Online Wealth Markets Review – Is OWM a Scam?

Business Name: Online Wealth MarketsOnline Wealth Markets Review – Is OWM a Scam?
Owner: Unknown
Price: $7 to $97 + $250 Deposit (Banc de Binary)
Overall Ranking: 20 out of 100

Online Wealth Markets Scam Review – Introduction:

If you are searching for a thorough online wealth markets review to get to know whether this binary program is legit or just another blatant scam, then you should read this honest review that has visible proofs and deep insight into what this “online job opportunity” is working with and what it is really doing. Does it deliver the exact match of services and opportunities it claims? Does the program work as the other online reviews say, or it’s a complete contrast?

Working online has been crowned as the easiest and most comfortable way to make money. Due to this, almost all scams have deemed it fit to use this same path which many people want to follow to make money and gather up wealth quick without having to commute or spend much effort to get a decent income, so to speak. This very mindset is what brought online wealth markets into being.

They know millions of desperate people want to get rich very fast and will jump on every opportunity that comes their way. Their method and tricks to have people buy into their hype are what we are going to look at deeply, so string along.

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What is Online Wealth Markets?

This is a binary software for traders that is allegedly created to help people who want to leverage the trading sector to scoop a favorable supplement to their monthly income. It uses trading signals to help its members identify and make the most of the constant changes in trading trends. What happens is that you will just have to click a certain trading signal optimization button and have hundreds of dollars coming to your account every day. (That’s the catch)

Easy as it may seem, this is not what truly happens. This binary fiction that is meant to fog your mind into the way it operates is set to make sure that you make a deposit which is what only pays in that system and then give you false hopes that you are making money when in reality you aren’t.

Those figures that you are shown on the homepage are just a shame! They claim that they have paid over what? 1.5 million dollars in 90 days? That can’t happen.

What they do is that they code figures into their website to make it appear as if the payouts are being tracked when they don’t even worry about what the software does. What they really track is your initial payment and monthly fees.

I have reviewed many other similar programs that you can see here: Free Money System, Fast Cash Biz, MoneyBot, Profit Maximizer, Euro Millionaire System, Copy Trade Profit, andaff The Timing System.

Who is Online Wealth Markets For?

This program OWM is designed for people who have got a thing for trading and stock exchange, as they try to make it appear. The schemers of this scam try to capture everyone in as many quantities as they can, but they try to cloak their desire using trade and exchange.

Their system of operation is fashioned to be easy to work with that everyone can operate without the knowledge of signals and all that. It makes a huge impression on people who think that online scams only venture into affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM).

Using this technique of a rare kind, they have managed to get people to fall for their trap and rip them off afterward by making them pay the initial fees needed to join the trading program and then a deposit, which could be called an investment, to use the binary signals in their software.

How Does it Work?

As earlier said, the way these so-called binary trading works is not like other scams do but their motives are one and the same, to have them suck some money out of your credit card. And here is exactly how OWM does it:


They will have you join and if you seem somewhat skeptical about it at first, they will refer you to a video created by the owner explaining to you how he got the software up and running. How his ‘previous boss cheated him’ and went through a lot of hardship by not being recognized as the co-founders of this software. Then, he goes on to say how he reclaimed it and his aspirations.

After you are done with the false speech of his software’s history, he takes you to another “specialist” who will show you how the software works and how to earn over $10,000 in less than a minute. From there, you are taken to testimonials from members who claim to have gotten paid and how it molded their lives for the better.

P.S. I found out that one of the video testimonials was from a guy who sells articles and videos for $5 from Fiverr. You can look him up yourself to confirm that.

You will then be taken to the registration page where you will be required to fill in your personal details including your credit card details. After that, you join by paying a small fee of up to $9 or so based on your country’s current dollar exchange rate. They work with pounds.

Then, after you are done paying the little trial fees, you will then receive endless phone calls from their company to fund your account if you haven’t so that you can start making money by depositing the minimum deposit needed of $250 to start working. You will then get a link to download their trading software to start working immediately.

You can see how complicated their registration process is as this is where they get to make the most amount of money from you.

