Rodan and Fields Scam Review – Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Rodan and Fields Scam Review – Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to this review. As per other people reviews, some think it is a scam or pyramid scheme while others think as a legit opportunity. I would go with deep insight and show you all product details, pros and cons, its earning potential and my legit opportunity that has been my #1 recommendation for years.

Business Name: Rodan and FieldsRodan and Fields Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
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$45 to begin with + upsells!
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Kathy Rodan And Kathy Fields
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Not Recommended

Rodan and Fields Pyramid Scam Review – Introduction:

Dr. Rodnan and Dr. Field launched this company back in 2002, and now it is one of the most popular brands out there. At first, they started to sell via department stores, but they decided to capitalize the power of the online world. In 2009, the business then changed to multi-level marketing (MLM) program.

In simple terms, it is a network marketing company that focuses on skin care and anti-aging products. It has converted from departmental store to changing skin and lives brand that allows Independent Consultants to seek their dream of running their own business.


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How Does Rodan and Fields Multi level Marketing (MLM) Works?

To get enrolled in the system, you need a sponsor. Sponsor is the person who entered you to the company. He/she is the one who will help you throughout the process. Finding sponsor is not a complicated process.

So, how could you find a sponsor easily?

It’s simple, you could visit any site online that is promoting this site and can communicate with the person and if still you could not find then contact the site support they will find for you.

After getting enrolled, the next step is to choose what price kit you want to purchase. They offer various packages to choose from $45 to $995.

Most people who get started tend to move to the Business Portfolio package which is worth $45. This is by far the least expensive kit to become the consultant. Once you purchased any package, then you get a license to become their consultant and promote their products to earn a commission.

Business Kit – $45

The package includes an overview of the company, business introduction, and testimonial videos. In addition to this, you will learn how Rodan and Fields started the company and became successful.

You will understand the philosophy and get to know the brand very well. Also included in a package is a DVD which is called refined DVD that introduces doctor’s business introduction.

You will also learn how Rodan and Fields transforming the treatment of aging skin and how they ideally positioned to help their independent business owners to capture market share. There is no product included in this package but the consultant is free to purchase any product.

You can promote this package to earn a commission but to use direct selling; you still need to buy the products separately.

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Personal Result Kit – $395

This is the second way to become a consultant by purchasing their Personal Result Kit for $395. The package includes the business portfolio ($45), four regimens (redefine, reverse, un blemish and soothe), eye glass, micro derma and d3 vitamins pack. With this, you will also get product catalog that is offered for free shipment.

Big Business Launch Kit – $695

This is the third way to become an independent consultant by purchasing Big Business Launch Kit for $695. This kit comes with business portfolio ($45), two pairs of acute care of skin care for expression line, redefine micro exfoliator and five regimens.

These five regimens include redefined, reverse, soothe, un blemish and one regiment of your own choice. That also includes product guide with free shipment, eye cream, and lips renewing serum.

RFx Express Business Kit – $995

The last kit that can become you a consultant and it is packed with full of products. It includes everything that you need to build Rodan and Fields business quickly.

It includes business portfolio, all five regimens (redefine, soothe, unblemished, reverse and your choice), a full box of redefining acute care for expression line, night renewing serum, eye cream, micro-exfoliating roller for display, redefines macro exfoliator and much more.

Rodan and Fields As a Business Opportunity:

Once you become a consultant, you will immediately be given an Identification Number and password. It should be treated as a license for a consultant to promote company’s products and services and earns commissions.

This information will help you for future transactions and to log in your personal website where you can order skin care products, view your history records, check organizational status and track your referrals activities.

Now let’s look at the number of ways you can use and earn money.

1. Retail Profit

Like in any other MLM companies, direct selling is the most common way of earning. There are two ways you can use this and earn commission by selling products to retail and preferred customers.

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A retail customer (RC) is who buy the products from a consultant at a suggested retail price. Preferred Customers are those who enrolled to receive regular shipments. Retail profit is based on the difference between consultant price and the retail or preferred customer price.


2. Consultant Commission

Before earning this commission, you must become an Active Consultant. To become this, you must earn a minimum of 100 sales volume (SV). SV is credited to your account by purchases made directly made by your retail customers and personal purchases at consultant price.


3. Team Commission

To earn this commission, you must qualify for the for the Executive Consultant (EC). This can be achieved by acquiring a 600 sales volume under your account.

