Rapid Traffic Guide Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Rapid Traffic Guide Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My Rapid Traffic Guide review is as follows;

Business Name: Rapid Traffic GuideRapid Traffic Guide Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.rapidtrafficguide.com
Price: $ 19.95
Business Owner: Gary Alach
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100 points

Rapid Traffic Guide Scam Review – Introduction:

Everyone needs traffic for website in order to convert into sales. There are many products that guide about how to get traffic. Some guides about free and rest of them guides about paid techniques. Every method has its own merits and demerits.

Similar to this “Rapid Traffic Guide” is a course launched by Gary Alach. It guides you how to increase profit multiple times from free traffic. It is based on three simple steps 1). Select Product 2). Set up Lead Capture Machine 3). Send Traffic.

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What is Included in the Rapid Traffic Guide?

The whole course in broken down into small lessons;

Lesson 1 – Video Traffic: This lesson is based on how to drive free traffic using YouTube. This includes searching, creating and ranking in YouTube and Google.

Lesson 2 – Solo Ads: Solo ads is a technique in which you are using someone else’s email list. It is an instant way to promote your product but finding such person is not an easy task but this lesson is all about this.

Lesson 3 – Facebook: This lesson is all about using Facebook and getting free and paid targeted traffic to your site. It also includes creating pan page and getting traffic quickly.

Lesson 4 – Other Social Networks: It includes list of other social media networks that can be used to get traffic to your site.

Lesson 5 – Pay per Click (PPC): This is all about how to find buyer keywords and start a successful PPC campaign that are cheaper than Google.

Lesson 6 – Mystery Traffic Type A: This is a method that guides you how to steal traffic ethically from any website and page and resources require to get this.

Lesson 7 – Mystery Traffic Type B: This is even more advanced than previous method and also provides more methods of getting traffic.

Lesson 8 – Mobile Traffic: Mobile trend has been increasing and this lesson is all about how to increase traffic by getting your site more mobile friendly.

Lesson 9 – Media Ads: This is all about creating your banners or outsourcing it for $5 and where to place such banners to get targeted traffic for site.

Lesson 10 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This lesson is all about on page and off page SEO. It includes proper selection of keywords and other important aspects that are compulsory for SEO.

Lesson 11 – Mystery Traffic Source C: This lesson is based on building your list and getting tons of sales on autopilot.

Lesson 12 – Traffic Agencies: It is based on how to get premium traffic in a very quick time.

Lesson 13 – Viral Traffic: This technique is based on using different strategies and tools that generate viral traffic.

Lessons 14, 15 and 16 – Mystery Traffic Sources D, E & F: Three sources that are 100% free and can deliver you targeted traffic again and again.

Lesson 17 – Offline Marketing: You will learn fourteen ways to get offline traffic which more than 90% people are ignoring.

Lesson 18 – Other Ninja Traffic Sources: Another 6 ninja traffic generating techniques that are both free and paid and most of the people didn’t know that.

Lesson 19 – Retargeting: You will learn the best Retargeting Networks on the planet. This is also a cheap method of getting traffic.

Lesson 20 – Competitor Traffic Analytics: Complete demo on how to spy your competitors’ traffic sources and online advertisements.

Things I Like about Rapid Traffic Guide:

Good Training on Traffic Generating Strategies

There are lot of strategies discussed by Gary Alach on traffic generation. It definitely guides everyone to know something new especially for people who are a beginner and intermediate internet marketer. There are nearly 20 strategies and if one follows most of them then there is a chance to boost your traffic.

It is difficult to implement all but if you concentrate on few of them that are actually working for you then outcome are inevitable.

Reasonable Price & Bonuses

I think the price this system is offering is very reasonable and the benefits definitely outweigh its cost because one time $19.95 is not much with so many bonuses as well like;


Bonus 1; Product selection secrets comprising 4 lessons

Bonus 2: List building guide comprising 3 lessons

The training included in the product with a lot of bonuses and available at reasonable cost is a good product for most of the people.

Things I Don’t Like about Rapid Traffic Guide:

Lot of Paid Traffic Techniques

I first thought that these are all free methods but when I look in detail then I knew that most of them are paid techniques. Paid strategies requires considerable amount of budget and there is a great risk involved if not done perfectly.

Mostly beginners and intermediate internet marketers usually don’t have a budget to use these methods and they have to rely on free methods. I like SEO which can take time but are long lasting and provides you good return on investment.

Detailed Information Missing

Though Gary covers most of the topics on traffic generation but some of them are just brushed from the surface and no detailed information is provided. These are just summarized information and person want to know something more about that topic but sadly it is not available.

Moreover, Gary focus more on theoretical aspect of the training and no detailed statistics is provided about the outcome of the campaign. I think this is crucial for viewers to see some statistics or practical examples.

Is Rapid Traffic Guide a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, Rapid Traffic Guide is not a scam but there is great material available for beginners and intermediate internet marketer and he can used these strategies to get more traffic. Advanced users may not find something new but still it is good for all.

There are few issues with the product that I discussed above and if it is resolved then definitely this product get much more ratings. Nevertheless, it is a reasonable product that offers good benefits and also available at a very reasonable price.

I personally focus more on SEO and my suggestion to everyone do learn some basic SEO for your business because it provides long term benefits to your business.

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