Rising Traffic Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My RisingTraffic Review is as follows,

Business Name: Rising TrafficRising Traffic Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.risingtraffic.com
Price: Free + $35
Business Owner: John Peterburg
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

Rising Traffic Scam Review – Introduction:

Rising traffic was launched by John Peterburg back in June 2015. Currently this site is new and there are not so many stats are available but within few days after launching it has over thousands of members. If you have heard another company name Traffic Monsoon then this site is very similar to Traffic Monsoon.

RisingTraffic is an advertising site where you can promote your product and services. Moreover, you can earn from the company revenue share.

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How to Earn Money from Rising Traffic?

Revenue Share – In order to join the revenue share from the site then you must purchase ad pack of $35 and it will return you 112% and your share mature at $39.2. It is independent of time limit and all you need is to view 10 ads daily in order to earn daily from revenue share. Risingtraffic sell advertising services and share this revenue with its members. It will award you 30 clicks to your banner, 1000 traffic exchange credits.

Sale of Products/Services – In RisingTraffic site you can promote your links to generate leads. Moreover you can also promote products/services to other members and if they buy then you can commission.

Referral Commission – In order to greatly increase your earnings then make large number of direct referrals. You will earn 10% commission from each of your referral purchase and repurchase.

Paid to Click – You can also earn money from PTC ads that are of different members. Each ad will award you fraction of a cent and if you have large referrals then you can earn good from this section.

Features of Rising Traffic:

Traffic Exchange Credit – In order to earn credit for promoting your own site then you can purchase different packages rather than surf manually. This will show your site to other members when they surf ads.

2015-08-12_16-34-04Rising Traffic Packages – You can choose any advertising package and it will bring you referrals, leads, and signups.


PPC advertising – If you want someone click your ad and then you pay to the admin then definitely you can choose this package and each click on your ad will cost you $0.25 and if you target your ad to specific location then per click will cost you $0.50. This type of advertising are costly but it has very high conversion rate.

Login Ads – If you want your ad show in popup window then you can choose this for $35 per day.

Payment Processor – Rising Traffic accepts multiple processors like Payza, Solid Trust Pay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, OKPay and Payeer. Though there is PayPal mentioned on the homepage but yet it is unavailable. People will trust more on this site if they have PayPal account as well.

Rising Traffic Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Rising Traffic is free to join for everyone and available to worldwide members.
  2. There are multiple payment processors you can use to fund and withdraw your money.
  3. You can earn money using RT because there are multiple earning opportunities available.


  1. Rising traffic as taken this concept from Traffic Monsoon which is going well till now but as this is a new site and one cannot rely heavily on this site and invest money. I have seen lot of similar sites which are opening and closing daily. Only the time will tell that Rising Traffic can sustain in future or not.
  2. PayPal is shown on the homepage and when you read FAQs then there is not PayPal account. If a site is using PayPal account then it looks genuine company. May be this company trying to resolve issues with the PayPal and after some time it start functioning or it is just a trick to enhance confidence in the mind of investors, who knows.
  3. Most of the people join Rising Traffic due to its earning potential and not to promote their business and also it is very difficult to convert other members in to your leads, referrals and signups or to sell your product and services. If you convert then it can add to your additional income other than revenue share.

Is Rising Traffic a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Rising Traffic is a new site and I cannot say that it is scam or legit but I have seen other programs similar to that and my analysis is totally based on them along with Rising Traffic Features. As I already said that it is simply a photocopy of traffic Monsoon and TM is performing well till that as lot of new members are joining daily and we can only hope that this site will perform well.

These type of sites are mostly dependent on joining new members and when inflow of same stops then theses site face liquidity issues. Though they don’t promises for daily guaranteed earnings but let suppose you have invested $1000 and there is not sale occurred after you then you cannot get any commission. That’s how the whole members suffer.

Other than this we cannot say that what is the admin background and whether they are previously involved with the previous scam. We neither say in “Yes” nor in “Not”. We have to wait for this in order to get answer. Usually these sites are performing well in start like 1 to 2 years and then halted or some scammers just run away the money after 1 to 3 months.

Due to the above risks involved my recommendation to everyone is to not to invest such site and if you really want to invest (Gamble) then invest only what you can afford to lose.

What’s Next?

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