Source Wave University Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Source Wave University Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Source Wave University has become the new talk of the web. You must have gotten to know it through the endless tweets and posts on social media or endless emails from your friends. Right?

If you are here to know the real truth about it, then rest assured you are going to get more than that. I took the time to get behind its ways of operation, and I can tell you that my source wave university review is something you are going to love.

So without any delays, let’s get right into things!

Product Name: Source Wave Universitysource wave university review
Website Address:
Owner: Gregory Ortiz, Alex Becker, Stephen Floyd
Price: $47 a month
Verdict: Legit

Source Wave University Review – Introduction:

I have seen a lot of confusion on the web about which programs are best to make money online. Some work great for beginners, and others are a perfect fit for the intermediate “onliners” while others are set for the well-advanced guys. But there is usually a misunderstanding of the products people end up using, especially the beginners. So if you are just starting out within the online world, you are going to be extra careful with the product you select.

If you have built a website and stuck in the 2nd or third page of search engines, then it will not automatically reach the top spot of Google. To be honest, you need to work very hard and use white hat search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. This not only takes a long time but also requires high investment. Once you achieved the top spot, then it’s time to return your original investment and earns a profit afterward.

SEO is not a simple process and involves using sophisticated tools and methods to implement for your site. The another critical thing is if you do it in a wrong way then it can also ruin your business overnight. Google is getting very advanced day by day and the days have gone when people just buy links from Fiverr and throw them to their money site using exact match anchor and ranked it in a month.

Things have changed very much, and you have to learn SEO from a well know expert that is also earning very good from his/her strategies. If you don’t build links for your site then only writing tons of content for your site would not help you to achieve success. This is a very long-term approach, and you may see results after 2 to 3 years, but if you use white hat strategies, then there is equal chance to see significant growth in 4 to 6 months.

To know all about this Source University is a great place to start your online journey. And to get more illustrative, does source wave university make the best take for everyone? Will it work well for everyone in every level of online marketing? There’s only way to know that.

Let’s get to know it more…

What is Source Wave University?

This is basically an SEO training program that helps people who are already running websites and have been ranked poorly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to boost their rankings, especially in Google which holds almost 80% of the overall traffic on the web. If you currently don’t have a website then no problem they will also teach you how to do this step by step.

They approach SEO in 3 ways, white hat techniques which are the completely safe ones, the gray hat techniques which are good and pay but carry a potentially dangerous threat to your website in the nearest future and the black hat methods, which are sometimes rewarding but not for long run.

The guys behind the engineering of the program are Alex Becker, Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz. Alex Becker has been pretty successful within the online marketing world and is running businesses for quite some influential corporates. Alex Becker is also known as ranking guru and the person behind this big brand called source wave.


Stephen Floyd is a well known and respected SEO expert. He is also known as SEO Floyd. The main reputation what he is known for his expertise in local SEO. He has helped thousands of local businesses to grow their brand and developed them full-time internet businesses.


Gregory Ortiz, another well-known internet marketer and SEO specialist known for ranking hundreds of sites in Google. He covers most of the link building strategies in Source Wave.


What is Included in the Product?

The course is divided into different parts. Let’s look at the member’s area;



The beginner’s section comprise of seven parts including;

  • Getting started with SEO
  • How money is made with SEO
  • The four cores of SEO rankings
  • Choosing niches and offers
  • WordPress and hosting setup
  • Setting up our first hosting site
  • Building our first links




  • Advanced on page SEO
  • Advanced competition analysis
  • Choosing affiliate offers
  • Choosing affiliate keywords
  • Client rental method
  • Foreign SEO loophole
  • SEO penalties and anchor text



Link Building

  • PBNs explained
  • Perfect PBN metrics
  • Bidding smart on PBNs
  • Perfect PBN setup
  • Worlds simplest PBN strategy
  • Link services made easy



Client SEO

  • Getting started with client SEO
  • My business laid out
  • Client getting Vol 1
  • Client getting Vol 2
  • Beginning to rank clients
  • The un-refusable offer client funnel




Apart from above there are tons of material available especially weekly webinars that will help you to stay update with the recent developments in the industry.

From there, you should also understand that they give a simple and easy beginner and advanced training. And what seems to be their best strategy, and which they insist working with frequently is PBNs, Private Blog Networks. If you don’t know what this means, it’s simply having a network of blogs that have high authority. You simply find them using various tools and throw three to five articles at least on these blogs and point a link to your money site. To be honest, this is the most powerful link that you can get, and I have never seen any other links that have power equal to PBNs.

Aside from that, they also teach great SEO techniques that are way more rewarding than anywhere else online. Their method of operation is great with only a few loopholes that can be corrected down the line.

Who is it For?

Looking at how the information there is categorized and presented, it is evidently clear that source wave university will make the best fit for beginners, intermediates and the advanced bloggers and website owners. Although I have to admit that, if a newbie blogger hopes to get all the website administration stuff from this program, they are going to be discouraged.

It is better to go figure out the technical aspects of blogging, apart from SEO optimization, and then use the program to boost your rankings and conversions. You can use platforms like wealthy affiliate to get a good grasp of blogging or online marketing or any other thing you’ll be doing on your website.

But you also need to note that, this program is more technical than informational, so you will want to get prepared to sweat your head off putting the training into your business.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The training is great and does really work and pay off. They give perhaps the best-advanced SEO training on the internet.

• Many people have gotten successful with these strategies. If you follow what you are taught and apply it as instructed, you are definitely going to get results.

• You get a ten days money back guarantee on it. So if you feel like it’s not going to work for your business, or it’s very limited, you can ask for your money and get it with no complications.

• These guys are serious about making SEO work. They keep updating their training with every update on Google. They get new information early and tweak the training to keep improving results.

• They give detailed information on Google penalties, Panda, and Penguin, which have really brought down many online businesses.

• The training is very simple to use. It is broken down very well in a way that the average Joe gets too easily benefit from it.

• The company has a very active page on Facebook. There is a lot of activity going on there every day.

• There’s a lot of support from the owners along with the community. People get help in minutes after posting the question in the program

The Con’s

• PBNs is a major concern. Google highly penalized it in the past, and it is fighting regularly with the people who are using PBNs. You have guided everything that needs to know for making your PBN safe, and if you follow them, then it would not be possible for Google to spot it easily. As per my experience, more than 80% successful internet marketers are using PBNs for ranking their sites. The reason is your site ranked very quickly with such networks.

• To create a PBN, you need heavy investment. As per my experience if you try to create a medium PBN site then it will take your $50. Suppose you need five sites to rank a keyword then your investment would become $250. Moreover, when this network starts growing, then the administrative work is a big headache for the person who is using it.

• Complete online rookies are going to find this training very complex. Even though the program has the beginner’s section, there is some very complicated stuff taught there.

• There’s too much written information that can get you really overwhelmed. If you like things neat and simple, you are going to have a hard time working on this program.

Final Verdict:

Taking a look at the general information and the kind of effort put into the program by the owners, it is very clear that it is well worth it. The price matches the quality given, and the owners are set more on helping people as opposed to making money. Moreover, all the testing are doing by Alex Becker and his team, and it becomes easy for rest of people to follow them and get results simply. It is right to say that the company deserves credit and worth joining.

So, hats off to Alex, Stephen, and Gregory!

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Source Wave University
Owner: Gregory Ortiz, Alex Becker, Stephen Floyd
Price: $47 a month

Have you had a chance to try out the program? What did you think of it? Can you recommend it to a friend? Do you still work with it until now? We’d love your feedback on it. All comments are highly appreciated.