Pips Wizard Pro Review – A Genuine Trading Indicator or Scam?

Want to get some insider’s perspective on the new forex trading system, pips wizard pro? Want to know if it is the fit you have been searching for all this long? Then you have just come to the right place.

I had so many people talking about it and how mysterious it appears, especially when it comes to the claims it makes.

And since am always on the lookout for these new programs and always wanting to reveal the whole truth about them to the people who want to get into them before actually joining them, I had to dig deep into it and see what it actually gives.

Most of the crucial stuff about it that you may be burning inside to want to know, and see if really favors you, are all here in this pips wizard pro review. So if you really want to understand it, I would ask you just to set aside a few minutes and get to have a whole read of this.

So, time get into action…

Product Name: Pips Wizard ProPips Wizard Pro Review
Website Address: pipswizardpro.net
Owner: Karl Dittman
Price: $87
Rankings: Legit

Pips Wizard Pro Review – Introduction:

Forex trading has started gaining so much popularity in the last few years on the web. Not that it hasn’t existed before. It had, the thing is, it wasn’t as much trusted and effective as it now appears. Recent studies show that after every 3 months there are at least 2 systems that are related to one way or the other to forex trading that are launched.

And I think that explains the growing popularity of these programs. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. You see, if you start seeing any money making industry start getting many programs being launched, the chances are that the huge amount of scam artists out there have seen a loophole in it and are now rushing to take advantage of it before it is discovered.

And you will find countless new systems on it promising you what you would wish to get to have it work great for you in that particular system.

So, since you want to make money online easy and quick, you will take this program like your life-saving system that had been sent from heaven to come to your rescue. So you won’t even think twice about it, but just pull out your credit card and invest into it.

But months later, you come to realize that nothing is really working for you. In fact, since you got the program, things got a bit or probably extremely worse for you than the previously were. And if you take a further step and get to see if the program does work for other people, you discover that it doesn’t work at all and it is, in fact, a heartless scam.

You then come to see the many reviews about it that show how it is set to rip people off, and you even get real proofs of the recent scammy activities it has had. And that’s when you grind your teeth in regret wondering why you didn’t do proper research on it before you dished your money out.

And if you think through this, could it be that this program is set to work with the same sham strategies? Could it be among the many scams that are coming up to make the most of the loopholes in this forex trading industry? Only one way can we get to know this, and this is by jumping into its rolling wheels and see how it actually works.

So let’s do just that!

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What is Pips Wizard Pro?

This is a software that helps you get real time signals of the forex market that will help you save time and effort you spend trying to get the best deals you can make predictions on.

It gives you the signals of either the right time to buy or sell you currency without having to spend hours waiting for that perfect time. It works on virtually any category where you need these great and accurate signals to make great gains.

And the categories am saying you can use this system on including all bonds, stocks, commodities like gold, oil, silver and natural gas, and all currencies. Something striking about it is that it claims to give you completely accurate results that give you the lowest possible of changes of ever making a loss if any. And this is a pretty big thing to want to guarantee.

The owner of the program is none other than Karl Dittman. While there is no much information about him online and what he does, it clearly shows that Karl knows his thing. He seems to have been in the Forex industry for a long while now to have come up with something big as this.

The indicator you are provided here may not be the best out there, but it sure does beat some other conventional methods of getting the right signals that most of the self-claimed gurus in the industry come up with or recommend you to. But there is one thing that was kind of a downside of Karl; he really didn’t know how to market his products.

If you read through the sales page very careful, you are going to see many repetitions in his text. He has often used words like, “I promise that” “I guarantee you! ” and such words which show he is only best at the techy side of the program, but not in the marketing section.

How Does it Work?

Well, this program is set to deliver the best times for you to make investments into the Forex market by getting your the best currency pairs right to your email. But before so this gets to happen, let’s take a good look at this the system operates strategically.

So here is how it works.

1. Open a forex pair or stock that you would like to trade

You get to choose the forex pair or stock you want to place your money on. And the good news is that you are not limited to any pair, you get to choose which one interests you the most. But before you get to this, you need to have created your account with the program.

