Profits25 Scam Review – Does it Profitable in Long Term?

Profits25 Scam Review – Does it Profitable in Long Term?

Business Name: Profits 25
Website Address:
Price: €25
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

Profits 25 Scam Review – Introduction:

Profits 25 was launched recently and there is no detail on the site owner’s. If you look at site registration detail from ICANN then this research reveal that this site is operated from France. Its name is taken from the fact that you can purchase each coupon after paying €25. Last few months this site has gained very popularity in online world.

Profits 25 is an advertising company and you can get traffic for your site using this site. Other than this you can also earn revenue share from this site.

How to Earn Money from Profits 25?

Revenue Sharing – After joining this site you need to purchase coupons, which cost €25 each and you must purchase at least 2 coupons to get started. It means in order to start this site you must have €50. You can buy as much as 600 coupons, which costs you €15000.

Each Friday you earn commission on your coupons and when it reaches to 35 then it will no earn more and taken out of the system. This means you get €10 profit for each coupon you purchase of €25.

In order to earn weekly commission you must click on their advertiser’s site, and number of clicks depends on how much coupons you own;

  • Up to 30 coupons: 10 clicks per week
  • From 31 to 100 coupons: 20 clicks per week
  • Greater than 100 coupons: 30 clicks per week

These website banners can be find on resource site which you will receive after registration with Profits 25. When you click advertiser’s site then this can earn money for the company and then the company share this revenue who own the coupons. The more coupons you have, more you will earn from revenue share.

You may be thinking what product you will get for paying coupons fee? Well, as Profits 25 is and online advertising agency they give you resource site where you can add your own links or site that you want to promote. Benefits of this promotion is that you can increase your website traffic as it is visible to all other members and other people who access the page and if any one like your product, service, affiliate link then other person will buy product, service or join under your affiliate link that you are promoting.

Sponsoring Commission – Referring other is not compulsory but if you do refer then this can increase your earnings very fast. Profits 25 allow you to refer unlimited number of direct referrals and you can earn up to 4 levels of commission.

  • Level 1 (direct referrals) : 10%
  • Level 2 (referrals’ referrals) : 5%
  • Level 3 : 3%
  • Level 4 : 2%

This commission is not from their first purchase bit also from any subsequent purchase your referrals make.

Upon registration you will get a personal website from the site and you can promote its link to friends, family and other people.

Things I like About Profits 25

Well, there is not much to talk about because I have seen lot of other similar programs that closed down in the past. All I can say this you can earn some money if you invest and site remains open till your payment. But I can’t take risk like that and hope you can also…..

Things I Don’t like About Profits 25

There are many thinks that I will discuss one by one;

Lack of Information

When you land on the site home page then there is no detail information available about the company and product. There should be an about us page that show everyone who own this site but there is nothing. Hiding information about themselves and asking others to invest heavily is really a conflict no sensible person would like to invest such a site.

When you click on Module then it shows two options and if you click on first “The Revenue Share Module” then you can find very summarized information. You can find this system works in this way but there is no detail on how.

There is no other information about how advertising works and whether members have to rely on admin or some other verification procedures. Because you are paying for advertising and if this is not up to mark then the whole product becomes useless.

Sustainability Issue

If we leave other issue then the main thing is whether this system is sustainable or not? These types of businesses are totally depended on new members and whatever they purchase, admin share this to old members. As there is no genuine product a time will come when such sites stop receiving new members.

If you have just invest before above issue going to happen then you will lose all your hard earned money. If you just recover your investment luckily, then how much time you have wasted with earning no return. Time is money so use it with care.

Product Issue

Profits 25 main product is advertising and after purchasing advertising coupons you are allowed to put a banner in “Members offers” section of your resource site. This will help your site to become visible to all other members. Let’s think for a second that other members who have joined a site for what purpose. Definitely to earn money. So my next question is;

Will they purchase product or services from you site?

No. (Most probably). Even if they buy still their conversion rate will be very low because I have witnessed many platforms and couldn’t able to sell or get anything.

Next thing is why we join this site to get traffic because there are other better platforms available and you will get targeted visitors for your site that can convert very well.

Other Features of Profit 25:

Restricted Countries – There is a large list of countries that are not eligible to join and some limits for other countries that you can see in the FAQ list.

Payment Processors – You can use Prepaid MasterCard provided by this site or you can use online payment processor like Perfect Money. You can withdraw request when you have minimum 20 euros. You can request MasterCard and they deduct €15 from your account and it has an annual fee of €13.5.

Deposit fee – Yes there is fee associated with each type of payment method and you can see while purchasing any coupons.

Daily Earnings – Daily earnings is not guaranteed and it depends on the total sales that company made to its members.

Is Profits 25 a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Profits 25 is not a product to work on because its product is not worthy, it is unsustainable as I have seen lot of similar programs that have closed recently. If you are investing in this site then you are taking a huge amount of risk and you can waste your money and time easily.

It is always advisable to join platform that has a legitimate business and offers you great product that can provide you long term benefits.

What’s Next?

Profit 25 site is using revenue sharing model which is totally dependent of new members. If they come then they will share you a certain percentage of revenue. You profit is totally dependent on the company’s profit. A point come when all this close and company will take away all the money of the members.

If you are looking for online income then leave all other methods and check the method I am showing you. Its name is affiliate marketing and it is my favorite model. This is the business in which you have control and you can transfer this business to other. Using this model you can generate full time income.

You may be thinking how can I start this model? Well no need to worry, you can see my #1 recommended business that is a platform that guides you all about this and you can easily build your business by joining this platform.

I want to make one thing very clear that this model requires your hard work and commitment and once it is established then it can rewards you for years to come. It is not possible that you cannot work hard and rely on some revenue sharing type platforms to return you money. They will but after some time you will be on the same place when you were started your business.

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