Opinion Miles Club Review – United Airlines Flight Survey Scam?

Opinion Miles Club Review – United Airlines Flight Survey Scam?

Welcome to my Opinion Miles Club Review:

You want to see how effective the Opinion Miles Club is at helping folks make money with their surveys, right? Well, let me help you tackle that.

You have probably heard through your friends or family that this website is great and will help you earn travel miles that will, in the end, get your bank credited with a few dollars.

This website claims to help you make money by just taking time to fill out their survey forms. And you are told you can be earning the sites travel awards in the next few minutes if you join for free and get started right away.

But, according to what you have heard, do you think this program will be able to help you make a full-time income online? Do you think the travel awards you get are worth the effort you are expected to put into the site?

My opinion miles club review will be sharing the deep things about this website.

Let’s give Opinion Miles ago.

Product Name: Opinion Miles ClubOpinion Miles Club Review
Website Address: opinionmilesclub.com
Owner: United Airlines
Price: Free
Rankings: 65 out of 100

Opinion Miles Club Review – Introduction:

If you have been doing research online on the best ways to make money online, odds are you have been exposed to a wide variety of them, all working with different strategies.

If you have also spent some time digging much deeper into these systems, you must also have heard people who are recommending these products to you telling you they are the current best for a person like you. I wouldn’t be amazed to see this.

The thing is, most people who will often tell you of these programs are affiliates, who get to make a certain percent cut off of every referral they make. You will get most of them out there getting you to join almost immediately they introduce it to you because all they are after is money.

Now, don’t get me wrong, being an affiliate is not bad at all, in fact, this is the best paying strategy I know of. The problem is, most affiliates use black hat methods to make money.

Instead of looking for good programs that will help their visitors on their sites get exactly or more than what they are looking for, they will just throw any product at them. Something I have seen to be quite common is having people recommend a product that pays the highest commission, which shouldn’t be working that way.

Just because a product is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there. So you have to do your research and look for people who are helping you get the best. And speaking of best, let’s take a look at the Opinion Miles Club and see if it’s the best one to generate a stream of income from.

What is Opinion Miles Club?

This is a site that awards points to members towards entertainment, trips, and flights. This program is only available to the members of MileagePlus in the United States.

If you are not familiar with MileagePlus, this is a program that was created when Aeromar and United Airlines merged and is used by the two airlines to reward the frequent customers. The points are in the form of travel miles and are awarded soon after you have completed the tasks you had been given.

If you are one of the guys, who likes taking surveys this one is going to be of interest to you. You get to be rewarded for the surveys in different topics which you are into.

This program was chosen the best flyer program in the world due to the great method of operation and the value they have for the rewards given to the members.

United Airlines operate this program. This airline is the second runners up when ranking all the highest revenue generating airlines in the world. It is based in Illinois, USA.

It was founded in 2011 with the initial name being Varney Airlines. Later on, it changed to United Airlines, with people referring it to as United. Some of the key people in this company are Robert A. Milton, Oscar Munōz, Andrew Levy, Scott Kirby and Walter T. Varney. Its headquarters are located in Willie’s Tower in Chicago, which was formerly known as Sears Tower.

How Does it Work?

Here, you are simply given rewards for taking online surveys. The surveys you get here usually take about 20 minutes going into various fields like politics, entertainment, business and much more.

Soon after you have finished a survey, your Mileage Plus account is credited immediately. This is what makes me love this program.

They won’t hold your points or say that you need to have a minimum balance of a certain amount to have them sent there. Whatever you make with it is sent instantly and will just take a few minutes to show up in your account.

If you are ready to invest more time into it, you will keep seeing the figures increasing regularly. So if you want to get something substantial off of it, you need to work your head off.

You may be wondering what the surveys help with, right? Well, this information is very crucial to big companies as it gives them insight into various topics and helps them gather more information, from real people, which helps them make good decisions for their respective businesses. I have also reviewed other popular survey companies like opinion outpost, Survey Say, App Trailers and Global Test Market.