And this means you first have to pay and then get a download link that will help you download the system into your computer or smart device to get started working at it.

Right after downloading it, you will have to make up you mind daytime on the kind of pairs you would want to deal with. If you want to deal with commodities at mentioned earlier, you are free to do that. As Karl says, this system works well for all categories.

2. Choose the timeframe that best matches your dealings

Here, you get five timeframes to use in the system. And these are M15, M30, 4H, 1H, or even D1. So all are at your disposal. But you need to note that getting the right timeframe matters a lot, that’s why you are given a variety to choose from.

I’d suggest that you get the perfect timeframe in the category you are working with so that you give the algorithms of this program an easy time trying to figure out what works best for you, and even more quick when trying to get you the best signals to trade on. So have you to be super careful and accurate with this.

3. Wait for the trading signals

This is where things get even better. After you have set up everything on the system, you can now relax and grab a cup of coffee as you watch the system go to work on your behalf and sieve through all the misleading trends and patterns that make you lose money, and only get you the real deal that will help you make money fast and easy.

With the system always on watch, it will get the best buy or sell signals better then get to have them delivered straight to your inbox. The signals come color coded with the blue ones meant to show your need to buy while the orange ones are indicating it’s time to sell, to help you buy or to sell when the trends go either high or low.

The email notifications pop up on your screen as alerts that will help you get knowledge of this soon enough to profit from it. And more to that, both the stop loss and exit points are going to be printed in the window with the alert.

4. Take immediate action!

Once you have the signals, you ought to jump into action and make the required predictions to make money. And the sooner you do it, the better the chances you have of winning. That is why you even see the owner going a step ahead to get instant email pop-ups for you.


Who is it For?

Karl claims that this program is very easy to use and make money with. He even emphasizes that a 12 years old kid could make good money off this if he knows how forex trading works. He only needs prior knowledge of it to help him set up the required stuff to have the right signals pop up and then he could do the rest easily, even with his eyes closed.

But as I saw the program, and considering the fact that there is no in-depth training of how to go about it or to generate great leads to turn into dollars, this program going to favor the people who have had prior experience with this forex stuff.

If you are just getting started, I would suggest you look for a forex trading training first to get to have the confidence of using the system before you get to the part where you get to make money with this system.

You see, this is not a fortress forex trading system, this is just an indicator that helps you make things easier when used the real forex trading systems and programs. So you have got to know all about Forex trading as an industry first before you get to the indicator.

For those who have been in this niche for a while now, you may want to know that you are not going to get the kind of benefits you look forward to if you:

• Don’t take immediate action – If you get the signals hit your email and you actually see them in details, you should get into the system and do what the signals tell you it’s the best time for. Don’t look at these signals slip off your hands because you may miss out on the huge amount of profits.

You should be the kind of people who take instant action on the opportunity that presents itself because you never know, it may be the best move you will have ever made in your whole stay in this industry.

• Want a fully automated system – If you are good at making successful predictions of the market trends but perhaps don’t have time to put effort into this particular system or simply don’t want to lift a single finger into it but want a fully automated system that takes it from the point you’ve registered, to making consistent revenue, without having to get involved with anything, then this is not the system you are looking for.

And I bet you are not going to get that anywhere. There is no program that will have you not touch anything and still see you wake up to hundreds of dollars everyday.

What is Included in the Program?

The program sees you through a few other benefits if you decide to use it for your forex trading endeavors. You get a few extra resources to help you with understanding the whole opportunity and potential that you actually have with the market trend and patterns.

If you can truly understand them as well as get to know the science behind, you will always be successful in a good deal of predictions.

And these resources you get to help you with that include:

• Step by Step User Guide – This helps you get a good deal of insight into how to go about most of the things inside the system. You are going to have walkthroughs of performing most of the tasks like customizing your settings on the system that will match the kinds of products you are dealing with, and make sure you get to make a favorable amount of income off your predictions.

But you need to understand that there are some things that have not been taught here that are very crucial to your approach if you are to really set to make the most of this system.