Training and Tools Overview:


Unlike other online cheats, Online Wealth Markets makes it possible for people to have something they can call a “Money making strategy” that they can point out to. That is why they created a blindfold of training to show you how anyone even an online novice can make money through it. And there are the forms of training they provide:

  • One on one training – They say that they will give you a step by step training through the call they will make to you soon after joining. More to that, they claim that calling and guiding you alone is worth £1000’s but they let it slide because of their ‘kindness.’
  • Visual Training – Before you join there is that video that you are redirected to, to view in millionaire’s blueprint, a site that they have some collaboration with. This is where you see how they make a simple $100 and more in 50 seconds by betting on the direction of the market.
  • eBooks – They only mention that they have eBooks to boost your understanding of the market and making wise ‘bets’ on your money, but they don’t give a place to get the information and links to download them.


The website holds quite a number of tools to give a good impression to anyone who has the intention of joining. Their way of doing things, although not legit, is just splendid! And to give you more insight into what they work with, here are the tools in OWM:

  • Trading Software – This is the backbone of the company. It is where you get to place your bets on the current market conditions and value and get choosing the best trades for maximum profits. It uses historical data, triggers, and indicators as they say.
  • Market Analysis – They give you a market analysis of how the market is doing and has been doing in the recent times to give you an idea and direction for where you should ‘bet’ and how you should do it as well.
  • Option Strategies – This is another feature that they say they have, and it helps with buying and selling within the market although they don’t give a clear idea of how it works.
  • Social trading – They try to make the trading and lively as much as possible and quick as well so that one feels at more ease when doing it.


Pros and Cons:


The unique thing good about this product is their level of relaying their message to members and aspirants. Their way of presenting information is accurate, with their product details sounding somewhat genuine and can have a rookie easily fooled. If their level of sincerity and honesty matched the kind of information they spread everywhere, it would be a raging success!


  • They have a lot of positive reviews written and ranked best on the web. They have at least four reviews of their site ranked on the first page of Google. This means that it will be easy to fool the people who are used to ending their search on the first page. They have people with different names like James, John, Jasmin and Amanda Branson among others to get you fully convinced that it’s a genuine opportunity.
  • The price, $250 an initial deposit is very highly keeping in mind the fact that it’s not guaranteed any returns. Whether you win, if it’s even possible, or lose the deposit cannot be refunded.
  • The flogging calls they make to get you to deposit money in your account so that they can take them are so irritating. You may think that they are efficient in the way they work, especially by how they will approach you but they are just greedy people.
  • They team up with a highly reputable binary broker, Banc de Binary, to make you see that their intentions are true. Just because you are linked to a renowned organization doesn’t mean you are clean and efficient as they are. Probably, just probably, they might have paid the organization to use their name in their software which can ruin the reputation of a broker.


  • They give people the hurry and urgency to join their website by showing how the opportunities there are limited. In fact, one of their affiliates said that because they are serious and sensitive of the people who join, the chances are limited to make the performance of the software, even more, better. Truth is, the chances are not limited, and they do that to make people convert very quickly.
  • Once you join and pay the deposit fees to start trading, your binary options trading account starts to experience problems. You will sometimes not be able to log in to your account, and when you contact the support team to get the issue fixed, the call doesn’t go through nor are their emails replied.


To start with, nothing they offer is free even the trials they say they do. When you join, you will pay a minimum fee of £4 to £7 to have the access to their trading software but not to use it. You don’t get to use the software until you make the deposits of $250, which is the minimum and can go up to as much as you wish to ‘invest.’

And from those charges for deposits, you don’t get refunded if you lose. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. Also you need to note that from the deposits, they do earn money and the more you deposit, the more they benefit because they know the deposits are non-refundable.


Their quality of support is usually perfect when you join and as you make your deposits but after that it starts to deteriorate as time goes by. What I would like to think is that they make sure they optimize the conversions by showing people how good their support is.

They know that nothing pays off like good support which one can rely on fully. But out of the pretense, their true color is brought to light after you join and your account breaks down.

Final Verdict:

Going by all the twists and turns we have seen on this website and trading software not to mention their method of operation; this website should be avoided at all cost! Everything about the website has a catch and in Forex trading you cannot predict the market. If you are on a lucky side then you may get some trade on a profit but majority of times you will lose.

Name: Online Wealth Markets
Overall ranking: 20 out of 100
Owner: unknown
Price: $7 to $97 or more

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