PVTraffic Scam Review – Another Traffic Monsoon?

Business Name: PV TrafficPVTraffic Scam Review – Another Traffic Monsoon?
Website Address: www.pvtraffic.com
Price: $10
Business Owner: Andy Zeng
Overall Rank: 34 out of 100 points

PVTraffic Scam Review – Introduction:

PV Traffic was launched on 29 July 2015 and its owner name is Andy Zeng. It is very similar to famous company Traffic Monsoon. PV Traffic is an advertising site that can provide traffic to your business along with revenue sharing service.

There are different type of ad packs available and each ad pack delivers you different return. As per admin claim, they will able to increase traffic to your website with thousands of real human visitors instantly.

PVTraffic is free to join for everyone and available to worldwide members. It accepts PayPal, Payza, Payeer and Perfect Money. You can withdraw minimum at $5 and as much as $5000 per day.

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How to Earn Money from PVTraffic?

Revenue Share – PV Traffic is primarily an advertising company but they do share profits with its members in order to expand this site to the worldwide. There is no fixed guaranteed daily earnings because it all depends on the sale of advertising packs.

Each ad pack cost is $10 and it will reward you 5000 banners & 5000 Text Ad Credits & 100 Cash links & 1 revenue sharing position. In order to earn daily profit share you must click 6 ads daily. Each share will generate $11.3 profit to your account.

Cash Link – It is very similar to PTC ads that you have to view for few seconds. Each ad view will reward you cent or fraction of a cent. You can see those ads in your dashboard. You will able to see 6 or more ads a day and also you can earn from your direct referrals.

Referral Commission – You will get 10% commission from any purchase of your direct referrals made. This is not limited to their first purchase but also includes any subsequent purchase as well. You will also earn 50% direct referrals click commission.

Things I Like about PV Traffic:

Some Earning Potential

Each ad pack of $10 earns you $11.3 and your net profit will be $1.3. This is good return on investment. This site is very similar to Traffic Monsoon which offers $50 for each ad pack and $55 return on investment on this ad pack.

If we compare both then PV Traffic offers higher return. If this site will sustain for long term in future then it can provide investors a great opportunity. But only the time will tell how long this business model will sustain.

Good Site Layout

I like the whole site layout which is attracting and very easy to use. Using different colors and structuring member’s area is really appreciable. Moreover, there is side bar for news updates which I think is another great way to inform the investors about daily news.

If you log in to the site and go to the member’s area then it is very simple and easy to use which I think is very rare to see.

Cheap Advertising Services

PV Traffic offers cheap advertising services in the form of pay to click services and banner advertising. It will bring instant traffic to your site and may increase your conversions. I am not a big fan of such traffic because it is difficult to convert as it is not targeted. One can use this and check whether it is working for him/her or not.


Things I Don’t Like about PV Traffic:

Problem with PayPal

They have been continuously working with PayPal in order to resolve issues and tempt them that they are complying with PayPal terms and conditions. This issue has been running from some time and it is not sure whether they can resolve this permanently. Because they have cleared on the site about resolving issue but after some time it again rose up.

Good thing is they are regularly updating with the members to stay informed about the issues. But they should try to resolve as quickly as possible.

Delay in Payments

There are some complaints on the internet about late withdrawal issues. It may be some technical fault or the program is not generating enough profits. It seems latter one is true because if there is no profits to the company then it withhold for certain time unless some new member deposit its investment. This is very similar to Ponzi business and it is just shuffling of investment from one member to another.

New Site Launched

Admin has launched new site that is similar to this one name as Lo Traffic. It is sister site of PV Traffic and I don’t understand the purpose of its launch. Because they are still facing lot of issues with old site and launching new one is definitely raising doubts on the admin.

It is better for them to stay focus on one site but they have some other intentions, which only the time will tell. It may raise doubts over admin.

Support Problem

Due to lot of issues, members often contact admin but support is miserable. It takes week to get your reply because system is new with so much problems. They should active their help desk in order to reply timely to members queries. Even some of the tickets never get replied.

Is PV Traffic a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

PV Traffic is a new site and it is very similar to Traffic Monsoon (TM). TM is going well and successfully completed its first year. But the truth is these sites are based on business model which is very unsustainable. TM is going well due to large joining of new members’ on a daily basis. But when it will not happen then the whole system will stuck.

PV Traffic is very new so it is very difficult to tell that this can grow like TM as I have witness many sites that are very new and grow well but other persons came in the market and launch the copy of same program but could not able to do well. Same risk is also applicable in this case and it is more likely that PV Traffic may find it difficult to continue further or close very quickly due to above issues that I have mentioned above.

If you still want to join PV Traffic then do remember that only invest such amount that you can afford to lose because it is more risky than TM.

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I hope you have liked my PV Traffic review and if you have any question about this then please let me know.