Slidejoy App Review – Is it Legit and Safe to Use?

I was searching for the app that pays you for the super easy task. And after a long searching, I got succeeded in my effort. Every person uses the mobile phone. So I am going to discuss the app that pays its users for using the mobile phone.

WOW! I think everybody can take advantage of it. I will try my best to make it easy for you to understand;

  • How to download it?
  • How does it work?
  • How can you earn more?
  • How it pays you?
  • Whether it has complaints or not and if it has then what are these?

Moreover, you will also see my #1 recommendation to start your business at home. I hope you will like it and will have positive feedback. So let’s have a look;

What is Slidejoy?

Slidejoy App Review

It is an app that can be downloaded free on your mobile phone. This app rewards its users for visualizing ads on the lock screen. It is very simple and easy to use. Slidejoy app is available only ON Google play store. If you have an Android phone you can get the reward to unlock it.

It does not demand your attention. You just use your mobile phone normally. It only rewards you for unlocking your screen. You can get either cash or gift cards.

It also provides you with the facility to give your earned money for funding if you are interested. The parent company of the Slidejoy is Buzzvil Co., Ltd

Slidejoy offers you 2 methods for unlocking your screen.

  1. Swipe towards right
  2. Swipe towards left

I have reviewed many other similar products in the past. You could check the names of Fronto Lock ScreenShopkick, and Receipt Hog.

How Does it Work?

For downloading this app you first need to search this app. So search this app on Google play store. You will find it easily. If not find it then looks for its official website. Just by signing up you will be rewarded 20 carats.

It is also said that signing in via Facebook will help you in earning more by receiving ads. Just watch these ads. You have 3 choices once you see those ads;

  1. Swipe left to learn more
  2. Swipe up to watch more ads
  3. Swipe right to unlock your phone

Either way, you get paid the equal amount and your earnings are updated into your account every day.

The best thing is that you don’t need to engage with an ad. You will be paid the same whether you interact with the ad or not. To look for how many points you earned you have to wait. After few days you will be informed about how many points you have earned. People who use the phone for most of the time will earn more.

But the issue is if you are thinking of a fulltime income then this is not the site to waste your time. I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate to start your journey.

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Act natural

For earning carats you don’t need to do something extraordinary. Use your mobile phone normally and you will see the carats collected in your account. As Slidejoy pays you for unlocking your mobile phone but if you continuously lock and unlock your mobile phone Slidejoy will detect it and will block your account.

Swipe on The Ads

If you avoid the ads by double pressing the home button you will not get the carats. For earning carats confirm and take care that you are clicking on the ads. And remember that you will earn carats for swiping the ads not looking at them.

Sign up via Facebook

If you sign in through Facebook it will show you more related ads. By related ads, I mean the ads which will reward you with more carats. It does not have anything dodgy or illegal. So you can use it safely.

Refer Friends to Slidejoy

Slidejoy also offers a referral program. Obviously more you refer your friends more you will earn. For referring each friend you will receive a bonus. And when they earn you will also receive some carats.

You can spread your network for adding more and more users.

How Does Slidejoy Pay?

Slidejoy gives you the no. of options to get paid. You can receive payment through PayPal, square cash or donation for funding. There is no minimum limit of cash in your account for withdrawing earned rewards.

For receiving your first payment you have to wait for about 3 months. So you will receive your first earning after the duration of 90 days. And after that, you will get your payment by the 15th of each month.

How to Earn More at the Slidejoy?

The earned points of Slidejoy are named as carats. When you open up the app you will see 2 options:

  1. There is also an offer section where you can participate in different tasks to win more carats.
  2. Secondly and lastly there will be a feed section which is like social media type where you can easily guess the performance of other users. You can see who the best player of this field is, and for what people are exchanging their carats.

As discussed before you can search out offer sections for finding out ways to earn more carats. That may include referral program (refer friends, family and relatives), scratch offers and games etc.

How Much Money Can You Make with the Slidejoy?

The question arises that how much money can you earn with the help of Slidejoy?

The answer is that it varies with the condition. It depends on your profile i-e age, gender, address and the no. of ads. You can earn from $3 to $15 per month. No doubt it is a sort of negligible income and you can’t take it as a job substitute. But it sounds good that you get some cash for doing nothing.

Does it Really Work?

Yes, it is. But you can’t earn more as you want. You can add about 10,000 carats per day. If you tried to be over smart definitely you will be banned. Don’t trust the people who say that there is no limit of earning carats. You should know that:

1000 Slidejoy Carats = 1USD

If you just use sliding adds regularly then, in my opinion, you will not get more than 10,000 carats per month.

How to Use Slidejoy Hacker Generator?

Simply download the Slidejoy app on your mobile phone, register your email and open up the app. Now Install the Slidejoy hacker and enter your Slidejoy email address. Choose the features to make more carats on Slidejoy. Show the no. of products you want to get. As a result of one touch, you will get 9000 carats.

But the overall view is that the app works very well and there is no significant hacking system to hack it. If you will try to cheat the app will promptly detect it.

Slidejoy App Complaints:

  1. Availability of the app

This app is only available in the US and only in the Android smartphones. Even this app can’t be accessed on the tablets having Google play store.

  1. Slow payments

People like it because it is linked with the PayPal and has no minimum limit for cash out. But as explained above there is a waiting period of 3 months for receiving first payment. If you continuously use this app definitely it will be effective.

  1. Low Earning Potential

As explained earlier, the Slidejoy is not something that makes you few thousand bucks per month it just add you $5 to $10 extra in your monthly income.

Is it Legit and Safe? Final Thoughts:

It is unbelievable that you are paid for simply using your mobile phone. In other words, you are paid for doing nothing. That sounds quite odd. That’s why most of the people consider it a scam.

There is no. of such apps that pay you simply for uploading ads on your site. But this is the app that pays you simply for watching ads on your mobile phone. And the overall view is that it is legitimate app.

Would I recommend Slidejoy?

Definitely yes. If you want to earn more and more you always have to swipe right to unlock your mobile phone. There may be the possibility that the outcome varies from location to location or by the mobile phone. But that is not sure. So if you want to confirm, it’s better to test it before adopting it as a permanent work. Now it’s up to you that what you do.

As I already said that it is not a scam at all. It is an effortless source of earning few carats.

At the end, I would like to advise you to avoid any hack. Everybody wants to earn more and quickly. But in case of Slidejoy, you will see many hacking ways on different sites but it’s better to avoid them because they will cause a problem later on.

It is because this app can easily detect if there is any kind of dodging. It’s better to ignore such illegal acts. Always go for the right option. Thanks for reading my article. I hope it will enhance your knowledge and will help you.

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