Quick Thoughts Survey App Review – Is it Real or a Scam?

Quick Thoughts Survey App Review – Is it Real or a Scam?

Welcome to my Quick Thoughts review!

Have you heard about this app which is named as Quick Thoughts? Here is the review for you. For the information, this app is both available on the iTunes as well as on the Android devices.

You can too use this app on your tablet devices or an iPad. At the time of writing this review, this app has been downloaded by 1000,000 times right from the Google Play Store.

Let’s look at the overview of this app;

Product Name: Quick Thoughts
Website Address: quickthoughtsapp.com
Product Type: Take Surveys and Earn Money
Price: Free to Join
Verdict: Legit

What is Quick Thoughts?

Now talking about the introduction of this Quick Thoughts app, here are the details for you. This app is a get paid to app; you can work on it online and then you will be paid.

This app has been designed so that mobile phone users, as well as tablet device users, can be given benefits. This is a great platform, and you can work on it. This app has been owned and too operated by Survey sampling LLC. It is an international company, and it gives and offers data solutions so that survey researchers can be carries out.

This app has received and won a large number of awards. It has made a big name in this market research industry.

This app can use on your iPhone or on Kindle Fire. Initially, it was an app, but now this company has made a website as well. While working on this app, you will be offered many rewards. You will get the codes of Amazon gifts, and you will too get the codes of iTune gifts.

When you complete out the surveys, then these gift codes will be given to you. You have to note down that when your account is reaching to the amount of 10 dollars, then you can withdraw this amount in the form of code. You can put down the request in the form of Amazon e-vouchers.

So the type and kinds of assignments which are given by this app, here are the details! This app offers you with mobile survey projects and tasks.

You will be given other opportunities too, like if you complete their shopping assignments, then you will get a reward. In these specific shopping assignments, you will be asked to take the pictures and photos of different products which are present on the store shelves.

In this category of shopping assignments, you can be completing their in-store polls assignments. You can be given a project to give feedback about your shopping experience.

This Quick Thoughts app will make you get connected with a large number of online survey sources. There is the highest and largest survey availability on this app.

Talking about their survey length, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete a single survey. On a single survey, you will get about 3 dollars.

So basically this app and website are about taking on surveys and also to complete out these location-based activities. It is a well-known platform, it has gained extensive credibility, and million number of users are connected with this platform.

How To Make Money With Quick Thoughts?

Some of the users and beginners want to know about the working system of this Quick Thoughts app so here is the all and complete information for you.

1). Create an Account

First, you have to download this app. Then you have to make an account on this app. You can make a free of cost account on this app. But you will not get rewarded when you will be signing up for this app.

2). Start Taking Surveys

Then you can check out and go through the number of surveys which are available on this app. It is up to you that which survey you want to pick! Normal time to complete a single survey is about 30 minutes.

Before you start any survey, then you have to give answers to few of the pre-qualifying questions, so that you may get qualified to do that survey.

Even if you get disqualified, then you will get 0.10 dollars. But you have to try your level best to give the best answers to these pre-qualifying questions so that you can be immediately get selected for that survey tasks.

If you participate in their location-based activities, then you will find the rewards. The other ways to get the rewards, if you will check in into a store, if you will take the pictures of their display center then you will get rewards.

If you are using this Quick Thoughts app from your Apple device, then you will only get rewards in the form of iTunes card. On the other hand, if you are using an Android device, then you will only be eligible to get the gift cards from the side of Amazon.

3). Earn Money

The best part of this app is that you will not be getting any points and this app does not work on the points system. You will only be getting gift cards using this Quick Thoughts app. It is just through paid surveys as well as shopping assignments that you can make your earnings.

Quick Thoughts Complaints: 

So which are those complaints which are faced and come across by this Quick Thoughts app, here is the complete detailing for you. This app has hardly received any of the complaints.

1). Limited Earning Potential

But it is major one drawback is that it offers a limited number of options to earn money. Like you can only make the earnings by filling out surveys and doing shopping assignments. This app should also offer other earning ways to its users.

2). App Technical Issues

The users of this app normally face technical issues. As this app has been working for a large number of years and it has gained a lot of experience, but still this app and its site face technical issues.

3). Only Paid Via Gift Cards

This app only pays you in the form of gift cards. This is the drawback of this app. Most of the users are being encouraged to get the cash payment, but this app does not offer this opportunity.

Moreover, you will not get any single reward when you are signing up for this app. Though their sign up process is free, but still, you will not get any benefit from joining and becoming the member of this app.

Good Things About the Company: 

Here we have listed down the good things about this Quick Thoughts app; you can check out these details from here.

1). Reliable Earning Source

The best feature and part of this app is that it gets you connected with many reliable survey sources. Their surveys are easy to be filled and solved.

There are no technical assignments and projects been part of this app. Simply become the member of this app, and you can work in it.

2). No Timing Restrictions

Another good thing about this app is that you can work on it at any time, As this is an app, and this company has also launched their site.

That is why by using their app, you can make and get the earnings even if you are traveling. These app features are easy to use. You do not have to go through any training process to work properly on this app and site.

As soon as you start completing surveys, you will get the experience and training on your own.

Is it Worth Your Time?

We have told you about the complete review of this Quick Thoughts app. Now the users have to decide that whether they want to work on it or not!

As on the per survey basis, you will be getting 3 dollars, so keep in mind this minimum amount, and if you are satisfied to get 3 dollars by filling out a single survey, then you can work on this app.

This app has a policy that they can disqualify you in the middle of the survey, but you will also get the little amount of incentive.

This Quick Thoughts app does not work on the referral programs. As this app has been in this online money making a world for many years, but it’s offered earning opportunities are less in number.

If you are only thinking from the experience perspective, then this is a great app for you. Work on it, get the experience and then you can work for the technical apps and sites.

Is Quick Thoughts A Legitimate or Scam?

So according to our review, this Quick Thoughts app is a legit app. It is quite safer to work over here. We know that the amount of cash flow which you will be getting is slow and less, but this app will give you an enormous range of experience.

You will get an ample number of surveys from here. This app has never and ever face a shortage of surveys. All of its activities are paid. Choose any of your desired activity and get the payment.

If your total earnings are less than 10 dollars, then you cannot withdraw this amount. Your total payout cash amount should be 10 dollars or more.

You can try out this platform because it is a reliable platform. As it is a legit platform and you will not see any fraud while completing its tasks and activities. If you start to use this app, then share your review with us. If any of your friendlies has previously worked for this app, then you can take his reviews as well.

Now, these online earning platforms have become quite common, and many apps and websites have been launched. But to pick a reliable app and site, it is a difficult task. If more reviews on this online earning app will come, we will share those reviews with the readers of this site.

Sign up for this app, at least get experience on it and get some points in your account. You should at least know that how these sites and app work. Stay tuned and more pros, and too cons sides of this app will be put up.

Are you ready to work on this app? As million number of users have joined this app, you should too be one of them because this app is at least giving them some earnings.

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