Panthera Network Review – Can You Really Make Money With This?

Today my focus is another online earning platform that will obviously withdraw your attention towards itself. That program is called Panthera network.

If you have traffic on your site and you are worried about how you can convert this traffic into money then Panthera network is the best option for you. And if you follow their referral program you will earn more.

In this article, we will see in detail the following points;

  1. What is Panthera network?
  2. How does it work?
  3. How does it pay?
  4. What are its working tools?
  5. Some common problems

What is Panthera Network?

Panthera Network Review

Panthera network, a division of Panthera interactive, LLC, is an online platform that allows its users to earn money through their site but most importantly it is an online marketing platform that specializes in performance-based advertising.

If you have heard of CPA marketing then it is one of the top CPA networks where you find numerous offers with good payout. If you have high traffic on your site then you are eligible for signing up in Panthera network that permits you to use the site for affiliate advertising. I recommend at least 15000 visitors per month before applying for this network. Otherwise, you get disapproved.

It has more than 3000 publishers and Panthera network offers millions of deals (sales) each year for its advertiser clients living all over the world, constituting fellows of Fortune 1000TM.

Since 2006 Panthera is considered best for providing customer service. Because of its credible performance in 2010 Panthera was ranked on Blue Book top 20 CPA networks. And in 2009, 2012, 2014 Panthera was ranked top 50 networks by the website magazine.

There are many other such CPA networks but these are not as trustful as it is.

This network has hundreds of specially-content publishers and expert advertisers with high- converting offers. This network is 100% determined to provide best ROI to their merchants and 100% determined to regularly increase the salary of its fellow partners. The Uniqueness of Panthera network is because of its employees. Panthera network staff is specialized in the online advertising industry.

Panthera network is a “triple threat”. It has commanded in the following fields;

  1. Advertising sales
  2. Publisher service and recruitment
  3. Technology

How Does it Work?

Once you have a decent site and getting food traffic per month then you may reach this network. After verification, they either approved or disapproved your request. Your chances are high if you have good traffic blog.

Once you got approved for this network then the next step is to find offers relevant to your site. Just follow the guidelines and that’s it. There are tons of offers available in each category but I recommend this network heavily if your blog is in the “money-making” niche.

Other programs that resemble it are the little bit illegal unlike, Panthera network. Either they don’t pay or illegally banned members. But this is not the case with this network.

They have an excellent support system and their affiliate managers are very friendly and helpful. Another best thing about this network is that their payout rate is better than most other CPA networks.

Either you promote sales or services depend on the deals that you decide to take once after signing in.

If unfortunately there is no traffic on your site then don’t lose the hope. You can still earn dollars by advocating for programs or services.

How Does Panthera Network Pay?

The Panthera network pays to its publishers through PayPal, check, deposit and bank wire. Its registration, as well as payment, is totally free.

And for the first payment withdrawal there must be 50 dollars in your account otherwise your payment will be shifted to the next month. All its payment system is automatic no need of slip or anything else.

But here lies the problem that the first payment must be by the check which according to the most of the users is a slow process. And after getting the first income you have the freedom to select the procedure of your interest.

Panthera Network Tools:

  1. Reports

There are commonly 2 reports at the Panthera network which are performance report and conversion report.

Performance report shows your performance by showing the deals that you advertised. So basically it is the best source of estimating that how well your conversion rate is on each deal that you advertise.

The other report is the conversion report. There will be the list that shows all the conversions. The plus point about the report is that if you use sub IDs, you can easily find out where conversions are taking place on your site.

  1. Sub IDs

Sub ids are an effective tool that helps you to determine where the conversion is occurring. If you are running multiple offers then sub ids let you know which offers are converting well and which don’t.

  1. APIs

It is considered a custom device that you can use to promote deals and the Panthera network. For example, you can make a custom device that shows your account stats to show that Panthera is not a scam and it works.

Points to Remember:

The amount of your income will depend on the traffic on your page. It’s an awesome chance for you but remember that the traffic depends on how you deliver qualitatively (quality of the content).

It is human nature that he likes to see variety. If your content is written well then you can see good conversion rate otherwise many don’t get good conversion even with this network.

If you are interested in any product or service and can claim honestly about their price, it will be fruitful in maintaining the reliability of your link. Assure it that the product or deal for which you are advertising is already discussed in any one of your articles to some extent.

Another thing that can amuse your followers is to assure them that you use your linked network traditionally. I am talking about pleasing your audience because it is your first duty to keep them agrees.

Panthera Network Complaints:

Everything has its positive and negatives. If we talk about Panthera network then you will be pleased to read that it does not have as such major complaints. 1 or two are generally reported which are;

  1. First payment by the mailed check

Though it offers the choice of selecting the method of withdrawal as one likes but it also has a condition that first payment must be paid by the mailed check. Now the issue is that it is the time taking procedure and thus it bothers. There must be some amendment to it.

  1. Performance-based program

Some people consider it a good step that it is performance based and everyone will be paid according to his abilities and hard work. But on the other side some complaint and said that they also work hard but the outcome is not as good as it should be. So it’s not their fault and they should be paid the same as others.

  1. Must be at least 50 dollars in the account

For withdrawing your first payment there must be at least 50 dollars in your account. Otherwise, you are not eligible and will have to wait until the next month.

Final Thoughts About the Panthera Network:

As it is clear from the discussion it is great CPA network where you find numerous high converting offers. If you are new in this field and want to earn through your own site then Panthera network can do something for you. Now it is up to you that whether you want to work with it or not or you may have any other better option that suits you more. The choice is yours.

But remember that if you are working with the Panthera network then with the little motivation and hard work you can easily convert your high traffic with high converting offers.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it.


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