Revenator Review – Another Revenue Sharing Scam?

This article is going to be a brand-new program called Revenator. What is Revenator? Is it a scam or uses a legit business model? These are some of the puzzles that I will be covering in this detailed review.

Business Name: RevenatorRevenator review
Website Address: www.revenator.org
Business Owner: Shawn King
Product Price: $5
Overall Ranking: 30 out of 100

Verdict: Still a Ponzi investment scheme. Unless they add more stable revenue streams, avoid this opportunity. See my #1 recommendation. Remember this is my view but admin think otherwise as mentioned in the comment below.

Revenator Scam Review – Introduction:

A few days ago I got a mail from the admin of this site to check their system, so I decided to give my impartial opinion on this site. Revenator is a typical revenue sharing opportunity that was launched on May 06, 2016. The owner of this site is Shawn King.

At the time of writing this post the site has nearly 17,000 members and has paid over $50,000 to them. The site is growing fast and within few months it has reached under 200,000 sites as shown by Alexa. The majority of the people visiting this site belong to Spain and Venezuela.

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What is Revenator?

(What they Claim?)

Revenator is an online advertising platform where members can promote referral links for different services, products, and businesses. As an online marketer, entrepreneur, local business owner, and everyone looking for unique traffic sources, to market your goods and services to a real targeted audience, then Revenator is the best solution for you.

Their primary product/service are login ads, banner ad space, text ads, PPC ads and directory ads…, etc. But they are working on hiring an expert in Forex Trading on their team, which allows them to generate extra revenue from safe, low capital trades. They are also working with, financial advisors, well-respected businesses and other external team members to make Revenator as the most reliable Revenue Sharing Platform to date.

As per recent update, they are working with sponsors and development team by adding in Revenator Traffic Exchange, Currency Exchange and a brand new advertising platform to the site. Moreover, they have also started a referral contest to market this program quickly

How to Earn Money from Revenator?

Revenue Sharing

It offers four different ad packs starting from $5 to $100, and ROI varies from 125% to 200%. The excellent thing about this site is that it don’t require any association fee. The site offers different types of ad packs;

Test Pack: $5 share maturing at $6.25 (125% Return on investment)

Starter Pack: $10 share maturing at $15 (150% Return on investment)

Popular Pack: $50 share maturing at $100 (200% Return on investment)

Guarantee Pack: $100 share maturing at $150 (150% Return on investment)


There is no fixed daily revenue percentage offered by Revenator as it all depends on the sales of ad packs made by this site. A member can have a maximum of 1000 packs for each plan.

Test Pack offers 500 directory listings and 500 ad credits, Starter Pack offers 1100 directory listings and 1100 ad credits, Popular Pack offers 6000 directory listings and 6000 ad credits, Guarantee Pack provides 13000 directory listings and 13000 ad credits. There is no repurchase rate devised for this site. To join in revenue sharing model, you must surf ten ads daily in the member’s area.

Referral Commission

Revenator offers referral commission that pays you 20% on the first and succeeding buying of ad packs from your direct referrals. You can get as many as you wish.

Pros vs. Cons:


Passive Income Opportunity – If you had money and wanted to risk it without doing any work then Revenator can be the best option for you. They don’t require any work and specialized education for this purpose. Just fund your account and watch your money grow. The admin will manage all the funds on behalf of you.

“Before investment, you should analyze its risks.”

Various Earning Opportunities – There are a variety of ways in Revenator you can use to make money online including revenue sharing and affiliate commission. The real power comes from packs, but it demands hefty investment.

Facebook Group – Revenator also have a Facebook group where members can ask questions and raise any queries whatever they think important. I personally didn’t join that group whether it is active or not but something is better than nothing.


Unsustainable Business – Currently, they don’t have a quality product and solid stream of income to pay its members. Now they are just shuffling money from one member to another member. It is only a matter of time when people stop investing Revenator, and the whole system will be collapsed.

Requires Hefty Investment – To get some real money every month, you must spend a large sum of money. Moreover, with such sites, you must use the power of compounding for few months to grow your packs quickly and then cashout money slowly. On the other side, you have to take a much higher risk.

Worthess Product – I have joined many companies in the past (Leads Leap, BeOnPush) and used their product, but they all are pure crap. I rarely get any lead or sales. The reason people join such programs are due to their passive profit sharing opportunity, and they don’t have any concern in their so-called product “online advertising”.

PayPal Issue – They have PayPal account, but I know that they will have to face serious problems with them due to strict policies of PayPal and the chances are great that they may get their account limited and at the end move into the bankrupt stage. Many other popular companies were facing similar issues in the past including Traffic Monsoon, My Advertising Pays, and PV Traffic.

My Conclusion:

Revenator is a new site and offers typical revenue sharing opportunity to its members. The majority of the people who are looking for such opportunities don’t like hard work and are called high-risk takers. Only less than 5% members would be able to earn good money from this system, and rest of all other people leave empty handed.