• Secret Testing Algorithm Revealed – This is the book that will give you some things to look out for as you go about predicting the side on which the marketing pattern is likely to follow. You get to learn the whole science of how can take any product and get to make almost all predictions correct.

Although it is very difficult to get all of them, as you can’t completely understand how everything follows each other, you will be way ahead of many other traders after getting through this.

• Pips Wizard Pro Indicator – This is where you get access to the indicator that is meant to tap into the market trends and give you the signals that will help you make wise investment moves that will bring in awesome returns.

• Extra Built in Special Features – Here you get add-ons to help make the whole betting experience an interesting and rewarding one. You get more information like stop loss levels, entry price, timeframe, the currency pair from which the signal was gotten and the takeProfit level. And this information, if you’ve been failing quite often, you will agree is very essential.

• Live Action Trading Examples – This shows you trading examples that are currently happening to share the ideas with you of how should go about making your strategies and settings for the product you are working with accurate enough to be almost always successful. There are demos give you a visual idea that will stick in your mind.

• Life Time Email Support – You also get email support from Karl himself in any case you have issues with the system. And something that will thrill you about this support system is the speed at which you get a response from Karl. It is amazingly fast.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Your get access to the system almost immediately after you have bought the system. If you want to use it in the next five minutes, you most definitely can.

• The extra features it comes with is really great and is going to make things a lot easier for you as you go about making predictions as most of the difficult work is done for you by these features.

• You get high rates of success. With the average rates going up to 85%, this system helps you as much as it can to get where you want to be with it financially.

• You get 3 TakeProfit options that you can choose depending on what your product is and how you want to take on the profits.

• You don’t have to sit in front of the computer with your eyes fixed on the trends the whole day waiting for the right time. You get help on this and thus save time for other projects.

• You get pop-up alerts that will help you get information while it is still fresh. You don’t get to be disappointed after going to your email address and see a signal that would have gotten you profits already expired; they save you this sad event.

• You get a very good support that keeps you always connected and makes sure that you don’t get and remain stuck for long. They come to help just in the nick of time.

• You get five timeframes that help you diversify your options and this increase your chances of winning. And you can work in different products that need different timeframe without problems.

• You also get up to 200 pips on a daily basis, and you don’t need any great experience to have this happening.

The Cons

• The system is online which asks for a pretty powerful internet connection that will help you do your work without any sudden halts that may make you lose a very good opportunity.

• Karl marketing skills are really poor. He keeps on repeating phrases that have already been driven home and takes away the impact they have when started for the first time.

Final Verdict:

I have to say that this is the first forex trading system I can trust. You can see how Karl has gone steps ahead of his competitors by getting new features that make money making process with this strategy a very simple one.

He has also maintained a quick-to-reply support that gets any problems you may be having with the system solved within minutes.

Unlike other systems where you can wait for weeks to get access to a support staff, and some few more days to get the issue you have fixed, this program keeps the professionalism on point.

But we have to consider the weaknesses of the program as well. The program has its price a bit too high. People who are looking to start making money with it without any investments are going to have a hard time doing that here.

This system is bought through Clickbank, and the terms and conditions of it state that all products should have a 60 days money back guarantee, and it is no different for this system as it brings there. So you are going to get an assurance of getting your money back if at all you find the program not helpful to you.

Once you buy, you can test drive the program and see if it really works, within the first 60 days of your purchase, after which you can’t claim anything. And you can relax knowing that you will get the whole amount you invested into it once you claim a refund, simply by sending an email to Karl.

There will be no questions that make you feel uncomfortable asked or be kept on hold for weeks or months to have you throw in the towel on it. Clickbank will set to it that you get everything back.

To me, this is a program that is going to be of great help to many people as it really works and is going to take most of the hard tasks off your hands. So it is most certainly legit but you need to know it won’t give you full results as it promises, most of them are just hype.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!
Name: Pips Wizard Pro
Website: http://www.pipswizardpro.net
Owner: Karl Dittman
Price: $87

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Have you heard of a program like this before? Have you been personally involved in it? What were your results with it? Would you recommend anyone wanting to make money with forex trading to go ahead and get rolling with this system? Do you still believe in it? We are really looking forward to hearing from you.

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