Receipt Hog App Review – Scanning Your Receipts Scam?

Receipt Hog App Review – Scanning Your Receipts Scam?

Today everybody wants to earn money by simple and easy means. It is because in modern age every person wants to be independent. So in this article, I will tell you about an interesting app that will pay you for very simple tasks. The app is commonly known as receipt hog app.

What is Receipt Hog App?

Receipt Hog App Review

Receipt Hog is a free mobile phone app that can be downloaded in Apple or Android devices and helps you to make money by showing your receipt. It is a common practice that after shopping we throw our shopping slip. But I am sure that after knowing about this app you will place your receipt carefully.

The purpose of introducing this app was to know about purchasers purchasing style and was developed by market research company info Scout.

So basically it is a situation in which both sides are benefitted in the way that you get a reward for showing your receipt and the company gets succeeded to gather data about customers shopping habits.


How Do You Make Money With Receipt Hogg App?

It does not have anything technical in it. It’s totally simple and has following steps.

  1. Go and do shopping

The best thing about receipt hog is that you can shop almost everywhere and get rewarded. You will be surprised that there are few apps that reward you for shopping almost everywhere. Other apps are limited to certain stores.

  1. Receive your receipt.

After shopping the store will give a slip of items that you bought (receipt). Actually, the receipt is a bill that shows you the detail of items you purchase along with the total. But some of the stores won’t give the receipt.

  1. Upload your receipt

Of course, you would have already downloaded an app on your mobile phone. Now upload this receipt to the app. For uploading, receipt makes a clear picture of the receipt showing store name and upload it.

How to Make Sure That Your Receipts are Accepted?

To make sure that your receipts have been accepted follow following instructions

  • Take a snap of receipt
  • Take care that the picture is bright, clear and full
  • It should show the detail of items, store name, and the grand total at the end plus the date.
  • If the slip is long then it’s better to make 2 pictures for the clear image.

How Does Receipt Hog Work and Pay You?

As explained above;

  1. Download app
  2. Do shopping
  3. Take snapshot of receipt
  4. Send it to app

Now it’s time to enjoy the reward. The company will give you coins that you can exchange with coins through PayPal or Amazon-e-gift. The amount of coins depends on the amount you spend on shopping and the store you select for shopping. Different stores will offer you differently. There are 2 types of rewards:

  1. Coin rewards
  2. Spin rewards

Coin Rewards

Obviously, you will be curious to know that how many coins you will earn after spending much money. Of course the more you spend on shopping the more coins you will earn. Let’s have a look

  • <$10 = 5 coins
  • $10-$50 = 10 coins
  • $50-$50 = 15 coins
  • $100+ = 20 coins

You can get coin rewards from the following types of retailers

  • Grocery
  • Supercenter
  • Club
  • Drug and pharmacy
  • Liquor
  • Pet supply
  • Toy stores
  • Mom-and-pops

Spin Rewards

Each spin receipt receives receive only 1 spin at hog slots. The retailers reward you with spins not coins on old Hog slots

  • Apparel
  • Home improvement
  • Home furnishings
  • Electronics
  • Arts and crafts
  • From non-retailer businesses

Exchanging coins for cash

The more you spend money on shopping and more you wait for redeeming the more you will earn cash. In simple words more coins, more will be cash.

  • 1000 points to get $5
  • 1800 coins to get $10
  • 3200 coins for $20
  • 4500 coins for $30

How to Earn Receipt Hog Coins Quickly?

There are multiple steps to earn coins but it depends on the type of receipt you are uploading to the app. For many people, there is good news that for sending pictures you can also win sweepstake entries for their monthly drawing. It could earn you up to 5000 coins.

Instead of coins, you can earn spin. You can use earned spins in the receipt hog app’s Hog slot areas that resemble an online slot machine. By using spin you have even more chances to win coins and there is a fortunate winner every day who wins the price in coins he spends for his last shopping.

Reward hog also provides the opportunity to its users to earn some extra by taking short-term surveys, barcode scans and more spins on Hog slots.

How Early You Receive Your Reward?

After earning enough coins from receipt hog everybody wants to get real cash as soon as possible. But the question is how time it will take to redeem your payment? I am sure you will be happy to know that receipt hog never bothers its users and send cash to them as soon as possible almost within 7 days.

Receipt Hog Complaints:

Every element has both aspects i-e positive and negative. Same is the case with receipt hog. So let’s have an eye on some of its common complaints.

  1. Not the only source of income

Most of the people are in search of online jobs which will be the only income source to fulfill their requirements. But for such kind of people, this is not the right site. It is a site income that can support you in some of your matters but not at all totally. So you can’t depend on it completely.

  1. Only smartphones allowed

Many people don’t have smartphones and have dumb phones. I think they use such phones because they find them easy to use. But if you are interested to make money via receipt hog you must have smartphones like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Otherwise, you can’t access receipt hog.

  1. You need to remain active

If constantly from 3 months you are not using receipt hog then it may block your account. It’s not 100% sure that whether you receive an email before it or not but if it does not inform you before blocking account then all the coins you had been collecting from a long time would be lost. So it demands that you should remain active throughout.

  1. Weekly limit

Each week you will earn points for the value of each receipt. For example; for $10 receipt you will make 10 coins but for that, you have to complete week limit of collecting 100 coins. After completing the task of collecting 100 coins you will get 5 coins for each receipt uploaded.

  1. Minimum 1000 coins required

For withdrawal of money from pay pal or amazon you need minimum 1000 coins for $5. I think it’s not difficult to collect 1000 coins. But the discouraging point is that for 1000 coins only $5!

Receipt Hog Tips and Plans:

  • Make clear the photo of slip is clean and clear. If not then zoom it.
  • If you bought something personal and don’t want to show it then it’s simple. Take a black marker and cut it so that it becomes invisible.
  • After collecting 100 coins in a week stop submitting and wait for the next week to submit them.
  • After uploading your receipt you can see later what your receipt qualified for. Just right of the amount on the receipt tab, there will be a symbol. This symbol will show you that your receipt qualified either for spin rewards, cash rewards, entries in sweepstakes, or coins for cash or gift cards.
  • Another way to earn twice for the same receipt is to use Receipt Pal, Ibotta and Checkout 51. Many people practice it and they get the positive result.
  • From 6-01-2016, by linking your Amazon account to receipt hog you will receive 36 coins. And each month you will remain connected to Amazon account earning 5 sweepstake entries. There is a Reward tab at the lower right -hand side within the app for earning above mentioned rewards.
  • You can also earn 100 coins for connecting your email with the Receipt Hog. It will be a good start and will encourage you more. There will be a Rewards tab button for linking your email to the Receipt Hog.

Apps similar to Receipt Hog:

There are many apps that are working like Receipt hog which are Ibotta, checkout 51 and receipt Pal Review.

How to Use Receipt Hog?

It’s very easy to use it. You don’t need special training for it. But RH has a page that helps you if having any curiosity. You can also put your question there and get the answer.

Is Receipt Hog a Scam or Not? Final thoughts:

Receipt hog seems to be legitimate as it is working and paying its users. Though it has some complaints these complaints cannot be considered a big issue. You can trust this site and can take advantage of it.

As I already discussed that it does not give you the buck of money but still something is better than nothing. I hope you liked my article. It will help you a lot. Thanks for reading.