Simple Traffic Review – Real Visitors for Your Blog?

Most of the marketers easily create their blogs nowadays due to ready-made content management system (CMS) out there.

Scary coding could never be any hurdle for marketers. Even a complete layman could follow tutorials on YouTube and launch his blog within no time.

Now what? This is where nearly all the marketers faces the biggest issue to run a business online, i.e., drive traffic to your blog.

There is no better thing than driving targeted traffic to your business through organic search engine traffic, related groups on social media and pay per click advertising (PPC).

But there is one more thing that is becoming very popular nowadays is buying forwarded traffic. Off course this is not as worth as other traffic generation methods. But still many people are selling it and others are buying it.

It is up to you how you can drive benefits from this traffic. The traffic is cheap so you can test it for increasing your video views, affiliate sales or for some other purpose.

One such site that is becoming very popular in 2020 is Simple Traffic.  Here are this benefits that you can expect from this website:


i). Real Traffic

The traffic you will expect from this website is 100% real. There are a lot of sites which are selling bot traffic in the name of real traffic. But I have seen positive reviews online about its traffic.

The traffic comes through their domain network. Then that traffic will be filtered to match your targeting need. If they meet the criteria then they will be instantly forwarded directly to your website. There is no need for click or ad required as in the case of PPC advertising.

ii). Receive More Clicks

As traffic is real so you can expect natural interaction from those people. Unlike bots, they navigate through different menus, click links and take desired actions.

Of course, it is a cold traffic but if you know the art of converting cold to hot traffic, you could also benefit from this traffic as well.

iii). Test Your Funnels

If you want to know how your funnel would work you could try this site at a cheap traffic. Cheaper option would enable you to test far more visitors than compared to PPC methods.

iv). Free Trial

Currently, they are running a free trial offer so you can test it without any hesitation. 2500 visitors for free would be a huge bonus if your site is new. You could test site issues, broken links, and other important SEO factors through these visitors.

v). Advanced Targeting Option

They have all type of filters set in to choose traffic as per your need. You could select any country, devices, and internet browsers. Targeting is included on all of their plans at no extra price.

vi). Traffic Analytics

You could observe their traffic through very detailed analytics and Track them where they are coming from. This let’s you possible to take changes and see which one is working and which one is not.

vii). Multiple Plans to Choose From

Currently, there are nine plans to choose from. Their Festival Plan is currently the hottest one nowadays. You would get 60 thousand visitors @ of $50. Your site will get 2000 visitors daily for 30 days.

viii). Refund Policy

Apart from all those features above, you are still covered with 30 days refund policy.


i). Cold Traffic

As I have told you above, the traffic is actually a cold one. You could only convert this traffic if you know the art. Otherwise it will be of no use for you.

They have also written a great article on converting cold traffic to hot one. So you should have a look at this topic before purchasing any of their plan.

ii). Not Relevant for AdSense

AdSense is a Google product so you are pretty much safe with organic traffic. Or even some people are using it with social traffic as well. But they don’t allow forwarded traffic for their ads.

So, don’t use this traffic for AdSense ads as you may risk of losing your account. But the good thing is that Simple Traffic management has honestly mentioned all this in their FAQs section.

Final Words:

In a nutshell, Simple Traffic is a real site to test their traffic. They have all the resources to full control their traffic and track it.

It is only up to you how you want to decide and use it for your business. I recommend you to test your funnels, sell it on freelancing platforms, and some selective type of affiliate offers.