The thing is they don’t have revenue streams aside from money invested by new members. Hence this makes them a real Ponzi business scheme.  Ony the time will tell whether and how much they are investing in Forex market. Being an experience in the Forex market I know its risk. Currently, I do not see any positive sign on the site.

My sincere recommendation is not to invest in this place because of the apparent reasons I have stated above. Such plans are very risky as they need substantial investment but get closed anytime. Unless Revenator adds few more reliable revenue streams that can make it more sustainable, I cannot suggest this site to anyone.

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Hi Everyone! Its great to talk with you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Yasir and I'm the owner of Online Earning Mentor. I started my first online business in 2014 from this site and now I help newbies to start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training program and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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Mahmoud Jalloh - February 12, 2017

Listen ladies and gentlemen, for me I have already concluded myself a loser and so need not fear any more loss speaking out my mind. All those talks of alignment with big revenue generating corporations that make Revenator a reliable competent Internet business entity compared to others are damn bloody lies!!

Going to 8 months now since I registered with them and six months since I made my first withdrawal request followed by other subsequent requests all in all totalling to a little over $1,000.00, not a single dollar payment have I ever received. Login to the account now and all you will find are pending withdrawals.

Those same criminal bastards have the time to come to these review platform forums to write their counter-rubbish defence when they fully well know they are even far guilty than people’s allegations against them.

Their virtual conn of a non-existence admin doesn’t reply to queries or messages. All you get when you send a ticket is a standard acknowledgement email promising to get back to you. That’s it, expect nothing more!! From creation to now, their admin team is forever always offline while my $530.00 hard earned money is sticking with those real arseholes!!

From my long experience dealing with these revenue sharing risky internet business, what makes Revenator typically dangerous is that unlike others who scam people and disappear by taking down their website, Revenator is always there, continue spreading wide their fraudulent net to scam more and more people.

As for those daily payment figures they post on their website, are nothing but a made-up name list and money figures aimed at deceiving people. Just avoid those blood sucking vampire idiots which is my frank advise to anyone!!

Daniel - September 26, 2016

Its late but if anybody is planning to invest DO NOT.I requested a payout over a month ago and its still stuck at pending.Support never replies either.Complete scam.

Phoebe Hall - July 5, 2016

Working perfect atm, no problem with revenator sir.

    khan - July 6, 2016

    Thanks Phoebe for your comment. Most of such sites pay well at start but with the passage of time convert into scam. I hope this will not be the same one.

      Mahmoud Jalloh - February 17, 2017

      Didn’t I tell you people? The Revenator.org website is down thanks to my exposure that unmasked their criminal world with no more place to hide. One thing you must now watch out for is that the same criminals never went away eventhough they’ve shut down this particular website. What they usually do is that they reinvent and go on to open another active revenue sharing website in total identity disguise. Just be careful ladies and gentlemen.

      I blame these underregulated E-Processors transacting these people’s payment. Unlike banks, it’s a faceless enterprise which is where the danger lies. A lot of these things happening would have been prevented should they like banks, have had a rigid vetting procedure in place that way offering real protection for people. So far, PayPal (seconded only by Payza) is one that comes out much better compared to the rest. It has this 180 days (6 months) open period for customers to lodge a claim resolution should anything faulters. I have tried and proved it with them not once. How I wish all of them are or were the same.

Antonio - July 5, 2016

Ha! Nothing you post is actually right, you just guess and make assumptions :’). I vouch for them and bring my referrals here , no complaints.

    khan - July 5, 2016

    Thanks Antonio for your comment. If you think otherwise then please mentioned some facts here that i have written wrong i will remove those facts from my review.

Thomas @ Revenator - July 5, 2016

Hi there, you are completely wrong about our platform – How is Revenator Different..?
Just for members who are unsure of what we do here, we are not a normal revenue sharing website. We are an innovative platform! Revenator has real products, real customers and real business. Our real/side businesses and partnerships allow us to run huge Return on Investment campaigns with these products, making sure we get a great return for our clients! One of our longest standing business partners is TownsendBearings, and we are about to close partnership deals with 3 more multi-national corporations within the next few days. We also have CPA/CPC/CPI experts running campaigns daily on Social Media Platforms safely to generate great returns. We have an expert in Forex Trading on our team, which allows us to generate extra revenue from safe, low capital trades. We also work with well-respected admins, financial advisers and other external team members in order to keep Revenator as the safest Revenue Sharing Platform to date.

If you would like to give us proof of your claims, or even proof that we have not paid out a member, then great, please try!

    khan - July 5, 2016

    Thanks Thomas for your comment. I hope you are right and my best wishes are with you. The thing is there are so many scams in the recent past with the name of Hq Rev share, PV Traffic, Lo Traffic, Fort ad Pays and so many force me to think twice before recommending any product. If your product deliver as you are claiming then i will recommend this to my visitors.

    I don’t belong to those people who are just tagging scam to everything. I have no hesitation to promote legit products to my audience. I know currently you are paying to the members but my main concern is its sustainability and i don’t have any solid info to going against this issue.


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