Slice The Pie Review – Is Slicethepie a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Slice The Pie review.

Have you ever thought to earn money while listening music? If not then today i am going to show you one very popular site that does the same. 

The site name is Slice The Pie and it has been around since 2007. In this review i will show you each and everything about this site and whether it is worth your time or not. 

Slice The Pie Review

Business Name: Slice The Pie

Website Address:

Product Type: Get Paid to Listen Music
Price: Free
Best For: Music lovers to earn extra income

Summary: This is a popular platform where people review music and they earn money for that review. 

Ratings: 75 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

 What is Slice The Pie?

This is a famous website which allows all kinds of bands as well as musicians to get the reviews of their music. A random set of people gives these reviews. 

When you provide the reviews and rating for these unknown set of musicians and bands, then you will be paid.

This site is getting popular with each passing day because it is really giving benefits to all of its users and registered members.

This Slice The Pie is a famous site which connects music listeners with struggling and emerging artists. Emerging musicians and artists, they give a fee to this site so that they can get an honest review and feedback on their pre-launched music.

Then those people who will be giving these reviews, they get paid. If an artist gets the highest rating from these reviewers, then they will get funds to release and launch their tracks.

It's too simple! Give your reviews to struggling musicians and earn money too.

This is the platform of aspiring musicians and is too a reliable platform where you can earn money by giving feedback and reviews.

You have to rate new music lines and give appropriate feedback about them. Those who will provide reviews, they are termed as scouts, or you can call them as music fans.

You have to give in-depth reviews. You will get many benefits while giving your reviews. You might get lots of free tracks and free access to gigs too. The sign-up amount and to become the member of this Slice The Pie site is free. Most of the reviews have been turned out to be positive for this site. It is a legit site, and you can earn money from this website.

This site offers you one of the pretty cool ways to earn money. That means you have to listen to music only, write a review and feedback on it and get your payment.

This site gives guaranteed money. You do not have to bother about your payments and earnings because this site for sure delivers payment to its users on time.

Each of the artists will be submitting three tracks of it. And then these tracks will be submitted to the scout and reviewer rooms. As a reviewer, you will not be notified about the music artist name.

If artists get 1 star, then they will get 0.03 dollars on a per track. If their rating is of 2 stars, then they will get 0.06 dollars. If the rating comes out to be of 3 stars, then these artists will get 0.09 dollars. If they get a 4-star rating, then 0.12 dollars will be given. A fancy artist will get a 5-star rating then he will get 0.15 dollars.

How To Make Money With Slice The Pie?

Now you will know about the details that how can you earn by using and getting linked with this Slice The Pie site.

Here are the details for you.

While working as one of the reviewers on this site, you will be given a large number of random songs, and for those songs, you have to write a review on them. 

This will be your session time in which you listen to the variety of songs and then writing a review and opinion about them.

You will listen to a single song for 90 minutes duration. This Slice The Pie site has stated this 90 second is the fair time which any reviewer should get so that he can properly write a review on that song. In this time session of 90 seconds, you can easily write up a fair assessment.

You will be giving a text-based review. You have to include and mention your feedback and thoughts about the vocals and too about the usage of instruments.

You have to tell your opinion about the arrangement of song structure and give feedback on its lyrics side as well. You have to rate its melody section. Your single review should have lots of details in it. More conclusive your review will be, more you will be paid, and higher your ranking will be as a reviewer.

If you will get higher rankings, then that means you will be getting more and more earnings on a per review basis. It is seen that on a per review basis, you might get 0.02 dollars. These are one of the initial earnings figures, and when you get the experience of writing reviews, then you will get bigger earnings. Some of the reviewers get 0.05 dollars, and some of the reviewers to get 0.07 dollars. It depends on your review quality.

This Slice The Pie site gives you many tips that how can you increase your earnings. There is a lot more earning potential present on this site. You only have to look for those earning potential ways. You can avail their bonus popup messages.

In their one site section, they have mentioned those elements that should be included in your review column. So before you start writing a review, you should consider those key things.

The best way to write a review is that you need to break down the components of the song. You have to breakdown every single component of it so that you can easily give your reviews on the lyrics part, musical arrangement part.

Suppose if you want to write a review on the vocals of that song, then first you have to notice that which are those key features that make the vocals of this song to stand out! Listen to the song properly and note that whether the vocalist has a commercial voice or not, whether he or she carries unusual vocal feature or not.

Then while reviewing the lyrical side of any song, you have to mention that whether the lyrics side of this song carries meaningful lyrics or silly lyrical notes. Then you can notice the rhythm line of that song. Notice all beats which are present in the provided song of yours on which you will be writing a review!

 Slice The Pie complaints

Below you can look at the main list of complaints which are put down by the users of this Slice The Pie site. As it is a reliable site and this platform faces very few of the number of complaints and issues.

1). The main complaint which people have faced while using this Slice The Pie site is the little return. No matter how excellent you are in writing reviews, you will get few pennies.

There are many platforms which are giving a great amount to the reviewers. This is the main drawback to this site. Though it pays guaranteed money to its users, but still earning potential is quite less on this platform.

2). Moreover, this site only demands and accept high-quality reviews. That means you should at least possess a music knowledge.

You need to have a concept of different music-related terms. If you write excellent reviews, only then you can survive and earn on this Slice The Pie site.

 Good Things About the Company:

Now check out the positive and good things which are present in this company. Some of them are mentioned above, and few of them are written below.

It is a strong platform that has now maintained its credibility for many years. So what can be the good things about this Slice The Pie site! 

1). This site offers an interesting way with the help of it you can earn money. Like listening to music is an interesting activity and you can earn money by evaluating emerging artists and musicians songs.

2). This Slice The Pie site too help out the new and beginner artists and musicians to make a strong platform for themselves. Upon getting a great rating, they will get funds to launch their label and album, and this is the best thing about this site.

 Is it Worth Your Time?

We recommend you using this Slice The Pie site if you are good at giving reviews and if you are an emerging artist. You can try using this site. If you have experience in writing reviews and you have knowledge about the music industry line, then this site is excellent for those people.

And on the other hand, if you are a fresh musician and wants to get feedback on your music notes, then this is a convenient platform for you too.

This site will be worthy of your time if you will be using descriptive phrases. More catchy and intensive your vocabulary will be, better your earnings status will be! You have to write a meaningful review so that it can bring at least a little convenience for the emerging musicians. In your report, you can also talk about the musical effects.

If there are any outstanding musical effects present in the song, then you should mention this point in your review. It is not obligatory that you should have an intensive knowledge of music while writing a review. You just have to feel the song and its music and simply write a review on it.

You can only increase and enhance your earning potential by making your review section more and more informative. You have to figure out the differences between writing a good review and writing a bad review. You have to give quality time and quality effort while writing a review, only then you will be paid on a higher note.

Is Slice The Pie A Legitimate or Scam?

This Slice The Pie site is a legitimate site. It is an excellent platform for the aspiring musicians, and it offers a great earning opportunity for the reviewers. So if you belong to any of these categories, then do try working on this site.

If you are looking for a legitimate earning opportunity, then you can get connected with this platform. This platform is one of the feasible platforms for both reviewers and budding artists and musicians.

If reviewers are paid for submitting reviews and feedback, then budding artists will get funds for their launching if they will get enough rating. So to all emerging musicians, if you are in need of honest reviews, feedback then get connected with this Slice The Pie site. 


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