Sanbux Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: SanbuxSanbux Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: Free + Premium
Owner: Syed Naveed
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points

Sanbux Review – Introduction:

Sanbux was launched by Syed Naveed back in 2014. Naveed is from Ameerpet, Hyderabad, India. This is his first site and it is very difficult to tell about the owner history.

It is a site which has combine different fratures from Paidverts and pay to click (PTC) sites.It means you can earn both ways either from watching different ads or revenue sharing. 

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How to Earn Money from Sanbux?

There are different ways you can use to earn money like:

View PTC ads: When you click on this tab then you will find different value ads that will earn you around $0.001 to $0.01. Each ad will last for few seconds mainly between 10 to 30 seconds. These ads are very similar to ads that are in PTC sites and mostly are also promoting other PTC sites.

View Bonus: In order to earn from this section you need to invest money in bonus ad packs. Each pack will cost you $1 and it will give you 145 ad packs, 25 unique traffic to your site and thousand banner impression. In order to receive value ads which is called bonus ads, you should have a minimum 75 bonus ads points (BAP). Each point worth is $0.01. It means each $1 you invest will return you $1.45.

The more BAPs you have higher value ads you will receive and it will reduce your BAP balance as well. In this site there are 8 BAP levels which will determine your daily value ads.

Let’s look at the following BAP Group Levels:

  • Level 1 (75-999) will receive 3% bonus ads.
  • Level 2 (1,000-2,499) will receive 5% bonus ads.
  • Level 3 (2,500-4,999) will receive 7% bonus ads.
  • Level 4 (5,000-9,999) will receive 10% bonus ads.
  • Level 5 (10,000-24,999) will receive 13% bonus ads.
  • Level 6 (25,000-59,999) will receive 16% bonus ads.
  • Level 7 (60,000-124,999) will receive 20% bonus ads.
  • Level 8 (125,000 above) will receive 25% bonus ads which is the highest level of all.

BAP Group Levels

Remember reaching at a higher level will not guarantee you specific ad value because it all depends on daily sales of ad packs. By looking at the above table if you want to earn high you should be in higher levels because it will give you more earning than lower levels.

Referral: There are two types of referral in the system 1) Direct 2) Rental. You can make unlimited direct referrals. Each direct referral will earn you 5% of bonus ad and $0.0001 for fixed PTC ad. In addition each bonus ad pack your referral purchase will earn you 10% commission. Rental referral will earn you in the same way except there is a 250 limit and each fixed PTC ad they view will earn you $0.0005. Each rented referral will cost you $0.20 for 30 days.

Prizes: You need to click 10 qualify ads then you can earn up to $100 or advertising credits or BAPS.

Sanbux Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join for everyone and no technical skill require to earn money. The only things you need are computer and internet. Just create an account and start earning money.
  • Multiple income streams admin provide to you in order to boost your earning potential. This is basically a new model which combine both the PTC model and Paidverts model. It is interesting to see how much this company move forward.


  • Very new site and there is also no information about admin background. It is very difficult to tell how long this site will run. In PTC industry admin background is a key thing to consider before joining any program. So it is always advisable to join only as a free member and don’t invest money. If you are very eager in investing money then invest such amount that you can afford to lose. Withdraw your capital as soon as possible and invest that amount that you have earned through profit.
  • Very low earning potential. You are earning $0.001 for viewing one ad. If you are receiving only ten ads daily then your daily earning will be $0.01 and monthly salary will be $0.30. Though there are high value ads but they are very few. In order to earn good money you have two options. One is to get direct referrals and other is to invest large money. Both methods have their merits and demerits and it is not easy to get large referrals.
  • Their business model in unsustainable. We have seen other PTC sites that are mostly scam or initially they pay to members but soon they become scam because of cash flow problems. This site is very new and have also very few members. In order to stable their business models they must find advertisers that advertise on their site. Moreover, if we look at other revenue stream that are similar to Paidverts then it is providing 145% profit for $1 investment. Good part is that it has no time limit and admin pays you only when sales are made. But can you join the system where you get very less revenue share. Definitely no, so in order to make this model lucrative to members they must also find large number of people to invest in.
  • Admin claim that rented referrals are real people which have no up line. But we have seen other PTC sites that are mostly bot and they click well at start and suddenly they are inactive. It is better to avoid rental referrals unless it is sure that they are real peoples.

Is Sanbux a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion?

To be honest, Sanbux is not a scam because till date they are paying to its members. It is also a new company so I cannot say that it is 100% legit but I hope this site will pay to its members on time.

I only recommend Sanbux to join as a free member and don’t invest because you cannot know the management intentions. Certainly you cannot earn good money as a free member but if you want to earn good money and build your business online then see my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

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