Optimal Ways to Boost your Instagram Reach to Get Leads

Instagram has become an indispensable platform for digital marketers. No matter it is a business or an individual account, everyone wants to gain maximum visibility.

More visibility means, new people, finding your account and following you. When the users build a relationship with you, it leads to more sales.

Therefore, to increase the visibility of your brand you need to expand your Instagram reach.

  Increase the Instagram Reach of Your Account:

Setting up a business account and sharing your content on Instagram is not enough to guarantee your affluence.

The secret to success on Social Media (particularly on Instagram) is translated into the word “Reach.” Reach is often confused with impressions that refer to a total number of times your Instagram posts have been viewed.

However, reach shows the number of unique accounts that see your posts.

Building an Instagram marketing strategy a few years ago was relatively easy. Instagram has changed since its early days, so it has become a bit difficult to increase your reach. Let’s check the following iron-clad strategies to improve your Instagram reach in no time:

  • Set engagement as a primary goal:

Creating an engaging content ensures that your posts will appear on the top of your real Instagram Followers news feed. Your content is one of the essential factors that can increase your brand reach.

If you post irrelevant and not relatable content, then no one will come back to see your profile. To improve your reach within your audience make sure your content remains in the top feeds.

In simple words, create content with an objective of increasing engagement.

  • Track peak times to post:

Posting content in the peak times when your most of the targeted audience is active help you get more visibility.

Your followers will share your post that will let the others see your content. Focus on several peak times and post a variety of content to gain more eyeballs.

  • Explore Instagram Ads:

Another great way to increase your Instagram visibility is to explore the option of running the Instagram advertisement. Facebook’s unique targeting system supports Instagram ads and will help you gain increased reach.

There are diverse ad formats including video ads, story ads, Single image ads, carousal ads, and mobile app download ads. Select the option “exclude people who liked your page” to give your ads visibility to a new audience.

  • Host contests or ask questions:

A fun way to encourage your Instagram Followers to interact with your posts is asking a question. Also, calling for an action compels the followers to interact with your content. Hosting a giveaway contest is a great way to engage followers.

Giveaways encourage the followers to take part in the competition. And your post gets more visibility. Numerous Social Media celebrities offer giveaways to increase their reach.

  • Go live on Instagram:

Use live video, and it appears right at the front of stories feed. More often go live on Instagram assuming that no one else is live at that time. The more you go live on Social Media, the more you non-live content gets exposure.

When there is your logo on the top of the user’s feed, they will check your profile and may start following you.

Knowing how to boost your Instagram reach is not enough. You need to learn to evaluate it too. Applying any strategy once will not give you the desired outcome. To get the success, you need to use tactics consistently.

A steady flow of engagement will be better. When it comes to the Instagram engagement, remember that the time is the essence.

Buy followers on Instagram is a topic that has created a lot of controversy during the last months.

It is true that today anyone can make money investing less than 300 euros in the purchase of followers on Instagram and appear to be a famous person to then ask for gifts or even money to other accounts to publish images of their products.

Buying followers or buying likes is a good strategy - as long as you know what you're doing. This is not my opinion; it is something that has been demonstrated in two experiments that we will see later.

As I said, anyone is free to show the image they want, inside and outside of Instagram -after all, marketing agencies are what they do: 'cheat' the consumer.

I put it in quotes so that it is not misinterpreted. Don’t stayblock in this sentence; keep reading to understand the context.

The phrase "buy followers on Instagram does not work" is a lie.

It is possible to buy followers of two types. On the one hand you can pay other followers to follow your account and like in your photos (I think if it is lawful to pay others to speak well of your product, it should also be lawful to pay other accounts to do like or leave comments in your publications).

On the other hand, you can buy followers on the typical website that creates automated fake accounts, managed by computers and not by people.

If you are thinking about buying followers, you better choose those of the first type. But first, read the full article...

  Advantages of Buying Followers

I agree that outsourcing a service is the smartest thing you can do.

  • More reputation. More visibility (as long as these followers are real and are not fake accounts)
  • Low acquisition cost. The price of buying followers ranges between € 0.008 and € 0.02, according to several web pages. If you follow all the Instagram tricks I know, getting more followers will cost you much more. Maybe not money, but time.
  • Faster. Use one of the digital platforms

  Disadvantages of the Purchase of Followers

You can fall into your own trap and believe that you live in a false reality that you have created.

  • Losing the focus of your business; if you have a business, you know perfectly well that your task is to satisfy a need of your clients. Focusing your efforts on improving the experience of your customers when using your product will make you truly successful and mark the difference with the rest. For example, if a company that makes chocolate focuses solely on creating a chocolate that does not fatten, it sure is successful. However, if you focus on buying followers, it does not mean that you will sell more chocolate.
  • Invest badly. I do not know the price of buying followers, but cheap is not even if it is not free either. Spending money on buying followers does not guarantee having more sales. Think before investing and work on a good strategy, in your brand message, in your market positioning and your prices.
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