Profit Maximizer System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Profit Maximizer System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Profit Maximizer System Scam Review;

Business Name: Profit Maximizer« MCA Motor Club of America Review – Scam or Legit? Profit Maximizer System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $250
Business Owner: James Forley
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100 points

Profit Maximizer Scam Review – Introduction:

Profit Maximizer is a binary trading system launched by James Forley. Buying and selling currencies with an aim of making a profit is called binary trading. Binary trading has developed a very big market and there are a lot of players’ involved in it and are making profits.

Though selling and buying currencies is a very legit business model but they do involve a huge risk. Remember it also offers great return and you should try to create a balance between risk and returns.

You can minimize those risks by doing a lot of research. Without research, you are letting yourself at a very high risk. Why is research important? Because it gives you the information about the right time to purchase or sell currency and commodities.

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Everyone don’t know which type of information do they need to make a profit. Some people just enter the market to earn money, but they don’t have technical knowledge. No problem, you can join different binary trading platform that just gives you advice. All you need to act on their advice and buy or sell accordingly. Such trading platforms have a high fee so everyone could not afford it.

Profit Maximizer works on the same premise and guides their member’s to take a specific action to earn money. It not only allows you to trade binary options but show you signals what to do next in order to earn money.

When you land on the sales page then you find that they are providing their service for free but in reality this is not the case. Why? Once you logged in the system then you must deposit $250 in the account to get started your trade.

Things I Like about Profit Maximizer:

Well, there are not many but if you look at the site then it looks like a very professional site that really appeal the audience to really look at. Nowadays creating a professional looking site is easy and doesn’t cost much.

One more, support is instant as once you are in the member’s area then you can easily ask for help by using their live chat feature.


Things I Don’t Like about Profit Maximizer:

Lot of Hype

If you land on the sales page then it is full of hype. Let’s look at the header and you cannot sit long after looking you are a step closer to earning over $1500 per day with just a couple of clicks. Well, don’t believe such type of false claims. If earning money is such easy then why more than 95% people lose money online.

2015-12-07_22-55-41Now move into video, it is very well made but it is even more exaggerated than the page. Would you believe that you are just a couple of clicks away for earning $30000 per day? A logical person would definitely assume this a scam but still there are few people who get trapped by such shiny lines.


If those people join legitimate business opportunity then they come to know that it is not easy to earn online money. It takes a lot of hard work and persistent effort.

Deceptive Marketing Tactics

On sales page, there are some false tactics that have been used by management like;

  • How many free copies of this product are available?
  • How many people are watching this video?
  • People who have just made money.
  • How much can you make per day using this system?

If you just refresh the page then you would see that how much change between the numbers. When I looked at copies available number then it was 26, as soon as I hit the refresh button then it reached 42. How’s this be possible? I have also played with the numbers then I found this just a code game rather than a real thing.

Not only this there is warning about your membership will expire in few minutes if you could not take the requires steps but believe me it resets when the timer reached at zero.


Risky Venture

People who motivate you about binary trading definitely told you about how much money you can make but never tells you that you can also lose this money at a light speed. There is no question about the profitability of this model, but no fool proof system has developed that guarantees to your success.

The signal from top brokers are just stats and even they are not guaranteed because the market is so volatile that it can change anytime. It is guaranteed that you lose more trades than you gain unless you are really an expert and has tons of experience.

It is still true that there are a lot of regulated brokers out there that give you great signals to make your trade profitable, but they do offer at a very high cost and they are very few.

Is Profit Maximizer a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, by considering all those above facts this can’t be called a legit business opportunity. I am not complaining about binary options but any system promoting this model should guide the visitor’s true picture which Profit Maximizer is not.

Seeing false claims and hype promotional material, ordinary people generally fall into such sites and at the end losing all their hard earned money. There are a lot of scam sites that are using binary option and scamming people by offering this a quick rich scheme.

There is no quick rich scheme in the world but if you work hard and move on step by step then you will definitely have a very good business in the future. Don’t be involved in such type of scam products.

My last words “Don’t bet in a coin flip”.

What Next?

If you are looking for the real online opportunity then see my #1 recommendation. Please remember it is not a quick rich scheme rather it requires a lot of effort from you. But when you did this then you will have a very good business in your hand.

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