Stephen Floyd Bullet Proof SEO Review – Does it Work?

If you are looking for getting the truth of Stephen Floyd one of the popular product called Bullet Proof SEO, then this is the right place to get all insights in this review here. Let’s first look into the overall summary of this product;

Business Name: Bullet Proof SEObullet proof seo review
Website Address:
Business Owner: Stephen Floyd
Product Price: $497 full pay or $297 for two pay
Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100

Bullet Proof SEO Scam Review – Introduction:

If you are looking for making a sustainable business online then creating a site and posting regularly is the first part which majority of people can do but getting rank on the first page of the Google is the second part and, literally, the most important part of this whole process.

Honestly speaking, only very few people are doing it perfectly and rest others are just praying to get it rank on its own, which don’t happen.

To rank a site, SEO is the primary process that experts are using for years. This range from onsite SEO to building quality backlinks that can pass link equity to your site. While the process involves some very basic steps to advanced techniques that can never be done without knowing how to do it.

Stephen Floyd Bullet Proof SEO is one of the programs available that train people to do SEO on your own. This course is mostly around for individuals who want to rank for local keywords. Well, if you don’t know what this is then first to look at this….

In local SEO, businesses target some specific region rather than going global. Let’s suppose if you have a small setup of plumbing in New York and want to target New York market online. You can target by optimizing keywords like “best plumbing service in New York”, “cheap plumbing service in New York” or “24/7 plumbing service in New York”.

“Local SEO is different from global SEO and Google also has additional algorithms for local SEO, says Hari Menon.”

To my experience, this training by Stephen brings everything that you need to know for ranking in the SERP.

Who is Stephen Floyd?

People who are in SEO field are mostly aware of this popular personality but those who don’t know Stephen, let me introduce you. He is six figure monthly earning internet marketer and has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their sales by providing increased exposure in the search engines.

Stephen gets most fame in local SEO, and this course is also based on his tested methods that he has been using since years which are fully in line with Google latest updates.

Due to his excellent performance in this field he has been featured on many popular platforms like Source University, The Hoth, OMG, and others. He is now a regular part of Source University platform and shared his ideas regularly with the members.


What is Included in Bullet Proof SEO?

The course is divided into different modules. Let’s look at each of them;

Module 1 – On-Page Factors

This module includes all the introductory information about on-page factors like;

  • What plugins should be installed?
  • How to structure your site effectively so that all the link juice will flow all across the web pages?
  • How to use webmaster tool so that you would be familiar with all its important aspects?
  • What are on-site ranking factors and how to build authority and trust?

Module 2 – Off-Page Factors

This module includes 12 videos that have all the information you should know about off-page factors like;

  • How to build branding links that can build trust and extend exposure?
  • How to use press release effectively that can build huge exposure and authority links?
  • What is rich media citations and how to use them effectively?
  • How to use Bing webmaster tool to use extra search engine space?
  • Many other techniques that can help your business to grow locally….

Module 3 – Social Signals

This module includes four videos that have all the information about social signals like;

  • Which platform and tools to use to get the real social signals that can send great signals to Google?
  • How to get geo-targeted social signals that are essential for local SEO?

Stephen made this whole process lot easier than I am thinking.

Module 4 – Clients

  • How to charge your client the fee using different but very simple formulas?
  • How to get new clients and places to use?
  • What methods you should use to retain your clients that can generate monthly income for you?
  • What clients do we want?

Module 5 – Strategy

This module includes three videos that summarize the overall strategy that you can use in the form of tiered link building.


Advanced Training

This training is not included in the basic training I have covered above. With above strategy, you have a more than 80% chance to rank your or client sites with the right keyword research.

It may be possible the results couldn’t be achieved as expected due to highly competitive niche.

This advanced training is for those niches where you will learn how to use PBNs and other tiered building approaches to dominate in the SERP.

This advanced training also includes monthly webinars, question/answer sessions, using GSA, FCS Networker, and other advanced strategies.


The price of this product is if you buy outright, then $497 and if, in two installments, it will cost you $297 in two 2016-12-17_20-33-33terms. Please do remember, at this price you would only get the introductory training that I have mentioned above from module 1 – 5.

If you also want to be part of advanced training, then it will cost you $97 per month. It will entitle you to receive all the updates from Stephen and at any time you may leave the group.

Pros vs. Cons:


1). The course is designed by SEO expert who has actually seen a lot of success in the past. He shared all his tested strategies that would actually work. New products are coming daily if you are familiar with the WSOs market, but they are pure crap.

Once you buy from an expert, then it may make a difference if he/she has shared his strategies and I think Stephen has honestly shared this.

2). I have seen the entire product, and I don’t see any black hat method in his introductory training, and if you are using right keywords, then there is a great probability of ranking your site.

Though advance training definitely includes some gray hat stuff like PBNs and GSA, once you are getting training from an expert like Stephen then no need to worry.

3). Most of the experts prefer to use manual techniques for SEO but Stephen guide some of the very good tools that are equally good like manual methods and at the same time increase the overall speed of this process without compromising quality.

Moreover, they can also be available at a cheaper rate than outsourcing.

4). One of the most significant advantages of this product is that it is regularly updating with the most recent trend in the industry and updates by Google.

I know most of other products lose their focus by not getting updated, and people have moved to the new platform, but Stephen is always staying one step ahead of Google and ranking your sites as high as possible.


The prominent thing that comes to my mind is its price. I know $497 to someone like Stephen is not a great deal of his time and effort he has put in this product because he is a six figure monthly earner, but people like us who are in the medium stage or just step in this field find it difficult to pay such a hefty price.

Moreover, if you are in a competitive niche then paying further $97 per months adds more desperation for starters.

This is not the right product for….

If you have just started out

If you are a starter, then I am telling you clearly that there is no guideline available on how to buy domain, setup hosting and WordPress and other useful stuff that a starter must know.

Please first learn those tricks somewhere else; my recommendation is to join wealthy affiliate which is also a great platform for making a full-time income from home.

If you don’t have budget

Not only you need a budget for this course to buy but also if you want to successfully implement Stephen strategies then you need a good budget to start.

I know some people disappoint after seeing this but in reality, if you are making a good cash generating unit then it is a must thing for you.

Local SEO is not what you want

Please remember, local SEO is not for everyone. You must consider the difference between local SEO and global SEO. Both work differently. The majority of introductory stuff (from 1 to 5) covers local SEO.

You don’t have time to implement it

Honestly speaking, you need time with the budget to implement those strategies and if you don’t have then my suggestion is to outsource this to some good SEO agency.


In simple words, there is no better course out there than bulletproof SEO by Stephen and if there is any local SEO course available in the market I will let my viewers know but honestly speaking this is what everyone needs if he/she is looking for ranking his site.

If you’re ready to put effort as suggested by Stephen and have money I believe this is the product you are looking for. Price is on a higher side, but it is worth the money you are paying.

By following his strategies, you can return your investment within few months and scale it up for more sites. If you don’t want to work for clients, no problem, you may use it for your own sites.