Profit Trigger Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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Free to Join + $2500 After First Year
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Roman Hill
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20 out of 100 points

Profit Trigger Scam Review – Introduction:

If you have been looking for making money online in the forex market, and someone motivates you about Profit Trigger software, then this is the right review for you. I will disclose every aspect of Profit Trigger and whether it is a scam or legitimate opportunity.

I know this market is notorious for scammers, and you have tired of hearing so much quick rich claims. I also know that most of you have wasted a lot of money in the past. But before going further one thing always keep in mind, there is no shortcut available to reach your high dreams.

I have been part of many scams in the past and wasted my thousands of dollars, and then I found a legit opportunity that is what making money for me. I put lot of efforts into my business and then I could manage to earn decent income per month.

If you are not well aware of Forex industry then consider these stats that could amazed you big time. The industry is huge and as per recent reports issued by Banks and other financial institutions, the daily trading capacity of this market is 5.3 trillion dollars (on average).

Despite its vastness, most of the money goes in the hands of Banks, Financial Analysts, Brokers, Financial institutions and a very small amount of money goes in the hands of ordinary people.

As Profit Trigger also claims that it could earn you daily thousands of dollars without doing much of the effort, so I decided to unveil this truth in front of my audience….

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What is Profit Trigger?

Profit Trigger is a binary option software that is designed for people who want to make money in Forex market. Roman Hill is the person behind this software and after creating account with this software then you need to make a deposit of at least $200. This will activate the software fully. So once you activate your software license with a deposit, you start earning straight away! (that”s the claim)

This is not the first software that is in the market, you could check my other reviews of 300 millionaire, Online Wealth Markets, and MoneyBot.

As per Roman, he has developed a program that can only incorporate 50 people and already have 17 individuals and can afford only 33 more people to be part of this system.

They have been using this system for more than six months, and it has rewarded huge profits. Each person that is using the software will get a share percentage of 0.0000000001%. As per him, this could earn you on average $1060 daily within 2 to 3 weeks.

The software is designed in such a way that it can cut such percentages from people who are making millions of dollars daily. If a person is earning such a large sum then slicing small amount from these people could rarely be noticed. (Very unfair)

The software is offered free initially for 12 months and after the first year, it will cost you $2500. I think the price seems to be high after one year but if it could reward you more than this then it will not be any problem anymore.


Things I Didn’t Like:

1). I have serious concerns about the way the system is designed. As this tool is new, so more information will likely to come in the future. But till date how it slices amount from big fishes is a big question. How could this be done? Whether it could be justifiable or ethical?

2). People are motivated to join this system as early as possible as there are limited number of seats available. In 2016-05-18_21-15-22reality, there is no such thing, and it is just for newcomers to enroll as early as possible. I don’t know, if they are real, why they are creating this sense of urgency.

3). No system in the world could make you rich in a short period. If you heard otherwise claims then simply ignore them. Believe me; it takes time to earn a consistent income online, and this slowly start increasing. When you land on the sales page, you will listen that as soon as you start this software you will earn $500 on the first day, and this will increase with the passage of time.

4). If you look at the trade history on the sales page, then you see more than 90% trades are in a favorable state. I think these results are too good to be true. No software in the world can give such results (my challenge). If this could happen then, everyone can buy such software at home and becomes a millionaire in a short period.


In short, Profit Trigger is a new program that will answer questions that are raising by different people. I will never go for such program that is based on false promises and using ways that look unethical.

If you tired of scams, then leave all other programs and see my #1 recommendation. There is no unethical claims and deceptive marketing practices. It has been here for more than ten years.

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I hope this is a good review for everyone who is looking for this opportunity. I am looking for your response and if you have used this product then please share your experience with us.

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