Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review – Scam or Legit?

After seeing and reviewing his first product, the millionaire society, I was intrigued by the profit bank product he later made, and I’m going to show you how Mack Michaels, the owner, tries to get you to buy into his over hyped product.

I’ve been following this product, and his “one click money is sucking” systems that have pretty much turned out to be outright scams, one after the other, with the same tricks and gimmicks.

In my profit bank review, I’ll be showing you what big of a cheat the owner of this program really is. And if you are really determined to make money online, and want to do it full time, the proper way, I’ll give you a good way to get you started with all the honesty and convenience that you’ll be needing, at the end of the post.

Okay, let’s get right into it…

Business Name: Profit BankProfit Bank by Millionaire Society Review
Website Address:
Owner: Mack Michaels
Price: $24 a month + more upsells
Rankings: 60 out of 100

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review – Introduction:

Don’t you just hate over hyped products? I have been in the online marketing space for quite awhile now, and the many scams I’ve had to deal with are just countless. You will get them on your emails, on your messages section on Facebook from a friend whom you just accepted their invite, some will even spam your inbox and all your posts. Have you experienced anything like this? I’m sure you have.

Well, if you have ever wondered what really happens on such occasions, I’m going to bring it out clear and easy for you to understand.

You see, whenever an online money making system is launched, there are those people who are hired specifically to spam your email and social media accounts in the name of promoting it. They will send you a friend request or buy your email address from malicious people who have it, through a subscription or something of the sort, to get to you.

And once they’ve connected with you, the next thing you are going to see is daily messages telling you how much you are missing out on a great opportunity to create your fortune. You are going to be told that millions of other people are doing it, in fact, that very day you received that email, they cashed more than $300,000 to other members for just clicking a single “hot selling” button, and the commissions came pouring on them.

Some will even buy video testimonials on Fiverr, a platform that sells most of the online resources you need for your business like articles and videos. They will have a person personify themselves and talk about their experience with a program they actually hear for the first time. And if you are attentive enough to detect their lies, you may actually believe that they are really doing it.

I have seen a number of times, one person from Fiverr, who is great at doing videos, promote two different products, that are totally unrelated, and claim that before joining the program, he was scammed online (yet he’s the scam artist here) but that particular program brought him the online success he was looking for.

And he will go ahead to tell you how easy it’s been for him to create the massive success he has got now and even show you fake screenshots of his payments. And if you don’t step back after watching the video to think, evaluate his words and then do some background check on the actual program, I’m telling you that you can buy into the hype immediately, they are so accurate with this.

But what do you do to avoid them?

As you have seen that the scammers make it appear as though they were part of the good guys, you are going to want to keep your eyes peeled for them. And you do this by avoiding to dish out your email addresses to anyone who asks for them unless when it is extremely essential. Avoid leaving it exposed on your social channels.

This will keep a huge deal of them at bay. Now to tackle those that spam your messages and posts or even tell you in person. For these, you should see to it that before you take action on the program being promoted you, you should go online and get reviews of that program. Every program that is launched is known to a few bloggers before the actual launch. And you will find them having written a review of it to show you the true side of it. Leverage this!

And to give you an illustration of this, let me walk you through the whole Profit bank system and show you the real side of it.

Tired of Scams?

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What is Profit Bank?

This is another scam program that is allegedly meant to help you make tons of money, over $1,000 a day after you have purchased the one click button software that works like magic. I’d like to think that the only magic you are going to see here is you getting scammed.

The company claims to help you set up three money making sites that have been fully optimized for earnings. All you have to do is fill in your details and then hit “the button” to start generating revenue.

The owner of the program? The one and only Mack Michaels, if you have had several experiences with scams, then this name shouldn’t be any strange to you. Mack has run a few scam sites with the same strategy and products as the one in this program. Millionaire Society is one of them.

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Mack has learned from the scammers who have scammed him in the past the art of actually doing it. And he’s now ‘returning the favor’ with all the products he’s launching. Some of his products are genuine and do work, but they all have a catch in there, somewhere. So if you happen to bump on any of his programs, seek to know the catch first, there’s always one.

How Does it Work?

Well, his strategy here is to get you his rehashed products given to you and have you wait to make sales, which most often doesn’t happen. What he typically does is give you three websites, a make money from home site (Profit Bank), a health and wellness site (In Shape Review) and a software site ( Review My Software) that only contains one page each, and you can’t add any more.

And the funny thing about them is that they are all the same across all the members of the program. I mean everything, the domain name, content, subject of the content, the logo, literally everything you see on a website.

These are called duplicate or replicate sites, and they are extremely despised by Google. In fact, there was an algorithm update that was made a while back to punish these sites. They are not going to get indexed, talk less of ranked.

If you not well versed with online world terminologies, when I say that a site won’t get indexed, I mean it won’t be taken up by Google’s machines that help bring exposure to it, for researchers to see it. If it’s not ranked, it means you can see it in Google, but it’s not placed on any positions within the different search terms and phrases it may be targeting.

Now if these sites won’t get indexed, how are they going to make sales? There’s the catch. And he claims you can make $1000 a day! How are you going to get these sites?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Know how the system works
  2. Get your Clickbank ID
  3. Get your Aweber account
  4. Download your Aweber templates
  5. Start “making money”!

When you pay, and have already set up these accounts, you are going to be taken to a page where you will find the slots to fill in your Clickbank affiliate ID, Aweber ID for the 3 websites and then hit the “update” button (I think this is the “hot” button) to get them configured.

From there, I think you should just ‘sleep through the income’ since there’s nothing more for you to do there. You can’t write posts, edit your websites, get engagement for them, nothing! The are all static pages which to be very honest with you, aren’t going to get you anywhere. They will be live on the internet, but no one will ever know them unless of course if you mentioned them to someone.

