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If you are looking for getting information about spin rewriter 7.0 and how does it work, this review will bring everything about this product and where to use it and where not to. So first look at the overall summary;

Product Name: Spin Rewriterspin rewriter review
Website Address: spinrewriter.com
Product Owner: Aaron Sustar
Price: $47/month or $197/year
Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100

Spin Rewriter Scam Review – Introduction:

Article spinners have been around for years, and initially, people had used it for their money sites. With the passage of time as the Google was getting more advanced and sophisticated, the importance of article spinners declined day after day. People then started to use it for pyramid link structure. Now a day some people think that spinners have lost their value and it is better to avoid them simply.

As per my experience, every tool created for some purpose definitely has value, if used it in a right way. The same principle applies to article spinners; if you used them rightly, then it is not only helpful but also rewards you in the long run.

I have seen many spinners and content generators in the past like the best spinners, article chief, content professor, instant article wizard and many others but the one spinner that recently got my attention is spin rewriter. In this review I will reveal you how does it work, and when to use it and why it is my favorite tool for creating spin content. With just 5 minutes I can get unique content that is fully readable.

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What is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is a web based tool and you only need a computer and an internet connection without installing any software on the desktop to operate it. Aaron and his team have done a splendid job by providing such a great tool to the internet marketers. Currently, it is the 7th version which is working now, and small updates are coming regularly.

There are over 100,000 users that are using this tool and its algorithm works on the principle of Emulated Natural Language. The traditional spinners are just writing synonyms of words without knowing the meaning of a paragraph or sentence. Hence, made the entire sentence look very odd.

This tool first looks at the whole article and understand it. It doesn’t only look up words but analyzes them to know the meaning. It means Spin Rewriter understands what you’re trying to say, and can rewrite it intelligently.

How Does it Work?

The tool operates in a very simple way. Let’s look at the step by step how to do it perfectly;

Step 1

When you login to your account, click on “rewrite.” There you will see two options, “rewrite a single article” and “multiple articles.” If you are just spinning one article then click on first option and if you are spinning multiple articles then click on the second option. I am choosing first to proceed further.

Now paste your content in the text editor. If you don’t have your own content then just click on the fetch a new article, and after writing the desired keyword, you would get tons of articles. Just click on the article it will be added to the spinner text editor.

There are four options available at the first step; my suggestion is to check them all to get the unique content. These options help this spinner to;

  1. Rewrite complete sentences
  2. Rewrite entire paragraphs
  3. Write additional paragraphs on its own
  4. Change the entire structure of phrases and sentences

Now click on the “start the rewriting process.” If you like to make changes manually or wanted to make changes further then, this option is best otherwise if you just want to get the unique content without doing anything then click on “I’m feeling luck”.

My suggestion is to choose the first option.

Step 2

Once you click on the first option, the software will understand the whole meaning of the article and underlines some words which are going to be changed in the next step. You can also manually changed words that you want. To do this, just double-click on those words and you will see many synonyms. You can move here to the final step, but my suggestion is to click on “one-click rewrite setting”. The reason is it will make your article further unique.

Just click on this, and you will see the following three options;

  1. synonyms that might be true
  2. synonyms believes to be correct
  3. synonyms that this tool is really confident about

I will generally go for 2nd or 3rd option. It depends on your choice. If you want high readability then go for last option and if you want medium readability then go for the 2nd option, but it is more unique than the 3rd option. 1st option is for high uniqueness with low readability. Also, place a check on “find synonyms for single words inside spun phrases as well”. The last option is “protected keywords”; if you don’t want to change your particular keywords then simply write there and also check on “Automatically Protect Capitalized Words” if you don’t want to change it. Now click on “start the one-click rewrite process”.

Now you will see the full syntax on your article. If you desire to edit it further then manually double click on the particular word and click on its meaning. If you are OK with the syntax (I usually don’t change and even don’t look at it) then click on the continue to the final step. It will take 20 to 30 seconds.

Step 3

If you want to improve your article uniqueness further, then there are multiple options available. Sometimes I check the first option, and sometimes I checked both 1st and 2nd option. It is up to you. Both options give you best results. The first option only writes “only synonyms and no original words whenever possible” and 2nd option “intelligently reorders paragraphs and lists whenever possible.”

Now click on “generate a unique version, ” and it’s time to see your content which is fully readable. I usually get content using this approach that is 98% to 99% unique using Grammarly plagiarism checking. Moreover, it is also in good grammar with correct spelling. I nearly get 75% number from Grammarly, and within one minute I will move it to 95%.

If you want hundreds of unique article from one article that you have just started with the step one, then click on “Export”. Now just click on how many versions you want. Spin Rewriter supports up to 1000 articles. Would you believe this? From one article you will get 1000 unique articles that are fully readable. It’s amazing!

Pros vs. Cons:


1). The spinner has got a huge and growing number of synonyms that can make this the best option to every niche. The spinner shows multiple synonyms to each word when you double-click to a particular word.

2). The use of Emulated Natural Language Spinning makes this spinner the best option available in the market. The spinner understands the paragraph with its context and replaces synonyms that closely resemble with the context. This makes the whole article fully understandable without losing the overall meaning of the sentence. I think this is the main point makes this spinner superior to others. I have used many others, but they produce content which is never understandable to anyone.

3). The spinner comes with a very reasonable price of $47/month or $197/year. I think the second option is far better and if you are really looking for your backlinks campaign, then the yearly option is better.

4). The spin rewriter is available on a wide range of SEO tools due to producing great content and considered to be a market leader. You can access API key from the member’s area and used it in tools like FCS Networker, Social Monkee, Rankwyz, Rank Optimizer, Article factory pro, Article Submitter and much more.

5). You can add your own article to the text editor or there is a fetch option where you can get numerous articles. Moreover, this tool also provides fetch option for videos and images. Hence you could get a perfectly unique article along with relevant images and videos.

6). It can work on any devices because it is cloud based; desktops, laptops, tablets, phones… Spin Rewriter feels right at home on all of them.

7). If you still don’t know how to use this tool then no problem. They will provide you a complete collection of video tutorials. The tutorials are well up to the mark and make all life easier for you.

How to Use this Tool for SEO Purpose?

Many people think that the days have gone when people use spinners but to my experience if you are using it in a right way it will provide you benefits. How to use it in a right way?

  1. I don’t recommend you to use it for your money site. The reason is obvious; the content is not of such a quality that money site content should be. You should write article manually on your site that is detailed and provides value to your viewers. Simple using other people content and spinning it for your money site is not what you should be looking for.
  2. What about tier 1 links? I think this is a good option. To be on a safe side, I would suggest you read your content and check it on Grammarly so that it is unique and Grammarly passed. While reading content, you can also improve further sentence structure, and I don’t think it will take more than 10 minutes for your 1000 words article. Once it is done, you can use it in web 2.0, PBNs, guest posts, and other link building options.
  3. What about tier 2 and 3? As it is not directly linking to your money site, using content from this tool is perfectly safe and in my opinion, it is far better than what I have seen on other sites where people are using and still getting results.


Long story short, it is an excellent tool for internet marketers and SEOs experts. If you used it in a right way, you would not face any issue. Please read my above guidelines if you are using it. Aaron and his team are making every effort to make it a market leader, and this is due to their efforts more than 100,000 people are currently using it.

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I hope you will like my article and if you have anything that need further guide, do let me know in the comment section. I will get back to you very soon.


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