minutes on the survey and if you get $2 or $3 then this is not a big deal.

I know this may be good for some utility bills but not a replacement for your job. Moreover, before going for the actual survey you need to go through the screening questions as well.

5. Can’t quit your job

Don’t think of quitting your job. It is because it pays you very less that can help you in paying some bills but not more than that. So don’t ever think it.

6. Ready for the Spam Mails

The email id that you give them to those survey sites can actually be turned into spamming. You get tons of promotional messages about joining different survey sites. The best way is to don’t share your main email id.

How to Cashout?

Once you accumulate $20 in your account then you can ask for a withdrawal. Honestly speaking it is not easy for most of the people as most people quit after adding $5 to $10.

Some of the surveys reward you in the form of gift cards or sweepstakes. Please do check the reward before starting any survey so that it matches with your demand.

Final Verdict: Is Survey Club a Scam or Legit?

To be honest, Survey Club is a legit site that acts as a middleman between yourself and the survey companies. You can find some good survey sites to start with. Once you get some experience then you may find other ones also.

If you are survey lover then join as much as you can and gather as much as possible from each one. But I can easily say that these sites are not something that can make you a fulltime income from home rather it can become your extra pocket money.

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