This sales volume which is called Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume (PSQV) can be generated from personally recruitment. Once you successfully reach this level, you can earn 5% commission on every sale that your referrals’ make.


4. Generation Commission

Once you qualify for level 1 Executive consultant, you will earn 5% of generation 1 volume. You can acquire such commission when someone in your team reaches the status of Executive Consultant.

The process goes in a similar way when your two referrals reach this level then you will become level 2 Executive consultant and reach level 5 consultant when eight consultants of your team grow to executive consultants.

Your main aim in here is to support your referrals attain a higher rank. It means that the more you help, the more you make money.


5. Performance Bonuses

This commission is in addition to the compensation plan and it is offered from time to time on certain events. Aside from the commissions that you can get, you can also get rewarded by different award programs that are given from time to time.

Do You Make Money with Rodan & Fields A?

This is the most common question in your mind if you are looking for making money with this type of business. It solely depends on your effort and time you are giving to this.

If you don’t like to go for product and still want to be part of this business then can choose $45 business kit but if you are looking for products then go for upper business levels.

The good thing about this business is that you are promoting a product that has value. You have seen a lot of people across you who are facing acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems. This niche is a big market and has great potential if someone works hard. Doctors developed the product, and they know what they are talking.

Let’s see you have sold a skin care product cost $193 which you bought for $145. That will be a $48 profit. Then you also successfully recruited a referral which also marketed one product cost $193. So with the 10% commission structure, you can get from your personal downline a 10%  commission which is $19.3.

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If you add it up, 48+19.30 = $67.30! That’s something if you think of it as an extra income in just a week of being a consultant.

Things you Should Consider Before Joining:

1). The first thing that must be considered is it is MLM company. I am not an advocate of this business model because of most obvious reasons. You get paid for only recruiting other people.

This looks easy but once you start doing this then it is the most difficult task to do. You are not getting rewards for your efforts that you are putting in and you have done on somewhere else then it offers much more than this.

2). This system doesn’t offer any free enrollment to look at the quality of the material. The introductory videos try to portray that everyone can get started at a low cost of $45 which everyone can afford. This is not true. Let’s suppose you can pay for this. Now what!

Do you start earning money after this? Never. You need to purchase products and sell them to other people which is not easy.

3). The training is mostly focused on how Rodan and Fields have developed this business and more about the company and you don’t learn a lot about how to promote it in a right manner.

One of better way could be if they guide people to create their website and then promote such products to the whole world because everyone cannot go home to home and gave presentations to the people for such things. Some prefer to work from home.

4). The products are good but when they are offered at a costly price so why people go for them. It is not possible for MLM companies to sell a quality product at a lesser cost. The reason is simple they need to pay high affiliate commission to the people. They either have to cut the quality or increase the price of the product to be eligible to pay such higher commissions.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Better Way than MLM?

I have worked more than 5 years on MLM companies and I have put a lot of effort on this and hoping and hoping that one day I will be successful. After wasting my time then I found a new way of earnings called affiliate marketing.

I am totally satisfied with this method and I recommend everyone to start with this model. I can say with confidence that Affiliate Marketing has far more success rate than MLM. I have experienced not more than 5% people who have achieved success with MLM.

The people come to such sites only for the reason of making money and they don’t have any intention to buy products.

I felt this system very unethical because just recruiting people for the sake of our personal commission without providing any value to the people in the form of product and service.

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My Final Words: Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scam?

The system has been around for years and promoting useful products to people and it cannot be called as a scam or pyramid scheme but if you are looking for making a sustainable income with this business then, to be honest, this is not for you.

If you MLM enthusiasts and know how to grow your team and don’t hesitate to discuss with the people then you can use this opportunity.

I have wasted my time with the type of businesses in the past and never recommend anyone to do the same. If you are just looking for promoting skin care products or any products online then there are millions of products online especially Amazon where you can find unlimited products.

Your next step is to create a site and bring targeted traffic to your web page. They will buy from your site and you will earn a commission.

So how this could be possible……

The solution for you:

If you have a plan look that or don’t know anything but still want to build your online business then see my #1 recommendation. This site is also been there since 2005 and has helped thousands of people every year to earn a full-time income.

I hope you will like my Rogan and Fields Pyramid Scam Review and if you have any queries please let me know in below section.