Sports Profit System Reviews – Is it Scam or Legit?

You are really into betting and you want to know if the sports profit system is worth working with, right? You desire to up your betting game to get most wins, 100% win always, if possible, for all your picks, right?

Well, the sports profit system company claims to help you increase your chances of making the right predictions of the most famous sports like international soccer, NBA, NFL, and NCAA basketball. They claim that you only need to follow their well-analyzed picks to see yourself making profits on every other game. But does it have a higher rate of success than the other standards prediction systems?

Let us know that in this sports profit system review.

Product Name: Sports Profit SystemSports Profit System Reviews
Website Address:
Owner: Sports Profit System Ltd
Price: From $48.95 (daily) to $998 (yearly)
Rankings: 67 out of 100

Sports Profit System Review – Introduction:

We all love sports and we want to actively participate in them either for the fun of it or to make some profit.

If you are not a huge sports fan, the money part is mainly the concern when there are big games going on.

You want to make predictions of the winning team and see if you can make huge money placing the bets. And this has paid over time.

There are people who are actually making a living off of betting as there are many people in the world who are always betting.

Betting sites have made a lot of people very wealthy and others more are risking their money to see if they can accumulate their own fortune out of it too.

That is why you will see many predictions sites coming up to help minimize the risks associated with betting.

They help you analyze each team well and look at all the possibilities of winning or losing, and then determine which team is most likely to win.

And this does help you make a more confident bet.

But you need to be aware of the scam prediction sites out there that don’t make any effort to analyze things to help you make a wise pick.

These are only after your money and will cheat you to invest in them so as to win but all they after are your hard earned money.

This is what made me carefully review this company to see what they are looking for. And here is my finding.

What is the Sports Profit System?

This is a prediction site that helps you do away with chancing and dicing on your bets. It is meant to help you make a more informed pick that has the highest chance of winning.

The company has a team of expert handicappers who have betting successfully since 2012 and who have grown in experience with this stuff.

So they will do an in depth research on the teams and make intelligent analysis, weighing every factor and possibility to make sure they come to a pick that shows every sign of winning.

What I loved about it is that they don’t make any bold claims of winning every time, but they assure you of a higher possibility of winning using their picks.

They make predictions and will give you daily picks for NBA games, NCAA football and basketball, NFL, CFB, CBB, and MLB.

Something that encouraged me about this system is that they are the ones who have had the highest rates of success in the industry.

Even though you don’t get to win with every prediction you get with the site, your likelihood of succeeding with it compared to other sites is higher.

How Does it work?

The site is very simple to work with. All you have to do is sign up with them and start getting the predictions right away.

When you log in to their member’s area, you will see the pics posted there on a daily basis.

You will get the picks for the upcoming games listed there for you very nicely. What is more, you will get the idea behind the choice.

They show you how they came to the conclusions and the picks. Usually, each pick will have a huge article explaining their reasoning and research.

I have seen 4 to 7 paragraphs of explanation of a single pick. And this kind of transparency is what makes the site stand out from its competitors.

You get to chose if you want to place the bets after you have seen the matchups.

The site gives you the option of submitting your email to get notifications when the picks are ready, or you can use their app, which is free to use on both Android and IOS devices.

They usually give their picks 2 hours prior to the actual game.

They also show you their rates of success and failure by listing how their previous predictions have gone for the last 5 years.

And they clearly show even the loss, this just shows how reliable these guys are.

Also, they don’t tell you to make a bet on a certain site, they give you the freedom to place the bet wherever you like. This is contrary to what others do, they recommend betting sites they are affiliated with.

Things You Should Know About Sports Profit System

Here are some of the essential things you should always keep in mind when working with Sports Profit System.

• They only make money through the membership fees you pay, nothing else.

• They have provided a phone number (1-866-491-0259) which you get to call toll free, and an email (

• They have a wide range of payment methods which you can use to make your payments. They include PayPal, Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

• All of their payments are always processed by the well known Clickbank.

• The Sports Profit System company has been marked the most successful prediction site thus far, with a success rate of 61%.

• With the Sports Profit App, both in Apple and Android store, you get a free pick each week 2 hours before the predicted game begins.

How is the SPS Payment Plan Like?

Well, you get 3 payment options with this site. It is meant to cater for everyone’s need without making them feel pressed on one side.

You just choose the one you feel you are comfortable with and use it. Here they are:

• Daily plan (Goes for $48.95 per day) – This plan comes with expert analysis as well as the premium picks for that particular day.

• Monthly Plan (Goes for $198.95 per month) – This plan includes the site’s bankroll system, expert analysis, and the premium pick for NCAA basketball and football, NBA and NFL.

• 6 months Plan (Goes for $598.95 per half a year) – This plan comes with the bankroll system, expert analysis, and picks for NCAA football and basketball, NBA and NFL.

• Yearly Plan ( Goes for $998.95 per year) – The plan includes the bankroll system, expert analysis and picks for NCAA football and basketball as well as NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Who is it For?

This site will be best for those folks who are always looking to benefit from every game by betting.

If you have been betting for a good while now without any substantial amount of results. You may want to change your game by trying out this site. May be your luck will change.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Among all other handicapping websites, this is by far the best and most successful.

• The site has a very easy navigation, you won’t get stranded anywhere.

• They have a very good support system which lets you call them for free.

• They have a free app which you can use to get up to date with their picks.

• They let you see their previous wins and losses which are very honest of them.

• They offer you a guarantee which lasts for 60 days.

The Cons

• There have been many misrepresentation cases in the past by their affiliates, don’t trust all the sports profit system reviews written by their affiliates entirely.

• Their picks are limited to 2 per day, maximum.

• There is no 100% guarantee you’ll win the prediction.

Final Verdict:

In the fewest words possible, I think the system is ok and worth the try.

You don’t get the kind of honesty the site gives you anywhere else. They show you even their losses and they don’t talk you into using their affiliated betting sites.

Although they might be a bit pricey, that make it unfit for most of the people.

Final Verdict – Legit but not recommended!

Product Name: Sports Profit System
Website Address:
Owner: Sports Profit System Ltd
Price: from $48.95 (daily) to $998 (yearly)
Rankings: 67 out of 100

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