Something else, when you create your account with the program, you are going to get a huge bonus of 300 travel miles after you have done your first survey.

But if you choose to get a premium account or get a mileage plus card, you will be rewarded with a whopping 600 air miles after completing your first survey. Twice as much as the ones you get by signing up and doing a survey.

You also get the opportunity to participate in their sweepstakes which are held to show appreciation for the relationships maintained by the members.

The winners of these sweepstakes are usually rewarded wit 1,000 travel miles. Be sure to get into this if you want to hit big. But you must be residing in the United States and be over the age of 18 to be part of this program.

Complaints about the Program:

Although this seems like a nice chance to make a few bucks just by giving your opinion on the topics you like, you may want to know that there are downsides of the program as well. And these involve things like:

Being Kicked out of a Survey

If you have taken surveys before, you already know that you have to answer a few questions before taking a survey so that it is determined if you qualify for the actual survey.

With the other programs, you are told if you do or don’t and then get to work. But for this program, many people have complained of getting approved for a survey, but just after they have started working on it, they have chased away.

Remember, you had already started, and when you get kicked out, you won’t be receiving any rewards. Time wasted!

Your Travel Miles Expire

You only have about a year and a half to keep your awards, after that they expire. This is basically meant to keep you on surveys almost every other day. You are going to have to be working every so often to show that your account is active.

Not all surveys are Awarded

Some people, although few, had said that they had instances when they did a survey, were approved but nothing was credited to their accounts. It means you did a survey for free. When such things happen, it is often hard to get the awards after the survey has gone through.

Who is it For?

If you are a regular traveler using United Airlines, this is a good place to earn rewards from which convert pretty well. If you live in the United States, and you are above the age of 18 years, you can participate.

If you are also looking for ways you can make online, this is a venture you can look into for pocket money.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You earn 300 points just for signing up for an account and 600 points for registering an account with the program’s card or joining the premium membership.

• Your account is credited immediately you finish a survey. There are no delays or complicated procedures as with other programs.

• The company that created the system is a reputable one, so the chances of them ripping you off and disappearing are almost nil. This means there is future with this program if you plan to work on it for many years to come.

• The surveys take a very short time to complete. In around 15 minutes you should be done with a whole survey after you have been approved for it.

The Cons

• You can get kicked out of a survey when you are in the middle of it, and you won’t get any rewards for the effort you had initially invested before being kicked out.

• There are times you will be given other tasks to take on as part of the survey. They may need you to install software or do something else, which if you reject, you may not get any rewards. Some people say that they also won’t be able to log in again after such a scenario.

• The customer service of the system is very ineffective. Although you get a phone number to call in case you have inquiries, it’s very hard to get help from these guys.

• It is only limited to the residents of the United States only. People who are interested in the system but live from other countries will have to look for other similar programs.

• At times, some surveys may take longer than 15 minutes. I would suggest you drop them unless they are paying good air miles.

• You don’t get to keep the hard earned air miles for as long as you want. They will expire in 18 months. You have to keep doing more surveys to keep them longer than that.

• What you make from this system is not enough for you to earn a living with. It will be best for some pocket money. If you had any other plans, you better cancel them this early.

Final Verdict:

At a glance, the program is great. But it will do much benefit to someone who lives in Chicago and travels a lot. If you are in Chicago, you will be able to get help with your account.

Something I like about the program is the simplicity the method of operation has been made with. The awards get in your account as fast as you complete the survey.

This is something very encouraging. What turned me off though, was the kicking out. Although I’m well versed with this idea from other surveys, it is not good to kick someone in the middle of a survey, not reward them and have them get troubles going back to the site the next time. This was a really huge turn off for me.
Final Verdict – legit!
Product Name: Opinion Miles Club
Website Address: https://www.opinionmilesclub.com
Owner: United Airlines
Price: Free
Rankings: 65 out of 100

Have you been a member of the opinion miles club? How are you fairing? Are you getting many surveys? Have you ever been kicked out in the middle of survey? If you haven’t joined and are eligible for it, do you think it’s with joining? Please let us know get your opinions on these questions in the comments below.

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