Panel Payday Review 2021 – Scam or Legit Survey Site?

If you are looking for legit survey sites to earn money from home, then there are many options available, and you can also choose from our top survey sites list as well.

Panel Payday also claims to be a legit site that claims about earning $25 to $75 per survey. That’s the huge amount. I have been part of many survey sites but very rare I have seen surveys of that hefty amounts.

So, I decided to investigate this claim and also share detailed insight about the Company so if you are making up your mind that you want to join this Panel Payday site or not then you can decide it confidently.

So, without any delay let’s first look at the overview;

Panel Payday Review 2021 Summary!

Business Name: Panel Payday
Site Address:
Price: Free to Join
60 out of 100

Panel Payday Review

Panel Payday is an income earning site where you can find numerous surveys to complete and earn money. But one thing I want to make clear that this site does not have their own surveys.

Instead, it directs and asks its users to move on to other multiple sites using their affiliate link in the hope that they will earn money if someone joins using their link and complete surveys.

I think there is no harm if this site directs you to other multiple sites. But the issue is whether the hype that it creates for earning $25 to $75 is a realistic claim or not?

No doubt that this Panel Payday site is referring to most legit sites and you can find many surveys under one roof but believe me you would earn $0.10 to $2 for the majority of surveys you complete.

If you are fortunate to see a survey of $75 but even if you have seen it then completing it will not be an easy task for the majority of the people.

It is some of the independent companies like we have;

that are connected to this Panel Payday site and then users complete out the survey tasks of these sites.

This concept is not new as I have reviewed many other similar sites like Survey Club and Survey Junkie.

  How to Make Money With Panel Payday?

Now we will talk about how to work on this site. Its sign up process is quite and much easy. There are no strict methods to sign up on this site.

All you need is to enter your email address details, and this is how this site Panel Payday will be communicating with you.

This site will give you dozens of offers so that users can choose that which offer and task do they have to select for their selves.

Few offers are scams, and that is why you have to remain careful while selecting offers from this site.

How to Make Money With Panel Payday

As Panel Payday admins are using affiliate links for directing visitors to a particular survey site, so the mission of this site is to bring more and more users for this signing up process and hence more earnings they will earn.

Before working on any offer you should read it terms very carefully and most importantly whether it directs you to the legit survey sites or not.

You have to carefully assess that whether this offer is workable for you or not.

  Panel Payday Complaints:

There are many complaints I have seen on the internet. Most common are;

1). Many users have a complaint that this Panel Payday site exaggerates a lot. It is because of its exaggerating details that users get attracted to this site.

You should not make your decision only on the basis these claims. Most of the surveys will take your 10 to 45 minutes and the reward you will get be in the range of $0.25 to $5. Don’t expect $25 or $75 more often. I do not entirely deny that, but they are very few and require your high effort as well.

2). Users have also complained that most of their offers are an absolute scam. They twist the mind of users in such a way that they get attracted towards these offers.

This site offers its users that if you are going to watch a video, then you can earn up to 50 dollars but this offer mostly come out as a scam.

Users find it no point and no reason to work on this site when they spend hours of their day on a single task and then in the final phase, that offer and completed task comes out to be a scam.

3). Email spamming is another issue you should be ready for joining this. Either you should not use your main email id or need to unsubscribe their emails in order to avoid it. Also read this article to get aware of this issue.

  Panel Payday Pros:

But there are some good things about this Panel Payday site as well. It can direct you to a large number of survey filling sites and most of these sites are reliable too.

This site will just make a connection of yours with other survey websites.

We know that when any user gets connected with such money earning sites, then he gets lots more confused that which survey he should pick up and which survey completion task he should not be picking up.

So basically and primarily this site guide you that which legitimate and legal surveys you should be choosing. There is no point of completing that survey and to spend lots of hours on that site if that survey does not pay you.

So first you have to make a wise selection and wise amount of decision that whether this survey completion task will pay you or not.

If you get the assurance that this specific survey will pay you, only then you need to carry that assignment.

  Is It Worth Your Time?

So some of the people have reviewed and given negative feedback on this site. According to them, they have not got any legitimate surveys from this site. Users have lots of trust issues with this site.

They showed a lot of hesitation to work on Panel Payday site and claimed that most of its suggested offers are a scam and they do not work. This is also a common complaint which is maximum times faced by these users that they do not get paid.

Some of the users have reviewed it positively, and they do not consider it as a scam site because this site only recommends and give you a list of other survey sites. It is only their exaggeration concept which is misleading to all of the users a lot.

Some people and users consider this site worthy of time, and some of them do not consider it worthy enough. They are afraid and conscious of using it because of its fake and exaggerated claims.

Users who are willing to work on this site, they have to make this detail very clear that these online surveys will not fill up your accounts. You will only make little money from these surveys.

You can only make few of the bucks from this site. If you want to make some more of the extra number and amount of bucks, then you have to consider some other source way apart from using this Panel Payday site.

To work on this platform, you need to give a lot of time of yours, and you have to remain dedicated enough. You can take these suggestions from other people who have used this Panel Payday that whether this platform is worth for you or not.

You can take advice from them and do get feedback from other people that whether working on this site and serving on this platform will give you anything beneficial in return or not.

My opinion is simple; it will only be used for side income and don’t waste your time if you make a fulltime income from this.

  Is Panel Payday Legit Or Scam?

Here we will be giving this final one conclusion and verdict that whether this Panel Payday is a scam or whether it is one of the legit.

You should note that this site has neither maintained its reputation to be called as an entirely legit site. That’s why many of the people are reluctant that whether they should care freely work on this site or not.

This site, on the other hand, cannot be termed as a fully and completely scam site because most of its suggested sources are reliable.

Therefore, we can conclude that this site works and lie in between the legitimate and scam zone. Many of the people, they are still confused in between this situation that in which category this site falls!

You need to read all terms and conditions of their offers and tasks. Suppose they offer you some task and also offer you with some bonus amount, in that case, you should not immediately decide that you will be completing this offer.

First, you have to read and thoroughly go through the details and all information of that offer to decide that whether you should continue this or not.

If you will randomly select the offers and going to complete it, then we are afraid, most of your offers will be linked to scam zone.

Work on it and judge on your own that whether this income earning website is suitable for your purpose or not. I am not a big fan of survey sites due to limited earning potential.