Skillpay Scam Review – A Wealthy Affiliate Clone?

Business Name: Skillpay
Website Address:
Price: Free, $67 per month, $695 per year
Business Owner: Darin and Kevin Blue
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100 points


Skillpay was launched by two internet marketers known as Darin and Kevin Blue back in August 2014. They have launched some other programs in the past like Internet Income University. Tough they were not very successful with this program but now they launched a program that is much better than some other programs in the industry.

It is basically a training platform that guides you about affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it. This program mostly based on the methods of Wealthy Affiliate but the issue is that it is at much higher price. Still this is a new program and it take time to grow and build.

What is Included in Member’s Area?

Identify Your Passion: The first step is to choose a niche in which you have interest. The system will generate some ideas based on your interest and you can either choose their ideas or your own it all depends on you based on your interests.

Build a Community: You will learn here more about Facebook. Topics include in this category are:

  • Introduction to Facebook and account creation.
  • Fan page basics and importance of profile completion.
  • Where to find photos and upload.
  • How to build campaign for your page likes.

Master Fundamentals:

1). Facebook: Here you will learn more advanced features of Facebook. Topics include are benefits of likes, comments and shares; how to use Facebook ads and drive targeted traffic to your site; creating engagement content that goes viral etc.

2). Blogging/SEO: You will learn all the basics of blogging here including wordpress insights, how to create your initial post, how to write quality content by adding images and attractive headlines, how to embed videos into posts, keyword research and basic search engine optimization (SEO).

3). YouTube: Topics include that you will learn here are; YouTube basics, creating attractive channel, how to record quality videos and upload, basics of video editing, how to generate traffic, leads and sales using YouTube.

Monetize your Market: Three methods you will learn here about how to earn money from your blog. It include Google AdSense (What is Google AdSense), Clickbank (how to find best products using gravity and add to your site) and Amazon (Amazon affiliate program).

90 Day Launch: Here you will set your realistic goals, learn about list building techniques and building reliable brand.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • One can join as a free member and have access to some of the basic training.
  • Videos training and quality are great for learning different tips and tricks. You can easily access videos from video library.
  • Though this system is not much old but its community is building up and they are active in providing support to members.
  • There is no hype shown by the program and motivates individuals that it takes time to build business and you have to work hard. As you have seen other programs that claimed becoming millionaire is just an easy task.
  • Other than community support they have added one extra support known as Phone support. I have not much idea about this support but definitely it will help members a great deal. Phone support is very rare in the industry and it shoes their commitment to help members.
  • You are offered 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the system after upgrading.
  • Very good tool in the member’s area named as good niche generator tool.


  • Membership cost is very high i.e. $67 per month. It is very difficult for starters to pay such amount monthly.
  • This system focus too much on Facebook. While social media is an important part in internet marketing but this cannot be done at the expense of other trainings like SEO, WordPress guidance, keyword research. Though there are trainings are available on above topics but if owners added some more advanced aspects then I think there is balance between all these things.
  • Apart from monthly membership you have to set aside some other amount from your budget for paid advertising.
  • If you want to become affiliate of this program then you must be a premium member.
  • There are lot of similarities between Wealthy Affiliate and Skillpay. I am not saying that it is bad but in order to compete the system like WA one need to create a product that are more advanced and suitable with a reasonable price. But this is not the case here skillpay has good training but not at par with WA and also at a higher cost.
  • Apart from niche generator tool there are other tools but they are not up to the mark. Look at keyword research tool, you will not find anything like competition or traffic stats which is the most important part of SEO.


There are different plans: one is free with limited access to training and if you want to become premium then it will cost you $67 per month. Moreover you can take 6 months package for $349 and one year for $695.

If you upgrade within your first 24 hours then prices are all 50% off, so you could get your first month for $29 but it’d still be $67 per month every one after that.

Is Skillpay a Scam? My Conclusion:

Skillpay is an excellent addition to the internet marketing industry. There are lot of great training material available on affiliate marketing but as I said earlier that it is still not comparable Wealth Affiliate (my #1 recommendation to start business online). If we compare two systems then here are some differences:

  • Wealthy affiliate prime focus is to build a website and incorporate quality content to site and when visitors start to come in then promote different products to visitors related to your niche. The training focus on topics related to this like wordpress, SEO etc. But in skillpay lot of focus is on Facebook fan page and you are building business more around fan page and less in website.
  • Skillpay offers phone support but Wealthy Affiliate offers don’t. If you see WA community then its support come in minutes and may be it is far quicker than phone support. Skillpay community cannot be compared with WA.
  • Skillpay focus more on Google AdSense and Amazon. All these have disadvantages like Google AdSense account can get banned very easily, Clickbank has incorporated lot of scam products in its marketplace and Amazon is not available in eve country. In WA you learn general Affiliate Marketing knowledge which you can easily apply everywhere.
  • There are lot of different tools available in WA that ease the process of moking online money but in skillpay there is no good tool available except niche generator.
  • WA cost you about $47 per month but Skillpay cost is $67 per month.


So my final recommendation is if you want to earn money online then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start with.

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