Rapid Niche Profits Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Rapid Niche Profits review;

Business Name: Rapid Niche ProfitsRapid Niche Profits Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: rapidnicheprofits.com/live
Price: $ $8.85
Business Owner: Craig Dawber, Art Flair, Mark Bishop
Overall Rank: 38 out of 100 points

Rapid Niche Profits Scam Review – Introduction:

Rapid Niche Profits is a training guide in PDF format that is about 57 pages long and it is a guideline on how to earn money through affiliate business. This book is in the form of modules and there are ten modules.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business models and you can estimate its power that there are over billion users are using this facility. People now shop more from their home using the internet and this trend is increasing day by day.

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What is Included in Rapid Niche Profits?

Module 1: Affiliate Marketing – This module defines affiliate marketing in detail along with how to become an affiliate with different affiliate programs out there. Other than this Craig has also mentioned what are benefits of affiliate marketing.

Module 2: About Rapid Niche Profits – It is a three steps formula;

  • Finding profitable niche.
  • Create a money site that pre-sell affiliate offer to visitors.
  • Leave digital footprint on high traffic website.

Module 3: Finding a Profitable Niche – It all starts from here and if you choose it wrong then the efforts you put on your site will not pay you off. So take time and search a niche. It is a very good module where Craig guides you how to break a market into a profitable niche and even sub-niche. He has also guided some platforms that you can use for this purpose.

Module 4: Your Money Site – This module is all about building your site and it includes;

  • Buy domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress, themes, and plugins
  • Write about yourself
  • Set up and auto responder
  • Create an opt-in form

Module 5: Creating Pre-Sell Content – This is a very detailed module on how to write pre-sell content that can help you to get visitors to your site. You will learn how to write different types of articles and breaking the article into different headings to create effectively.

Module 6: Social Media Assets – Generating traffic through social media is a great idea due to its wider acceptance. You will learn different ways that you can use YouTube and Facebook to drive traffic for your site.

Module 7: Free Targeted Traffic – This module is a detailed guideline on different ways you can use to get free traffic to your site. This constitutes backlinks and on page SEO techniques.

Module 8: Paid Traffic Overview – It is a one-page guideline on pay per click (PPC) advertising, Facebook advertising and banner ad bidding. It would be better if it contains deep guidelines.

Module 9: Outsourcing – It is also a one-page guideline on outsourcing. Crag mentioned Fiverr and Warrior forum you can use to automate your tasks.

Module 10: Scaling Up – You will learn how to scale this up by following different strategies that Craig guides.

Things I Like about Rapid Niche Profits:

Guides Basic Well

When I started to read this eBook then I found very detailed information about affiliate marketing concepts. Especially it guides very good information about selecting a niche and installing plugins in order to optimize your site. There is no spammy promotion and hype have found in the book.

Though all the information can be available online if you Google it and get tons of information but with this product it has compiled all the info in a very easy to use format that is completely user-friendly.


Things I Don’t Like about Rapid Niche Profits:

Lack Advanced Training

This product is very basic and it lacks completely advanced training. What they guide is a totally legit model but it cannot return you what they claim because you have to work very hard for reaching this level and this book lacks such training that can help you to move forward quickly.

Incomplete Training

I have found a lot of topics that are incomplete. They have only shown different types of paid traffic ways but not guide on how to implement this and track progress. Not only this, there are a lot of topics that you can find which is incomplete. I think if owners work little more on this product and show us (rather than tell) then it would be a better product.

Lack of Support

How many times you have seen a product that is without support? This is another example because in order to get the help you must buy upsell. This is very tedious and even with this support I think it will not fulfill your purpose because waiting for 24 hours is not the thing you are looking for. This is where community plays a great role.


#1 – 10 done for your blogs for $27 or down sell to $17 for 5 done for your blogs. They claim that it is all done for you but in reality there is no done for you things exist. If it does then me and others do not work so hard on our site and purchase that packages. These are all marketing tactics to sell their product and don’t fall to them.


#2 – SEO synergy, that what they have named second upsell and it will cost you additional $27 and as per their claim it can boost your site rankings.


#3 – This does not end here and there is one more upsell which cost you further $27 and it includes simple video marketing, 2-hour product creation, and effortless FB profits.


Is Rapid Niche Profits a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Rapid Niche Profits is not a scam but not a product to purchase on because it lacks very important concepts and it is impossible to build a successful online business after reading 57 pages eBook. In reality, it is a long journey and you need mentorship and guidance during this way.

If you really love online business then I am showing you a platform that will guide you all along the way including my support. Its name is Wealthy Affiliate and one of the largest and active community of like-minded people.

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