Power Lead System Review 2021 – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Power Lead System Review 2021 – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My detail Power Lead System (PLS) Scam Review is as follows;

Business Name: Power Lead SystemPower Lead System (PLS) Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: No Main Site
Price: 7 days free Trial, $30/Month
Business Owner: Jeff Mills
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100 points

Power Lead System (PLS) Scam Review – Introduction:

Power Lead System also known as PLS and it is created by an online internet marketer Jeff Mills. PLS is a marketing platform that provides various marketing tools to help you in online marketing. You may create custom sales funnel and capture your prospects email addresses. Moreover, there are training on how to create sales funnel and generate traffic to your site.

This product initially offers 7 days free trial and after this you will have to pay $30 per month. You can promote this product to others and also earn an affiliate commission.

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What is Included in Power Lead System?


Capture Leads – This is the place where you can create capture pages for your sales funnel. It is very easy and takes around your 4 to 5 minutes. Just click on the “companies you promote” and then choose from the list, the company you are promoting. This list includes almost all the internet marketing companies out there. If you don’t see your promoted company then you can easily add in the list. After selecting your company name then add your affiliate link and click on save button.

After doing above, come to create a lead capture page and select custom template and then opt-in form. Now you are looking into a list of templates and you can choose a one to create a lead capture page. You can edit this page and add any domain name of your own.

Your next step is to choose an auto responder for your campaign that capture your lead email addresses. Once you done all this then you have successfully created a sales funnel.

Email/Voice/Text – This is the formats that you can use and respond to all of the contacts you have received. You can use email, voice, automated marketing messages, virtual postcards, e-cards and text me.

Websites – This is the place where you can manage your websites. It is developed in such a way that you can share your web page with all your team. All you need is to give them a share code and your team can access to all of your pages as you do.

Promote your Business – This module includes strategies to get traffic to your site. Most of them are free. Strategies divided into traffic generation online, traffic generation offline, displays social media sites.

Power Lead System Compensation Plans:

The Power Lead System offers 100% commissions on every other person you recruit.2015-09-28_20-39-31

In order to explain this, let’s look at the following example;

  • 2nd Sale: You earn $20 Commission
  • 4th Sale: You earn $20 Commission
  • 6th Sale: You earn $20 Commission
  • 8th Sale: You earn $20 Commission

And so on… Thus, you earn 100% commission for every other referral you bring to the Power Lead System.

Remember for 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th  sale and so on…. your sponsor will earn $20 commission.

Things I Like about Power Lead System:

Free Trial

Yes, Power Lead System offers a free trial to everyone. Although it is for 7 days but it is good for everyone to familiarize with the system and only buy the product once he/she likes it. I have seen a lot of internet marketing products, but very few among them offers free trial period.

Very Easy to Create Sales Funnel

As I mentioned earlier, it only takes a few minutes to create capture page. There are a lot of templates available and all other things that you need in order to customize this are available. This is very much readymade solution for everyone who want to grow their business in quick time.


The best part of the system is that it provides you training on different aspect of the system. If you stuck somewhere then simply watch training and move forward. I think this is essential for beginners who don’t know most of such things. Training is not just related to tools but also how to get traffic and promote your business.

Things I Don’t Like about Power Lead System:

Credit Card Details

Above I mentioned that it offers free trial period but it do requires your credit card information. This is not good for those who don’t want to become premium. This is actually a clever strategy from admin that if you forget to cancel your subscription within trial period then you will be charged $30. They should have separated the two accounts free and premium.

A Costly Product

In order to access most of the system, you need to pay $30 per month which I think is high for such type of training and tools. Another very strange aspect is that in order to earn commission from its affiliate program you must pay $24 per month. Very rare to see such type of bad marketing tactics in internet marketing programs.

What does this mean? It simply means that the program training and tools worth is $6 and $24 is just for its promotion.


Free Ad Secrets – It will cost you $147 onetime fee and can earn you 100% commission. This product is all about building your team massively.

Social Profit Academy – It will cost you $497 onetime fee and you will earn $400 commission from this product. It is all about using Facebook ads and promoting anything inside your news feed.

Focus More of Selling Itself

Power Lead System entire focus is to the promotion of itself and distribution of affiliate commission to people who promote this rather than the product itself. Offering high affiliate commission is not very exciting if the product is not up to the mark or very costly. That’s why I focus more on the product rather than other things.

The whole structure is very similar to MLM program and your entire earning is depending on recruitment. Every person you can get to walk through the system you will earn $20.

Is Power Lead System a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, considering its pros and cons I think that this system has lot of flaws and if you are joining this System join it for the right reasons. Joining a program that has an entire focus on its recruitment is not worth investment because you think they have a recruitment system in place that pay you high affiliate commission and will bring people through the doors so you can make your referral commissions is not a right way to consider. Keep in mind the market is totally flooded with programs doing the same thing like the Empower Network, Pure Leverage, Ipas2, My Lead Systems Pro just to name a few of the leaders.

What Next?

Joining a system with incomplete things for your business may not help a lot during your way to online business. So, in order to do this perfectly I only recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate that is a complete package for everyone.

All you need is to follow training and implement their training in a niche in which you have interest. This can lead to convert your hobbies into online business.

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