PCH Lotto Games Review – Is Publishing Clearing House a Scam?

PCH Lotto Games Review – Is Publishing Clearing House a Scam?

Well, if you are here to get more information about PCH Lotto games, to know whether they are a legit company that will actually pay you to play games and sweepstakes therein, then you are in the perfect place to get just that.

I had a lot of people having concerns about the idea of having to put in your personal information over and over again on the website that sounds somewhat suspicious. So I had to get to the bottom of this to know the main motive for it.

And I actually managed to get quite some powerful insight into it which I am completely sure you are going to find interesting. So I would ask you to please listen keenly to my PCH Lotto games review and know what it is really like and the whole experience of it.

Plus, I have included my final verdict on the program at the end of the article which I believe is going to help you get more solid material to help make up a wise judgment on whether to try it out or just skip it.

And without any more delays, let’s jump right into it.

Product Name: PCH Lotto GamesPCH Lotto Games Review – Is it a Scam?
Website Address: Lotto.pch.com
Owner: Publishing Clearing House
Price: FREE
Rankings: 40 out of 100

PCH Lotto Games Review – Introduction:

When it comes to making money online, you are going to get quite a variety of strategies you can use, and most of them will be pushed on you. You are going to find many people coming to you on a personal level and telling you how great their technique is and how it is actually going to help you as it has been doing for a few hundred or thousand others.

They will even go ahead and give you a bunch of testimonials to help you see and believe that it really works. But if you take time and think about all this, you will find that most of them are getting something off of what you are going to invest. And this is not bad as far as the system they are going to take you into is genuine and does pay without any catches or hidden upsells.

But you see, most of these people just want to get you to make huge investments showing you how important it is since it will be getting you a firm foundation for what you are about to get into.

They will tell you that when you create a presence online you need to keep increasing it and you can only do that through investing more on your influence till you get influential enough to have other people coming to you for help, and this, you need to note, should not be the case, my recommendation below shows you a better way.

You may also hear that you can make money through other different easy strategies like playing games, and you will be told that you only have to invest your effort into the games and see yourself making millions and millions of dollars every month, without any initial charges in it.

You will be motivated by photos of email notifications sent to the people who are said to have won to get you into as well, with the intention of “getting the millions” like those shown you. But if you observe the program keenly, you will find a hidden tactic they are using to make money from you, not directly from you, but through you and your interaction with the system, you have been provided.

And if you try to make connections to this knowledge and this program I am about to reveal the whole truth about, could it happen that the system uses the same wicked tactics? Could it actually making money through you than it is actually making you believe it is paying you? The only way to find that out is through knowing the plans and structure of the program.

Tired of Scams?

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So let’s get busy doing that.

What is Pch Lotto Games?

This is the latest additional feature of the Publishing Clearing House that lets you get to play games for free. You are only required to register with the program and then get to the “gaming zone” to start making money, so they tell you. Here, you will be playing sweepstakes with the promise of making money and a few other rewards that can be sent directly to you.

So to understand it correctly, you are going to have the best gaming experience here than you have ever had in your life and still get to be paid and often rewarded for that. But does it really deliver these huge promises? Does it get to pay the players their fair share of profits in time? Does it even pay at all? And could it be possible that the company may be cloaking their evil intentions with this easy and simple program that appears a win-win situation for you? I can only say, you are going to be shocked, read on.

The Publishing Clearing House which houses the sweepstakes you will be playing here is a company that started way back in 1953 and was known for selling magazines, as a one stop shop. They later got into sweepstakes where they would use the actual game to have people sign up for an account which they would later use to gather people’s emails and other personal information and sell it to the companies that badly wanted that.

So I believe you can start imagining what you are up for. This business did so well for them that they thought it wise to make up part of Liquid Wireless, Blingo Inc, and Funtank. And to make this even sweeter for themselves, they came up with the idea of getting the prizes to people’s homes and have them seen on Television while receiving their gifts. Blingo, also referred to as PCH Search and Win, was a search engine that was to help people look up anything on the web as other browsers and get to accumulate rewards doing that.

How Does it Work?

