Paribus Review 2021 – Is it Safe or Scam?

I have already written an article on the same type of the app that pays you back if there is a discount on the product you have purchased before. Paribus is functioning in exactly the same way. Both have the same mechanism of working.

But I am writing it again in detail so if any point that remained unclear may become clear to you this time. So first we will see what is Paribus? How does it work? How does it pay? What are its common complaints? And whether it is legit or not? I am sure you will like it. So now it’s time to see it in detail;

What is Paribus?

Paribus Review

Paribus is the app for the people who love shopping but only online. It is an app that keeps the record of your online shopping and if there is any discount on the product that you have already bought then Paribus will return the remaining amount to you.

Actually, after finding out that there is a discount on the product, Paribus access the store and send it the application for cash back. So basically it tries to facilitate you by returning your cash without frustrating you. And it is a good step.

But remember some people said that it gets its fee which is only 25% of the refund amount. Let me explain it with the help of an example; if you are refunded $10 then Paribus will cut $2.5 as its fee. But it’s not a bad deal because you still have $7.5 (not an expensive deal). I am not sure whether it charges for its service or not because I don’t personally experience it. Remember that you can claim for the refund within 90 days.

It was introduced by the 2 students in 2014. The word Paribus is a Latin word which means “all other things being equal”. The app was introduced to the audience in 2015 on IOS and on Android in 2016. The app has more than 1.5 million users and its head office is in the Brooklyn, New York.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Sign up

The first step is quite easy. Make your email account and connect it to the Paribus receipt fetcher. Paribus can easily be linked with the Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. It can also be linked to the other email sources but it is lengthy to some extent. For linking them you have to contact support to assure that it will work or not.

You can download Paribus from the apple app store. It has following steps;

  • Click on the app store icon
  • Now select the “search” option
  • Write Paribus in the search box
  • From the results tap the Paribus icon
  • For downloading the app click the GET. There you may need to enter your app store password.

After downloading the GET will change to INSTALL, tap it. After installation, the INSTALL will change to OPEN. Tap OPEN to get access.

  1. Provide approval for price match

After linking your email account to the Paribus it will find itself the slip of purchasing items (receipt). After it, you have to allow it to find the price match. Now it’s time for the Paribus to work (to find price match). If you don’t want to match your receipt for any cause you can decline it.

  1. Wait for the Paribus to complete its task

After your approval, the Paribus will start to match the prices of your purchasing items with the present price. If there is a decrease in the price of that product it will promptly claim for the rebate on your behalf. It does not demand anything from you.

  1. Receive your paid payment back

When your price match is approved you are eligible for receiving your payment back. When marketer confirms it you are paid within 3 to 7 working days. Accept and enjoy it.

You will get emails for the following;

  1. A price match is found and when your claim is completed.
  2. When there is an issue with your account
  3. Knowing about monthly saving detail
  4. Any new policy or offer.

If you have to change the preference you can do it from ‘settings’ option at the top of the page.

How Does It Pay?

As discussed before it is not clear that it charges for its work or not?

But your amount is sent back to you through your credit card. There is no minimum cash limit for refunding you. Only the Paribus need an approval from you.

For what purchases you can get money back on?

This cash back offer is not for all online shopping. It is only from the stores that are registered with the Paribus and only when there is a difference between the purchasing amount and the present cost of the product.

Paribus has the partnership with the no. of well-known brands and traders like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Old Navy, Zappos, Macy’s, and some other.

This is the list of these stores with which Paribus has a partnership. If you buy the products from these stores definitely you are eligible for the money match offer.

What will be the Fee for signing in?

You will be pleased to hear that like many other sites it is free to join. It means there is no registration fee.

In case of technical issue in the app, what should you do?

If you are facing a technical issue with the app it is suggested to delete the app and then reinstall it. Obviously, the newly downloaded Paribus version will be the latest one. For downloading the app you can search it in the suitable app marketplace. If still, you have any problem report Paribus.

Concerns With The Paribus:

Most people are afraid of connecting their email account or credit card with the Paribus. You don’t need to worry because I never heard any such complaint. Few of such people concerns are:

Email access

People think that after granting them access to their email account they can see almost everything in their account. But it’s a wrong thinking. Paribus has the only concern with your receipt nothing else.

And if you are not interested in cash back you can decline it. Means to say that everything is in your control and is according to your choice. Paribus service is only available in the United States. Paribus does not sell your personal detail anywhere. They have promised their audience to keep their information secure.

So don’t get tension that they will misuse your data.

Linked credit card

As explained earlier you have to link Paribus to your credit card. For many people, it seems quite suspicious activity. But nothing is illegal in it and neither anybody ever complaint.

Paribus Complaints

  1. Does not automatically fill price adjustment claims

The first and the common complaint is that the Paribus totally depends on the people’s receipt. In other words, it does not automatically determine it. Which I think is not a good thing.

  1. More charges for providing its services

The second complaint is that it has a high fee for its users. There should be some concession in it.

But remember that as you want to save more and more same is the case of Paribus. It is also working for earning money. So it has to charge its fee.

How Much Can You Save with the Paribus?

From September 2017 Paribus has become totally free. Now it never charges. Its purpose is to help the people by saving their money and time. Now the Paribus network is growing vast and is a good offer for the people.

Given below are the few facts and figures from the Paribus;

  • It has identified about $6.5 million in a potential saving.
  • Its users get average cash back of $35.
  • From December 2016 to February 2017 Paribus introduced 240,000 late deals for purchasers.
  • In 12 months (1 year) Paribus reported $304,377 claims for 10,423 people in the New York City in the metro area.

Final Verdict – Is it Safe or Not?

Yes, it is legit. It has a job of price matching and if you are eligible for this offer it will return you your amount. So there is no chance of any scam as it is returning you your money.

Though there are few concerns about it that are almost clear I already explained you above. And you are satisfied with its security system then you have to lose nothing but will gain though very small amount but still something which is not bad.

But still, if you don’t like it for any reason it is your choice. You have the right for taking your decisions. And at the end, I would like to thank you for reading my text.