Pretty Link Pro Review – Good Plugin to Increase Conversion

Business Name: Pretty Link Pro
Website Address:
Price: $37 or $97
Plugin Owner: Caseproof, LLC.
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 points

Pretty Link Pro Review – Introduction:

You have often seen links that look too ugly because they are very long and includes such words that do not give any meaningful relationship. In simple terms, they are not user-friendly. This necessitates the use of a plugin that helps us to get rid of such ugly looking URLs. For this purpose, i recommend Pretty Link Pro that not only helps us to make links user-friendly but also will enable you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your links.

This plugin is specially designed for WordPress sites. It is also available in a free version called Pretty Link Lite which offers limited functions but if you are a serious blogger and are looking to manage your sites in a well-defined manner then its pro version would be a great option for you.

Things I Liked:

Makes Link Prettier

As the name suggests, it makes link prettier. Well, you have often seen links that are very long and contains special characters that look very awkward. Especially when you are using affiliate links, then most people are very concerned about those affiliate links and sometimes they don’t buy.

Let’s look at the below example and choose the best link;


Of course, the second one is much user-friendly. Once you make links user-friendly then, believe me, it does affect the sales. Let’s suppose it only increases sales 1% to 3% then still I feel it really worth it. You are just paying a one-time nominal fee and the benefits are numerous that will occur for years to come. These small things can eventually have a big effect on your site and you start seeing results.

Plugin is Very User-Friendly

The whole process of creating a pretty link and performing other tasks are very simple and even a person who hasn’t used this plugin can easily use this without any confusion. Just paste your ugly looking affiliate link in the URL place and add an idea about what you want to be the URL should contain.

That’s it and you have a very user-friendly URL that you can promote and this pretty link will redirect traffic to your old URL. PLP offers multiple redirections that you can use based on your need.

Affiliate Marketers Friend

As I said earlier, it can pretty your long, ugly, and weird looking affiliate links but at the same time, it also improves the ranking of your site. You may be thinking how this is possible? As an affiliate marketer, you should know that Google hates too many affiliate links all over the site.

PLP offers a great solution for affiliate marketers by allowing them to add “no follow” attribute to the affiliate links. So when Google bot comes to your site then it will not follow your affiliate link and you are safe.

Tracking and Analyzing

This is another great feature to look that helps you to track and analyze each of your links. This helps you to identify which link is getting clicks and which one is not and how many times get clicked by someone in a certain period of time.

If you are able to interpret this data then you can easily improve your conversions. These are all small things but my friend they do help.

Keyword Replacement

This feature will enable you to replace specific words or links on your site with pretty links. Simply go to Pretty Link edit page and specify the specific keywords and URLs from your site that you want to change and the words and links that you want to show.

Great Training

This tool comes up with nice training that guides each and every function in detail. Even this training is accessible in the free version. Total training comprises of six videos that includes;

  • Getting Started with Pretty Link on your WordPress site
  • How to setup Pretty Link Redirects
  • How to use Pretty Link Groups to Organizing Your Links
  • Advanced Link Options
  • Tracking Hits On Your Pretty Links
  • Pretty Link Global Options

When you purchase this product then you will be provided an extensive User Manual that walks you through the more advanced and complicated features.

Things I Don’t Liked:

Honestly, it is an excellent plugin developed by the creators and offers a lot of benefits to the users and I could not able to find a real shortcoming in this product. Maybe as a starter, you find its price on a bit higher side especially if you are looking for developer edition. But the real benefits comes from this version also because it allows you to use it on multiple sites.


There are three types of option available;

Free version

As the name suggest it is free and offers the only limited feature of making your link prettier.

Blogger Version – $37

Its cost is $37 one time but it is limited to only one website, one-year premium support.

Developer Edition – $97

This version allows you to use this plugin on multiple sites and even on your client sites. Both options allow lifetime automatic updates.

 My Final Word:

In short, if you want to improve conversions and get a good idea which link is performing and which one is not then Pretty Link Pro is the best solution for you. This plugin will make your life easier and by doing those small things you can increase your sales. It is just a one-time investment and returns you in future over and over again.

If you are a very beginner and looking for earning money online by creating your own website then my sincere advice is to join my #1 recommendation. Once you learn all those tips and tricks then you can further improve your site with the passage of time. I have also been part of this site nearly one year and are building my sites that start rewarding good income to me.

I hope you have liked my review and if you have any questions then please ask in the comment section below.