Here, you are going to get a bunch of games you are allegedly set to make money with. You get to play these lottery games on a daily basis and stack up money. But before you get to have access to the games here, you will have to create an account which will require you to give in your name and email address that helps them identify you every time you log in and also help them in a different special way which I will be getting into in a moment.

After you have created your account you will find at the top of the program, money increasing wildly, which I am guessing is what you will be getting as the jackpot. Then you will have a variety of games you can choose from, which include:

• Frostbite Funds
• Seasons Winning
• PCHLotto Twilight
• Reindeer Riches

The problem with these games is that you will initially get told that they pick 7’s but when you go ahead and click on any one of them, you are going to get the pick 8, which is quite annoying. Something that also made me angry with the program is that they claim to award prizes to the players, but they won’t give a specific breakdown of how they will be doing that. They say that there are daily rewards, but they won’t state the actual amount.

I think they only want to get you all excited to play hard and then get peanuts in return. Also, I see it like they don’t want to get themselves into any financial obligation which may cost them later, and make them not to achieve their scammy goals.

Something else that is worrying is, you won’t be able to get to the “About PCH” page. If you click on it, you are going to see an ad quickly pop up, and if you want to eliminate it, you will have to click twice on it. You will then get the usual annoying message telling you that you need to confirm that you want to exit that particular page as what you have, won’t be saved when you leave.

Now comes the part where I was telling you of, how the company gets to benefit itself through you. You see, as stated, the company has been found over the years to make money selling mailing lists to huge companies who are willing to pay a decent amount of compensation.

And where do you think they get the huge amount of emails? Yes, you got it right, from the people who sign up for the lottery games. When you hand in you email as you register, they will grab it and put it together to with the other members’ information and then when it has accumulated enough to get them a good pay; they will sell it.

They also make money with ads, that is why you are going to get almost everywhere in the program filled with ads. You should have your email prepared to be spammed with ads. You need to know that you will be getting a good number of them on a daily basis which will be more set to get your information, which will make them more money and which at the end of the day is what they are after.

Who is it For?

Apparently, the games are only available to people from the United States. It states clearly in the program that they are the only ones the program is currently accessible to. Well, I wonder why they are not extending the reach of the company that pays that well to play games, I mean there are hundreds of thousands of people all over playing games, for free. And they won’t mind doing it for money.

And here is something rather striking, people in Canada are also not able to get into the system. It is said that they can’t participate in these Lotto games, but it doesn’t give a clear explanation of where exactly they should direct their efforts.

And Quebec too can’t play on PCHLotto.

As for the Americans, the program is not going to be of benefit to all who choose to play while working on this system. To be more honest and clear, the program hasn’t really established the amounts they pay for each win, so you are working in the dark here. Its like getting employed in a firm that the firm is not ready to disclose to you how much they will be paying you, did you read that correctly? YOU!

How can they not tell you what you will be earning yet you are the very same person who will get the salary at the end of the month? You see the more suspicious behavior.

What they are after is to underpay you, if they are even going to pay. They don’t want you to have a specific amount in your mind that you are working for so that it reduces the obligation of paying you what you really deserve. And companies like these are the kind that I don’t like to work with.

And the reason is simply this; I will never agree to work for a commission I know nothing about, this is too much secrecy that can get you, as the player, in trouble. If any case they refused to pay you and you sued them for it, they wouldn’t have any case to answer since you don’t know what you are fighting for. You don’t have a specific figure you can argue with and say that this is what they pay you, but haven’t for this amount is period. You see? And this can get very tricky.

What is Included in the Program?

Apart from the games and ads, there are no other resources in the program that can be of any importance to you. You are going to have to be careful, though, with the way you interact with the program, as you have seen how weird its ways are. In fact, I discovered some more information about it that I know is going to pique your interest. Here it is.

Activity Tracking

It happens that this system is always under surveillance, in the sense that they are keeping the record of all your activities in the system. If you play any games, they put it down, if you click on an ad and follow through, they also record that. Basically, every step you make is seen and recorded, and before you ask why, I should tell you that this is going to help them a great deal.

