Perfectly Posh Product Scam Review 2017 – Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

If you are looking to know how credible perfectly posh really is to help you determine if you will give it a try, then you are in the right place.

I have looked into the program and I’ll be telling you all about it.

The owner claims to help you make a sizable amount of monthly income by marketing their products as well as recruiting other people in the business. It’s more like an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program. They say they create their beauty products with passions and sell them with their hearts. Basically, they claim to be out there to help both their customers and consultants. Wondering how true that claim is?

Well, let my perfectly posh review help you with that.

Product Name: Perfectly PoshPerfectly Posh review
Website Address:
Owner: Ann Dalton
Price: $94 per month
Rankings: 72 out of 100

Perfectly Posh Review – Introduction:

The internet has brought so many ways people could use to make money. Most of these are ways based on passion. As they say, with passion there is more quality effort than there is in money oriented effort.

With this, many programs are coming up targeting a specific pocket of people who share the same passion to help them make some money on the side, or even full-time.

This doesn’t seem like work as they are in their comfort zone, dealing with what they like.

While this is the case, many scams are also on the loose trying to hunt down folks who are seeking these income opportunities.

They create beautiful programs which seem helpful on the hearing and with great payment plans. But at the core of it, scammy plans are implemented without the users’ knowledge.

That is why you will want to keep your eyes peeled for them in order to avoid being deceived.

Let’s take a deep look into perfectly posh to see which side it is on, the good or the scammy one. Let’s first look at my #1 recommendation by clicking here.

What is Perfectly Posh?

Just as the name states, it is a program that is meant to get people, especially women to live a posh lifestyle.

Women love beauty and this company helps them, as they claim, to keep high standards of their cuteness.

It produces beauty and care products which are distributed by consultants of the company to people who need them.

Some of the products include skin cream, hand cream, face wash, foot products and bath bars to mention a few.

The products come with quite interesting names, sounding kind of girlish to me. But they are nice to hear them pronounced.

On top of that, the consultants are paid a certain commission for marketing and selling the products.

This is where you are likely interested in, right? To see how good the company works and pays the distributors, isn’t it? My perfectly posh review will be getting to that in a moment.

The owner of the company is Ann Dalton who says that being a thing of beauty and making others the same as well, is what she majors in.

She also claims that there are 7 virtues her business is based on, honesty, passion, energy, fun, innovation, creativity and respect.

It also offers compensation plans similar to other popular MLM companies offers. You could read other MLM reviews of Kyani, It Works and Rodan and Fields in my site.

How Does it Work?

Well, the operation appears very easy at first glance but things get difficult as you delve deeper and deeper.

If you want to become their consultant and get in their books as far as commissions are concerned, there are a few things you will be required to do.

First, you have to create your consultant account with them. After doing this, you will then be required to buy a starter kit. This typically goes for $94.

It is your first set of products which you are supposed to sell in order to make money. After you have sold it, you can always buy another one, and another one, and so on.

When you join, they will offer you a training for helping you learn how to approach your potential customers and how best to sell to them.

People who have gone through the training describe it as a way to show you how to think and feel while selling the products, which folks find to be enslaving.

Some of the ways discussed in the training including holding house parties and then showcasing the products to people.

Or you can use other events, online parties, one on one selling and many others according to what you find suitable for your personality.

The main downsides of this system are two. First, you are told to target your family and friends. And you have to talk them into buying the products so as to make a sale.

So you can imagine how pushy you have to be in a sweet way to get your buddies to pull out their purses and hand you the dollar.

The other thing is, the products are way too expensive for the average people to want to buy. For instance, Perfectly Posh’s soap goes for a whole $9!

Yes, this is where the posh brand name comes from, it sure is perfectly posh. But very few people will want to buy them.

The reason I find selling the products to be difficult is, there are other products from other companies with the same level of quality but cost way cheaper.

This means that selling one to two products may be easy but keeping the regular sales going through the month can be a real hassle if you are dealing with the average Joe.

Perfectly Posh Payplan:

This is where you will get to understand how you get paid.

The program uses a Multi-Level Marketing payment structure to pay their distributors.

This means getting people to recruit into the system in order to make money. And these people you recruit get below you in the structure.

It is a pyramid like structure with you at the top.

You recruit someone and they become second in your downline. They then recruit others who go below them, and the chain goes like that all the way down.

Now, people are paid according to ranks. There are rankings which people have to climb up in order to maximize their percentage commissions.

Here are the ranks in descending order:

• Platinum Premier (The highest rank)
• Gold premier
• Silver premier
• Premier
• Pink Plus 3
• Pink Plus 2
• Pink Plus 1
• Pink
• Protégé (The lowest rank)

To go up to Platinum Premier, you will have to work your head off and see that you make sales almost every day.

The percentage commissions range from 20% to 31% for the members.

This means, to get the highest amount of money out of a typical recruit and sale, you have to get to the top.

But the good thing is, your direct commissions can shoot all the way to 25% if you manage to make $1000 worth of sales in a single month.

Complaints Made About the System:

Some of the consultants who have been using the system to generate some revenue, both part-time and full time are unhappy with the way things are going for them.

In the customer reviews I read, here are some of the issues that pissed them off:

• Poor Support – I have seen many people who have used the system to make money say that the support team is terrible.

They were told that they would have people to help them maximize their earning potential but that didn’t happen.

Trying to contact the support, they had a rough experience with some of the staff members that almost made them call it quits.

• Unstable Production – This is a major challenge. Many people who try to sell the products try to establish a good customer base.

And while doing this, they take note of the products which are loved the most and seek to bring more of them to boost their trust and sales volume.

But the issue is, the company is unstable with the production of the favorite products.

Sometimes the products are there, other times they are unavailable. And this breaks consumer trust the consultants are working hard to build.

• Poor Supply – Although not often, some people have said that the supply of products depends on how much money you are willing to spend and how fast you will.

People have had cases where the supply of the favorite products has been given to those who pay early.

When the others come, later on, they are told all the products have been sold out, which is pretty disappointing.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Great products with unique names
• The system does pay
• Exciting payment plans and bonuses

The Cons

• Selling products at high costs yet the quality is the same with other companies that sell cheaper.

• Poor customer service, which at times, has been found to deal with the consultants very harshly.

• $94 is quite a high cost to make a start with, in the business. Most people looking for such opportunities are usually ready to invest about $40, maximum.

• Some of the products which become highly demanded are sometimes not available. And this loses the trust and reliability of the consultants as well as the brand.

• You have to push the products to your friends and relatives to make your first few sales. This is what they tell you to start with.

• Holding parties can be a very pricey strategy considering the fact that people don’t want to attend parties where they know they are going to get products promoted to them.

Final Verdict (Is Perfectly Posh a Pyramid Scheme?)

Not quite. Even though it appears shady in some aspects, it is great and does pay.

In summary, the company appears to be good and it is definitely a legitimate one. However, they need to make quite a number of changes in their operations.

They need to care more about the consultants in terms of support and costs. They also need to ensure they have a good flow of products so as to make their brand reputable.

Otherwise, this is a good opportunity to make money if you are really good at marketing and have a very social personality.

Final Verdict – Legit but not recommended!

Product Name: Perfectly Posh
Website Address:
Owner: Ann Dalton
Price: $94 per month
Rankings: 72 out of 100

If you want something that will give you more freedom and fun, there is a much better alternative to Perfectly Posh.

You can blog about your passion and sell the products the passion has to offer and make stable monthly commissions.

I have been doing that for years now and it gets better every year. You can learn more about it and how to get rolling with my #1 recommendation.

This is where this perfectly posh review comes to halt.

If you want any help, you can leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.

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