Paid Social Media Jobs Review [2021] – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Paid Social Media Jobs Review 2021;

Business Name: Paid Social Media Jobs
Price: $47
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100 points

Paid Social Media Jobs Review

With the advent of social media people are connected with each other and most of the people are using this for wasting time but other know this fact and capitalizing this opportunity for earning money.

I have found a similar opportunity that guides you how to earn money using social media.

When you land on the site sales page then you will see how a mother makes $700 per week by just helping other people on social media.

This review will explore whether this business has potential to earn such a weekly commission or it is just another scam. Please read my full review.

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  What is Included in Paid Social Media Jobs?

After signing up with this program, you would get access to their training, tools and job portal.

You are required to go through all the training modules and after this create a resume for your business and then start finding jobs on the marketplace.

After completing their training, you would become social media manager and different business are looking for your expertise to complete their social media tasks. Jobs may be wide range of social media tasks like;

  • Posting status update
  • Gaining new followers
  • Managing Facebook groups
  • Creating accounts
  • Posting comments
  • Many more….

If we look at the training then it is divided into four modules;

Module 1: Understanding Social Media Clients

This is the first module that talks about why companies desperately need a social media manager to complete their tasks. Actually, when companies could not do any specialized task in-house they hire freelancers for this work.

This type of outsourcing provides several befits to the company. They don’t need permanent employees and their fixed salaries, compliance with different labor and statutory laws and another hassle.

Module 2: Starter Social Media Jobs

This module teaches you what kinds of social media jobs are out there. It may be of different nature like setting up social profiles such as Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, Google accounts, YouTube channels and Pinterest boards etc.

If you are a beginner this module really helps a lot to acquire some skills that you can utilize to earn money.

Module 3: Introduction to Social Media Management

This module moves further ahead and guides you all the skills that you need for branding purposes.

It takes time and you could not get this within days. It all depends on how you learn different skills and implement those for your clients.

Module 4: Advanced Training Program

This is the last module and includes advanced training. Moreover, you are able to find some PLR material.

PLR stands for private label rights and such material could not be considered as of high quality.

  Things I Like:

i). Real Opportunity to Earn Money

I have seen a lot of business models but I do believe that this business model also works great especially for starters.

If you have some specialized skills then you can earn some good residual income. If you don’t know anything then you may simply acquire theses skills very easily.

People who are actively involved in social media having large businesses are mostly looking for specialized people to manage their social media accounts.

This is a real job, and it is getting more popular as people are increasing day by day to increase their social media presence.

ii). Good Training 

As a member, you would be able to get a lot of quality material to get started as a social media job manager.

Most of the people think at the start that they don’t have any skills but after going through all the training, you could easily acquire some skills that you may use for your job purposes.

Overall training material is good with good quality training videos and sound. Moreover, members area are also very easy to navigate.

iii). One Time Fee

It just starts with a one-time fee of $47 and you don’t need to pay a recurring fee that is very difficult to manage.

Initially, then offer you a three days trial for $1 and then they will charge automatically from your account, so please be careful if you are not happy with the training and don’t want to move further then cancel this before they will actually charge you.


  Things I Don’t Like:

i). Lot of Hype

When you land on the sales page there you will find a lot of hype material that is just motivating people to join this site.

In reality, it is very difficult to earn such money with this program. There may be one or two instances that have occurred but don’t consider this for yourself.

I am not talking about that you cannot make money with this model but the reality is it is not that easy as it has been showing on the sales page.

You can take this as to earn some extra pocket money but never take this as a full-time opportunity.


ii). High Competition

There are numerous people and they are posting a lot of jobs and in this process they are trying to lower their price from other people and this generally reduces profit to the lowest level.

You will get the orders but friendly speaking it takes time just like any other platforms. Don’t think there is any shortcut available for you.

iii). Join Free Platform 

There are other free platforms available that you may utilize and earn money. Definitely, you would not able to access those training.

But if you search on Google and YouTube then you may be able to find all such ideas in bits and pieces. It is just your time that you have to spend on Google and you may get some good ideas.

The actual money you are paying for this product are for jobs board, and the videos giving you some broad ideas of what you can do as a social media manager.

  Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam or Legit?

In short, Paid Social Media Jobs is a legit site and based on a model which is very legit. If you are looking for some extra money then this may be a good opportunity for you.

To be honest, it is not very easy as you would get some hype material on the site but if you work hard then with the passage of time you will be able to earn some decent money. If you want to use this method to earn money then please click the link below.

If you are looking for full-time income opportunity then please see my #1 recommendation. Please remember there is no shortcut available and if you just follow one good program and implement it thoroughly then you will get good results.

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