You see, there are companies that buy consumer information when they want to study certain trends in people who end up being buyers. And since this information is really valuable and helps greatly in predicting and working out a strategy that will increase the sales of a product, the companies looking for it and are ready to pay a high price for it. And this is more money in the account for the PCH program.

Complaints about the Program

Well, the Lotto games haven’t gained much influence yet so complaints about it may be very few, but there are tons of them for the PCH program itself. Most of them were on the fact that people can play games for months and never get to win anything. And this clearly brings out what I was suspecting all along.

This company is not interested in how much of a great player you are, or the effort you put into the game. They are only looking for the place where they will get your personal information, which means the world to them. Something else, which is very hidden, they will not allow you to submit in the actual pick eight cards without having to make a purchase.

You should be ready to go in circles as the program will do its ultimate best to have you feed in your financial information which will help them take their fraudulent activities to the next level.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The program is free to enter, and it may be paying. Mark the word “may,” as this makes the whole difference.

• It was very smart of the PCH program to take their rewarding system on Television. It helped them gain some trust and respect in the industry.

The Cons

• The program expects you to sign up for an account by giving your email address, which they later use for their own promotional purposes without your permission. And if you try to get out of them, you are going to have difficulties that will complicate the whole process.

• They give crazy claims that you are going to make a whole million dollars playing a bunch of games. I mean, if making money was that easy, wouldn’t we all be doing that?

• They track your activities and sell them to other companies without your knowledge and consent. And worse of all, they don’t even compensate you for that, for helping them gather such valuable information.

• They fill your inbox with spam messages trying to push advertisements and products on you, and they expect you to buy into it. (Although there are some who do)

• They are only operating in the United States. So this means that even if you are interested in the method of operation and are willing to work with any terms and conditions, you can’t if you don’t reside in the United States.

• The fact that you can’t get to pick 8 cards without buying something first is really annoying. The company claimed everything in it is totally free, why buy something you are not even interested in, just o go to the next level?

• You will barely find any thumbs up for this system. Almost all the folks who have been to it are doing nothing else but complain about every aspect of it. And this gives you the idea of how trustworthy it is online.

• You also don’t get to know how much you are making or will be making if you decide to play. So you don’t get to know how much to expect at the end of the game, if you win, it could be more, or it could be less. But the odds are that it is less because if you take into consideration the scammy nature of the system, you can minimize the possibility of it a reality.

Final Verdict:

I think my final thoughts on this program are pretty clear thus far. After all, I have revealed to you; I’m sure you have the gist of the program at the back of your mind. Firstly, if you see how the company lost its credibility when it delved into the sweepstakes system, it is pretty clear that this was not their actual motive, they had something else in mind.

I think after they discovered that they could use the lotto games to gather up some personal information of people out there and that they could generate a good amount of revenue off this, they just decided to take the plunge.

And that is why you are seeing them putting up a very simple registration process that can get you to set up your account very first and have you hand them your information that will add to the already existing ones of other members. And when the list grows enough to make a huge sell, they will look for clients and do the trade.

And this is very unethical of the company. A company that is really set to help people change their lives doesn’t operate like this. They wouldn’t have too much secrecy and fake confidentiality that is only geared towards making themselves rich at the cost of the privacy and security of the other members who have chosen to put their trust in the system.

And these are the kind of programs I wish to see attacked by a virus or malware that will cripple its operation completely. Well, not that I am that evil too, it is just that they are scamming poor people who are looking to make more money by firstly selling the personal information and then trying to get the key to their bank accounts to do more theft.

I wouldn’t want to get into such a program, neither would I love to see others suffer the cruel fate.
So, after reading my PCH Lotto games review – Is it a scam? Is the program S an outright cheat?
In my books, this is a blatant scam that is set to lure people into the system and then rip them off big time.

Final verdict – SCAM!

Name: PCH Lotto Games
Website: http://Lotto.pch.com
Owner: Publishing Clearing House
Price: FREE
Rankings: 40 out of 100

Have you had any experience with any of the systems of the Publishing Clearing House? What do you have to say about it? Has it ever paid you or anyone you know? What was your gaming experience with it like? We would really love to hear your feedback on this product. Please feel free leave them below.

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