Smart Dollar Club Review [2021] – Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my Smart Dollar Club review 2021!

Smart Dollar Club promises you of earning $300 on your first day and after that just by completing simple surveys. As soon as you sign up, they will send you $100 survey via email.

I know such claims can make you burst with excitement, but the truth is there are many scam artists out there which can only take your personal information and spam you.

To find the truth about every product, you must read honest reviews on the web. 

I am not related to Smart Dollar Club in any form, and the purpose of this review is to unveil the truth about this product.

So after reading this post, you will know;

Is it really that easy for Smart Dollar Club to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Smart Dollar Club a scam or real?

Here’s the truth;

Product Name: Smart Dollar Club

Founder: Not Known 

Product Type: Make Money from Surveys

Price: Free

Best For: Nobody

Smart Dollar Club Review

Summary: Smart Dollar Club is making a big claim of earning a $300 per day just by taking simple surveys. However, when you provide them with your email id, they will only send you spam emails and promotions for earning affiliate commissions.

In short, the site is a scam, and it would be better to use your time and energy in some better place. Also, don’t give your main email id to them otherwise it will be turned into spam.

Rating: 0/100

Verdict: No

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What is Smart Dollar Club?

Smart Dollar Club is a survey site which makes big claims in the industry where you can hardly earn a $20 per month even after spending a good time daily.

Smart Dollar Club, on the other hand, making big claims of $300 per day just by completing simple surveys from home.

What is Smart Dollar Club?

The question is if it sounds to be true so why people are wasting time on doing 9 to 5 job, they can earn $9,000 here. Isn’t it?

Well, well, well….

The site claims are, too good to be true. Though I know the site is a scam but just to confirm it, I provide them with my email id, and I receive a confirmation email in my inbox.

When I click on that confirmation button, it took me to different ads page which I believe to be an affiliate link for some trading products.

I thought that there might be something wrong on my site and I decided to click again on the button and this time I was brought to the betting site.

Even some of the people have seen that they direct them to other survey sites like survey voices, survey savvy, and Survey Say.

So, after playing with the button for a few minutes and visiting many different types of platforms, I then knew that it is a scam site and they have something in their mind to trap innocent people.

I also reviewed other people’s review on Google, and they are all claiming it a scam. However, one more thing that I came to know that this scam came up with many different websites;


No survey sites in the world would give you so much money for completing a single survey.

For most sites, they would offer you $1 to $3 for most of the surveys, and you could hardly see a survey that will give you $10.

Such surveys will also demand critical information like credit card details and many more. 

Why They Do This?

As they ask you to give your email address when you give them there are many ways they can use that email id;

They Can Sell Email Ids

Many people don’t know that selling email ids is getting bigger and bigger business nowadays. People are selling email ids to other people for money.

If you go to Fiverr there, you will see people are earning good money from this. So, the buyers will send you spam messages and promotions all the time.

So, you should also expect this from the owner of Smart Dollar Club, and I recommend you to create a new email id for working on the internet and never use your personal email id.

Earn Referral Commission

Most of the times they send you links which are their affiliate links, and if you click them and join something, they will earn affiliate commissions.

Let’s look at Bet 365; it has a referral program that I saw into which pays 25% commissions on your referral’s earnings. 

So when someone actually follows the link and joins, the owner of Smart Dollars Club will get commissions on their winnings.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business but there are certain legit ways to use a business model but if you are going for some other way, not only it is unethical, but also you will get lost in the long run.

They May be Hackers

Yeah, that’s true! Internet frauds are most common IT security issue today.

You heard of Phishing and Keyloggers, where such people send you to link, and when you click on them, they will then get every information from your PC that you type of the PC.

So, always open links from the people whom you trust.

Spam You

They send you tons of emails on a daily basis so if this is your main email account you have no option but to close that account.

It is suggested that you should always create a new email account and use that email id for such platforms.

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What are Legit Survey Sites?

Though making money from surveys is a legit way to make money, but I am not a big fan of such sites. They take your most of the time but don’t give you much income. You could only expect a $30 to $40 per month.

However, if you still want to earn money from survey sites then I will share the most legit ones;

Please remember there is no survey site that could give you $100 for one survey. 

They are just scams. Legit survey sites will only give you $0.50 to $1 per survey, and the survey could take your 15 to 20 minutes.

Is Smart Dollar Club a Scam?

It is simply a one-page website where I couldn’t find much information and all in all you need to provide your email id and they will then send you spam emails.

Even some of the people are claiming about some of the links they found on that single page and which will also take you to the other scam survey sites.

Believe me; you are not going to make any money from this. However, if you subscribe to their mailing list, be ready for spam emails and other promotional material.

In short, Smart Dollar Club is a scam, and all you are doing here is wasting your precious time.

They are targeting the beginners who don’t have enough info about the surveys and are looking for ways to make money online.

Let me clear one thing; I am not saying that you cannot make money from survey sites rather my take is all about Smart Dollar Club.

How I Make Money Online?

If you really want to make money that would replace your job I believe surveys cannot do that. Instead, you should focus on creating your own online business.

I have also worked on many different methods for making money: pay to click sites, get paid to sites, survey sites, micro jobs sites, revenue sharing sites, MLM sites, and many more.

I concluded at the end that building your own online business is the best way to achieve financial independence.

So, for making that business, I recommend you my personal favorite business model which I have been using since 2015 is known as Affiliate Marketing. 

The business model is perfect for newbies, and even if you are a complete beginner, this is for you.

Believe me, surveys cannot make you earn an income of $300 per day, but affiliate marketing is the only way to achieve this or even more than this.

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The platform is known as Wealthy Affiliate, and it is the one of the oldest and the most famous platform for providing such training. Don’t be worry you can join it as a free.

What’s your thoughts on my Smart Dollar Club review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.