Pat Flynn Will it Fly Book Review – Entrepreneurs Best Business Friend!

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Who is Pat Flynn?

If you are in the field of internet marketing, then you are familiar with the name of Pat Flynn. He is an online entrepreneur, digital marketer, and a motivational leader.  You can visit his site Smart Passive Income where he shares different strategies that he has been using for years. He has a huge following, and you can check his site stats on Alexa and similar web.

I am also a great follower of Pat because he shares his successes and failures about his business in the most open, straightforward and honest way. Recently he has published a book which has got high recognition around people who are ambitious about their future.

I decided to write a review on Will It Fly so you can see how much of a worthwhile resource it can become to you and your business.

Pat Flynn Will it Fly Book Review – Entrepreneurs Best Business Friend!

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Introduction to the Will it Fly:

Will it Fly is a book having more than 200 pages and this book guides you in a step-by-step, and practical way of your next business idea is excellent to go or a total flop. If you are struggling to get an idea or intermingle with different uncertain future events that hinder you from choosing any business idea then this book is your best business friend.


The book started with an email from Pat follower who is earning $20,000 per month, but he is unsatisfied with his life. The thing is if you go for something in which you don’t have passion then such situations likely to come in your life.

Pat helps his readers through experiments and exercises to find and validate a business idea that works for you. To achieve this, you’ll find helpful material, bonuses, and supplemental materials in this chapter-by-chapter course.

Please do remember that this book is not something that guides you how to create a website and earn money from affiliate marketing, MLMrevenue sharing or creating your own product.

What is Included in this Book?

The book is divided into five parts;

Part 1: Mission Design

Mission Design is consists of several thought experiments and exercises that will support you about your future and how your idea back or abolishes the life you want. Pat call them these tests;

  • The Airport Test
  • The History Test
  • The Shark Bait Test.

Once you have completed these tests, you may find that your idea fully supports your desired future self. Once this is accomplished, you can move onto the next section (Development Lab) of the book.

If your idea doesn’t one that matches the future you want, then leave it as you have figured it out now rather than after years. Move to the next idea and repeat this process again.

Part 2: Development Lab

You have to pass your idea though a set of three exercises in the development phase to get a full knowledge of what your target idea is.

  • First, you be organizing all of the noise in your brain that surrounds your idea so that you can visually see everything you are working with.
  • Then mold it into something real.
  • Remove unnecessary material. This will create the overall shape and convert into something worth sharing.

Part 3: Flight Planning

Market research is vital, and you cannot stand out your product or service before conducting this. You will learn how to search major social media platforms and product marketplaces to know the people, products, and places already in the market.

Part 4: Flight Simulator

Before launch your product to significant scale, you need to test this on a small scale. Their feedback is the key. Based on their feedback you can purify your business ideas. If your idea is a solution to some problem, then the chances are you will move forward to the next step.

Part 5: All System Go

This is the last step and all your efforts you have put before is finally going to give you assurance about your idea.

You’ll get the framework to launch your business finally following several important rules to measure its success.


In short, if you are looking to start an online business then my sincere advice is to buy this book. It includes all the information that you need and the approach adopted by Pat is just awesome. Complete all the exercises as it will able you to save yourself a lot of wasted time, energy, and resources down the road.

If I talk about its strength, then simply Pat has adopted a very practical approach and all the exercises are step-by-step to help you brainstorm ideas, narrow them down, and validate them.

I would recommend this book for;

  • An entrepreneur who is seeing to start his/her first online business
  • When you have too many ideas and in a dilemma
  • You suffer from paralysis by analysis
  • You want to become a confident people especially choosing your ideas.

What Next?

I know reading this book you can become more confident about your future. Once you get an idea, your next step is to put it into practice to fulfill your dreams. The more common form of converting your business idea into creating your own website. I know most of the people don;t know that how to do that but there is a great news for you.

I have been part of a platform that train people in a step by step manner to create your own online business that rewards you for years to come. This site and all other knowledge that i have learnt are just because of this platform.

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