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Rewards Buck Review – A Legit or Scam Survey Site?

Welcome to my Rewards Buck review!

Rewards Buck claims that you can earn a good income every month by giving your opinions and performing simple tasks.

Is it really that easy? Is Rewards Buck worth your time? And most importantly, is it a legit product or a scam?

That’s all I will be covering in this Rewards Buck review. So let’s start;

Product Name: Rewards Buck

Founder: Not Available

Product Type: Rewards Site 

Price: Free

Best For: Survey Lovers

Rewards Buck Review

Summary: Rewards Buck is a new reward site that pays its members for giving their opinions. It also offers other ways as well to increase your earnings. It will reward you in the form of points which is called RB points.

Rating: 60/100

Verdict: Yes

What is Rewards Buck?

Rewards Buck is a new get paid to (GPT) site that started in March 2018. Though there is not enough information about the founders, the site has been propagating very fast.

Rewards Buck offers you points that you can redeem them for different gift cards.

There are numerous ways to earn points like take surveys, free downloads, complete offers, shop for kids, shop bargains and many more.

It’s is a legit site but not lucrative as much as other best survey sites out there. You can see my list here;


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Vindale Research

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How to Earn Points at Rewards Buck?

There are numerous options available. First, you need to create an account with Rewards Buck, which is free.

For just creating account with RewardsBuck, you will earn 100 points for this. These points are called RB points.

After that you can choose one or multiple options to earn points. Please remember that this site doesn’t offer referral commission.

1). Get mobile apps

If you love mobile apps and games, you can simply download, use/play free apps on your phone and increase your points.

If at some time you don’t want that app, simply uninstall it. There is no problem!

2). Complete offers

There are generally two types of offers free and paid ones. For free offers, you are required to join the mailing list or install something on your PC or complete a simple task.

These offers are good to go, and you can earn nearly $0.10 to $1.

On the other hand, paid offers will reward you somewhere $2 to $20 but you need to purchase something or at least put your credit card info for a trial period.

If you forget to cancel this, you will be charged. 

3). Take surveys

Rewards Buck also offers you points for giving your opinions. You can earn anywhere from $0.1 to $5. The longer the surveys are, the better your RB points will be.

Before taking the surveys, you are asked to qualify for the survey and then complete it.

This is not the only survey site that asked you about pre-qualification questionnaires, every survey site works like this.

4). Shop and get cash back

Simply purchase products and services from the stores approved by Rewards buck and earn RB points.

The site is pretty new, and there are not enough stores where you can earn cash back on anything you want, but they have few popular ones.

How Does Rewards Buck Pay?

Rewards Buck uses a points system, and each type of activity will reward you in the form of points. They called this “RB Points.”

One RB point is equal to $0.01, and you can redeem those points for $10 gift cards. It means you should have at least 1000 RB points in your account.

Rewards Buck offers few but very popular brand gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Burger King, and Game Stop.

You can expect to receive those gift cards within seven days of cashing out. They are also considering about physical rewards, but not sure, how much time it will take to reach your destination. 

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Good Side Income

Rewards Buck considered as a good side income site, and you can expect anything $20 to $50 per month.

They also have cashback offers so if you are buying anyway, why not look at the RewardsBuck cashback deals that can save you few bucks.

If you don’t have the money or happy to be earning a few dollars per month, you can test it right now.

Want to Earn a Fulltime Income From Home?

Do you want to work with Rewards buck that has a potential of $20 to $50/month or you want to achieve financial freedom?

The Bad

1. Very Limited Potential

As stated earlier, Rewards Buck is a new site launched in this year. There is not enough data available that can make it judge better.

They have earning options, but all those are very limited. People love those sites where they find plenty of activities to perform. They don’t like to see empty accounts.

As the site is new, it’s make sense to have fewer opportunities. However, I am sure they will be working with different market research partners to provide their members with more and more surveys and other offers.

Still, now, there are few surveys, limited offers and a small selection of stores.

2. No Referral Commission

That’s surprising but true.

I don’t think so why they have not put this option. If they want to compete with big brands like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars and PrizeRebel they definitely need to consider this option.

There is also a chance that they want limited presence or their marketing team has some other solution.

But whatever the reason, if you enjoy recruiting other people to the system, RB is not for you.

3. Only Gift Cards

I know most of the people prefer to make money with PayPal or even other payment processors. Unfortunately, RB doesn’t offer this. So if you are a cash lover, RewardsBuck is not for you.

However, they do have a good gift cards from some of the most popular brands out there.

4. Qualification Issue

Don’t expect to start a survey as soon as you see it in the member’s area. You need to pass a qualification test. If you don’t get qualified, you can expect to see this message;

“You haven’t qualified for the survey.”

Some questionnaires can take your 5 to 10 minutes or even longer and there is no guarantee about your success.

Even Rewards Buck cannot do in this situation because the survey marketing companies want to complete the survey from a specified group of people.

If you answer any question that they don’t want, you can simply be out of that specified group.

5. Surveys Can be Frustrating

Even if you are allowed to complete the surveys, and you have done it, there is no guarantee that the reward will be credited to your account.

Your answer will be reviewed by the survey partner once you complete it.

If you answer seems to be invalid, inconsistent or don’t make sense, you don’t expect RB’s survey partner will approve the survey.

6. Credit Card Offers

As stated earlier, Rewards Buck also gives you the option to earn points while completing offers. Some of the offers require your credit card details to earn RB points.

I don’t want to encourage you, to do this.

You can check numerous credit card frauds over the internet or provide this info to only those companies to who you can trust.

Also read their payment terms carefully and note down the dates when your card will be actually charged.

Even some of the companies charge your credit card before the date they have mentioned.

7. Most Surveys are US Based

If you are from the United States (US), you can expect much better surveys and other earning options. Though RewardsBuck is available worldwide but you don’t expect too much from other countries.

This is something RewardsBuck cannot do much. Even the most popular platforms work the same way.

However, don’t make it an excuse because there are many platforms out there that have a worldwide presence.

Is Rewards Buck a Scam or Legit?

Rewards Buck is not a scam. Indeed it’s a legit opportunity to work on. Though the site is new, with the passage of time, you can expect more from the site.

Till now, though legitimate, it’s not the best option when it comes to making extra cash with a rewards site.

I prefer to be paid via PayPal but earning options are also limited. With all being said if those complaints don’t concern you, by all means, join for completely free and earn a $1 sign up bonus.

If you ask me about any earning option, I would always suggest you to see my #1 option, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you will like my Rewards buck review and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.