Shopkick App Review – Does It Really Work Or A Scam?

Shopkick App Review – Does It Really Work Or A Scam?

There is no. of apps working today that declare that they pay their users for carrying out different activities like playing games, watching videos, doing shopping, and taking surveys. Shopkick is another app that claims that it will pay its members for shopping only. WOW! is It interesting right?

So, this whole review is about Shopkick and you will get each and everything about this app. Without wasting any time, let’s look at it.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick App Review

Shop kick is a simple and easy to use smartphones app that pays you for visiting stores, analyzing products, and purchasing them. It then pays you gift cards, cash and many more.

This site has been working since 2009 and pays its users. This site has access over 200 stores in the US and is an interesting way to earn money. But the important thing is that it is iPhone and Android devices app.

According to New York Times, shop kick has more than 2.5 million users and it is increasing day by day and according to Wikipedia, it has 200 brand partners, which include big names like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Unilever, Disney, Gamble etc.

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How Does Shopkick Work?

Unluckily this app is available on the smartphones or tablets. In order to be benefitted by this program to win cash, gift cards, and movie entries, it is essential that download this app on your mobile phone before entering the store of your interest. As soon as you entered the store you will receive the message that 50 kicks have been added to your account for simply entering the store.

For it to be functional you need to have location services and keep the Bluetooth on. Before entering your favorite store makes sure that the app is working on your mobile phone. Like other sites like Ibotta, Receipt Hog and Checkout 51, shopkick pays its users for such simple activities that you love to do.

If I discuss it briefly then:

  • The app is easy to use and you can earn easily.
  • Keep the app open on your phone before entering the store and mention your favorite stores.
  • Click the receipt icon to make sure which products can earn kicks for you.
  • Link your credit card to the app to earn bonus kicks.
  • Buy the products, scan QR codes and send the picture of shopping slip (receipt).
  • After uploading your receipt you will receive the message of sending kicks to your account.
  • Every week there are some changes in the company policies and result in an increase in no. of kicks that’s good news for its users.

How Does Their Payment Plan Work?

Actually, this site has its currency in the form of kicks. Their payment comes into your account in the form of kicks. Kicks come to your account as a result of completing the task as explained before and also by referring family and friends.

You can exchange kicks for the gift cards as well as with other products. There is a wide variety of products selecting from your favorite stores like Amazon, best buy, Wal-Mart and GameStop with much more including Facebook credits, movie tickets and, iTunes song downloads.

Referral Program

The purpose of introducing referral program is to make you relax and help you to earn more. By relaxation I mean to say that you just refer your friends. Now your friends will do their work and you will earn without doing anything.
Like many other apps, it also offers the referral program to earn more.

For a single person who signs into the account, download the app and if simply walks into the store, you will earn a bonus of 500 kicks. Of course, it is an encouraging step to earn more kicks.

What Are the Shopkick Rewards?

Shop kick has its own point system known as ‘kick’. There are different ways to earn these points which are

1. By entering into store

Honestly, when you enter a store the shop kick finds out your location, detects that you are in store and then gives you kicks depending on the store. But mostly you receive kicks between 30-100 kicks.

But some people complain that this does not happen all time. And when they inform the relative staff about it they said that they don’t know anything regarding it.

2. By scanning particular items

After entering a store open up the app on your mobile phone and you just have to simply scan the items no need to purchase them. For each scan, you will be given about 10 kicks.

By such activities, you will not become a rich person but can gather no. of kicks that will earn you to some extent.

3. By purchasing items

After shopping your required items upload the receipt to and earn more kicks. No. of kicks earned will depend on the store as well as on the items you bought.

4. By referring more friends

Initially, you spend a lot of your time in visiting various stores, scanning products and purchasing them but now it’s time to make money by more simple and easy method. For it, you have to refer more and more friends and relatives to

You will earn 50% of the points for any of your friend signing in to whom you referred for 14 days up to the limit of 2500 kicks.

5. Link the app to your credit card

For downloading the app you will get 200 kicks and extra kicks for connecting your credit card with it and time to time you will earn more kicks each time you use your linked card for shopping.

How Much Money Do You Get From Shopkick?

  • 500 kicks = $2
  • 1250 kicks = $5
  • 2500 kicks = $10
  • 3750 kicks = $15
  • 6250 kicks = $25
  • 25000 kicks = $100

So if you need a gift card of $15 you required 3750 kicks. If you wait for little more and collect 50,000 kicks you will get $200.

How to Redeem Shopkick Rewards?

You can redeem your rewards by clicking on balance number. You can see your selected reward. You also have the option to change your reward if you want. For these simply click “change reward” or “see all reward”.

Tips to Earn Shopkick Points Easier and Faster:

I have already explained you the whole process to earn via shop kick. But there are some tips or you can say shortcuts to earn more and faster. I will discuss few of these.

1. Check the app again and again

The offers bonuses and different opportunities with time. But if you don’t check the site definitely you will miss that. So it’s important that you check the site frequently to be benefitted by such offers. It never takes your more than 1 minute.

2. Refer the friends as more as you can

For referring one friend you will earn 2500 kicks. You will also be benefitted by their earnings for first 14 days. Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

3. Scan some extra items

Suppose you are shopping on Amazon and bought some required items. But there are some more items that are on another side of the store. If you have some time then go to that side and scan these items. For each item, you will be given 50 kicks. So it’s a very easy way of earning.

4. Look for scan any item option

You can scan some items for 25 kicks. Click the barcode icon on the store page site.

5. Watch videos for more kicks.

At the bottom of the app, there is an option of “discover”. If there are some videos available to watch, watch them and earn some extra kicks.

6. Follow the instructions at the shop kick blog

On shop kick blog there are updates on the daily basis that will help you a lot. For example, it will give you tips how to make money by daily shopping etc. And good thing is that all this is free.

Pros Vs. Cons:


  • Earn points for visiting shopping stores.
  • Win prizes for completing tasks.
  • On the top 100 companies in Forbes.


  • No option to earn real cash only gifts.
  • Some people also complain about the problems associated with the app.

Final Thoughts About Shopkick  – Is It a Scam or Legit?

No, it’s not a scam. Although there are some complaints these are not major and can be neglected. It’s a good app for the people who love shopping and is a good source of earning gifts, gift cards, movie tickets and many more.

It does not have anything logical in it or the activities for which you have to think. So everyone can join it. If you are in search of an honest and credible source of site earning then I will recommend you to join this app. surely you will like it and will enjoy.

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