Who is it For?

This program is people is not good for anyone, not even the owners (creator and editor) themselves. But if you want to get a scam program that will rip you off with endless upsells and low valued systems that will have you wait for years without a single visitor coming into your site, then you are welcome to join.

While I always campaign for putting in the effort on your website to make money online with it, I think here I’m going to say quite the contrary. And to be specific, this program is best for those who want:

• Get Rich Quick Schemes – if you are looking for a program that will CHEAT you into joining it to start making $30,000 a month doing nothing, then this is for you.

• One click income generating software – If you want a system that promises mind-blowing commissions by just clicking one hot button that’s going to do everything for you, then this is your best fit.

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To be very honest, investing into this opportunity is like to taking your money and offering it up to the scams will full knowledge of it, which you shouldn’t regret even after you realize you are scammed, and which is pretty much what will happen.

What is Included in the Program?

Well, there’s more to it. You are also going to get a few resources that come with the package, but the thing is, they are all locked. And you get to unlock each one of them with $37 extra. On top of the monthly payment, $24, you get to pay for each package, and there are six packages in total. If you do your math correctly, you are going to find that it comes to a little over $300, which is a huge price to pay for such a hyped up system.

And these resources you will be paying for include:

• How to get 100k Visitors in 1 Hour

This one has appeared in many of his other scam programs. He typically claims to teach you how to get 100k visitors to your site from various sources like YouTube and social. The problem with this strategy is that it will bring in low-quality traffic that doesn’t convert at all. This means that you only get the visitors just for the sake of it, not for financial benefits as they won’t take any action.

2. How to make money on Clickbank

This resource teaches you how to make money promoting affiliate products on Clickbank. They show you how to get the best products for your clients and how to help through everything. This resource is great, and it does work if the strategies and tactics are well executed.

3. Pinterest Profits

The Alexa graph for the growth of Pinterest has shown a tremendous amount of improvement in its visitors and activities. So it makes it a great place to start doing your product campaigns. And you get taught how to use everything that Pinterest gives you to make sure you get frequent sales. Although I doubt how this can apply to the sites you are given here.

4. Domain Flipping

This shows you how to use PLR (Private Label Rights) products and how to make money with them, as they are doing it with you. Here you get to learn how to buy domains that have already been sold to others and get to tweak them just a bit and then sell them at a higher price, making profits.

5. How to Build a Respected Website in 1 Day

You are also going to learn how to make a website, not a genuine website that you would expect, rather, it’s just the same kind of the three websites you are given here, remember them? That’s the same process. It’s good that you know that building an authoritative site takes quite some time, it can’t be all done in one day, you have to give it time to be loved by Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get good rankings always to gain authority.

6. How to Reverse Engineer Competition

This book will teach you how to take influence from your competitors, analyze all the strategies they use to create great websites and then use the same techniques to come up with something similar to theirs. In simple terms, it is duplicating a site, which can be dangerous if you happen to duplicate everything therein and get noticed.

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Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The site has great resources added to the program which can bring success if put into practice in a website that is authentic and genuine.

The Cons

• The program has been greatly overpriced. There is nothing much that has been put into it apart from the duplicate sites and fake, misleading traffic.

• You get to pay $37 for any resource that you unlock in the six extra resources added to the program. And this will hike your investment from a simple $24 to something above $300, which is a huge cost to pay for such few resources.

• You are working with duplicate sites, which are of poor quality. Google hates these sites and won’t even bother going into their code to reward them with rankings. People, real visitors that you are targeting, also hate them. They know them just at a glance by all the repetitive information across many sites that are completely similar to each other. Don’t you hate them also?

• There is no “one click solution” that has ever been found to pay people online. Mack is just getting you excited to have to pay him, but the end of it all is you suffering.

• You may see the 60 money back guarantee on the website but don’t trust it. It doesn’t work, and when you pay for the membership, it’s going to very hard to get it back. (Many people have tried that)

• You are told that you are going to make 1,000,s of dollars every week and your site can’t even get a decent amount of traffic because of its quality.

• You shouldn’t trust the owner of the program, he has been caught up in many other similar scammy programs, and this is no exception. You are about to be scammed by it too.

• The way they bring out their training can lead you to believe that you are working something brilliant, but if you are sensitive, after you’re done you will see that not what you expected was delivered.

• They don’t have a reliable support system. Their Facebook page has remained untapped for years. I don’t even know when Mack himself was there.

Final Verdict:

I think this is very clear. This product is by no means a genuine one. Look at the information, the websites, most of the strategies, all misleading. The owner himself has gotten quite a bad reputation within the industry, and this obviously means that he is someone you don’t want to get acquainted with since you will be preparing for your own funeral.

All his other programs have failed terribly, and I can prophesy the same for this. The money back guarantees you are led to believe is there won’t have any effect once you realized that you had been scammed.

To me, this is not something I would pay $300 for. I mean there are other great affiliate marketing programs going for just less than $30 a month and their services greatly supersede the ones offered by this program. You should evaluate your needs well, and you are going to see that Profit Bank won’t satisfy any of them. It’s only going to add to the troubles you already got. So be wary.

Is this product a scam? By all means!

Name: Profit Bank
Owner: Mack Michaels
Price: $24 a month + more upsells
Rankings: 60 out of 100
Final verdict – Scam!

Have you happened to try out any of Mack Michael’s previous programs? What about this particular one? What was the experience like for you? Would you have your most beloved friend get into it? We would love to have your feedback on these. Please leave them down here, and we will be more than grateful for them.

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