Online Proofreading Jobs From Home For Beginners

If you are very good at getting grammatical mistakes and irregularities, a work-from-home proofreading employment might be an awesome fit for you. Not just that, proofreaders are sought after, especially for online organizations.

What’s more, since you can edit from essentially any area, it’s an extraordinary choice for profiting from home. Much of the time, proofreaders can even set their own particular hours and work at their own pace. On the off chance that this sounds like your calling, this is what you have to think about profiting from home editing.

What is Proofreading?

There are many home based jobs available in the form of data entry, transcription jobs, editing jobs, and proofreading. Each one offers a good potential for earning while at the same time requires good technical skills especially proofreading. Let’s look at proofreading in detail;

Proofreaders and editors are frequently thought of as compatible, however, there are particular contrasts between the two parts. Proofreading focuses around getting mistakes in language structure, spelling, grammar, and arranging. Editors audit material just before the material goes into production.

There’s a fine difference between proofreading and editing. The two procedures are unique however similarly vital in the written work process.

Altering occurs before editing, and it involves rebuilding the entire content; erasing pointless sections, keeping an eye on lucidity, sentence structure, and guaranteeing that there`s a smooth stream of thoughts. Proofreading is the final step and it involves rebuilding the entire content; erasing pointless passages, keeping an eye on clearness, sentence structure, and guaranteeing that there`s a smooth stream of thoughts.

Unlike editing, proofreading is thorough as it includes joining the article to spot sentence structure blunders, grammatical mistakes, spelling missteps and accentuation mistakes. Editing shines the last draft.

Work as Proofreaders:

Proofreading jobs are abundant, especially in the business world and in the realm of online substance. Numerous organizations, bloggers, writers are searching for a watchful eye to survey their material and catch any conspicuous blunders.

Proofreaders read transcripts and copy and check to ensure there are no spelling, linguistic or typographical mistakes.

They work for daily papers, publishers and different spots that depend on consummate sentence structure in printing. Regularly, proofreaders will get duplicate and note any progressions that are required for authors, typists or editors to change.

Now and again, proofreaders likewise ensure that pages are separated effectively, so duplicate isn’t cut off amid the printing procedure. Proofreaders need to know distinctive styles of syntax, contingent upon where they work, for example, the Elements of Style, the AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style.

Honestly speaking, it is not a job that every person can do as it requires a lot of skills. By reading this post if you are not comfortable with this job I recommend you to see my best choice.


Where Can You Find Proofreading Jobs?

There are numerous awesome platforms in case you’re searching for freelance proofreading jobs. Here is a couple to begin with:


Gramlee is an altering and editing organization. They offer administrations for some, unique written work ventures, for example, expositions, articles, books, whitepapers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They offer sentence structure checks, copyediting, APA altering, and editing administrations.

Temporary workers must finish an application that incorporates a historical verification and appraisal. Archives are classified and secure. Editors are required to turn archives around inside 24 hours amid the week (yet can set their own particular hours). Gramlee pays amongst $12 and $20 every hour, contingent upon your efficiency rate.


EditFast is a proofreading administration where benefactors can present their archives online for sealing. EditFast fills in as a stage to associate customers with editors.

Potential proofreaders must present a resume and finish a few editing tests. They should present their resume with the Resume Builder, finish EditFast’s altering tests, make their own page through the EditFast Web Page Builder, and present a non-divulgence understanding.

Once affirmed, they will get warnings with respect to potential tasks. It’s suggested editors have proficient altering background, particular information in a particular field, for example, medicinal, specialized or writing, and a solid commonality with the English dialect.


FlexJobs records a group of proofreading openings from around the United States. FlexJobs is a working from home employment board that has an assortment of positions.

The nature, accessibility, and prerequisites for each position will fluctuate by the task and the organization. Some editing occupations require high expertise levels in particular territories, for example, social insurance, science, and assembling.

Different positions are broader and require less involvement.

With FlexJobs, it’s anything but difficult to see an assortment of positions to evaluate what you’re best met all requirements for, and they hand-screen all organizations so you can rest guaranteed each and every one is genuine.


Upwork offers an assortment of independent ventures including editing and proofreading. When you finish your profile on the site, you’re combined with your optimal occupations. You can likewise seek through customers and react to customer solicitations straightforwardly.

As you are increasingly fruitful, you’re prescribed to more customers for extra work. Subsequent to making a profile, you’ll send potential customers recommendations featuring your qualities and including why you’re really great fit for the activity.

Rates differ by undertaking and customer and the rates are unveiled in advance. A few ventures are hourly and others offer a settled cost.


Kibin is a small organization and the accessibility of their positions can change. Their administrations are centered around copyediting, editing, and sentence structure checks. They work with numerous understudies and insightful associations to help with papers, applications, and theses.

Kibin has an extraordinary online library of exposition tests to enable understudies to begin conceptualizing thoughts and work through staying focuses.

They offer a quick turnaround time and representatives can telecommute. Kibin pays editors per word, yet additionally incorporates rewards for due dates and consumer loyalty. All things considered, editors and editors acquire $15-$25 hours yet numerous can win up to $30 every hour reliably.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services offers an extensive variety of transitory and temp-to-procure counseling occupations. Their virtual occupations incorporate editing administrations for an assortment of enterprises and organizations.

Kelly Services is one of the most seasoned work offices; they’ve been doing business for more than 70 years. They are solid and simple to work with, offering portable quest for new employment and access. Postings will differ in light of abilities, encounter and the idea of the position.

Offering motivated pay and adaptable hours, works with an assortment of customers around the world. contractual workers experience a testing procedure when they apply to demonstrate their editing aptitudes and capacities.

The screening procedure is thorough and they enlist roughly one of every 300 candidates. They additionally offer a few assets including a manual for enabling you to scan for work-at-home proofreading jobs.


Scribendi is a proofreading organization situated in Ontario, Canada. They offer both in-house and working from home open doors.

Proofreaders and editors are urged to have an advanced education in a related field, three years of involvement in composing, altering or dialect direction, and local level English capacities. Scribendi offers specialists free preparing and motivators redeemable at online retailers.

Consultants must finish a screening test and finish an application procedure. The compensation shifts by the venture, however, it’s aggressive, and each task’s valued out forthright.

How Can You Start Your Own Freelance Proofreading Business?

Starting your own particular proofreading business gives you the choice to work the hours of your picking, set your own particular rates, and work totally locally situated (on the off chance that you lean toward). You needn’t bother with formal preparing in the event that you begin your own particular business.

You can develop with your customers and even offer extra administrations in light of your abilities and experience. While staying aware of due dates and working up your customer base are challenges, there are a lot of assets to enable you to begin with your own particular independent proofreading business.

The Freelancing platforms are providing a great opportunity for this. Freelancing platform is a brilliant open door for a work-at-home employment. On the off chance that

Occupation Requirements:

You will require awesome vocabulary and punctuation aptitudes. Proofreading isn’t simply finding spelling mistakes. You will likewise need to know things like appropriate comma use and standard editing marks.

Regardless of whether you work online or offline news magazine or web-based interfaces, editing is an essential employment. In spite of the fact that there’s not set necessities for a vocation in editing, the perfect candidate must have tender loving care and 100% should be proficient and have 100% fixation on their work.

The following are the essential necessities that an editor ought to have;

  • Good command of the English dialect and vocabulary,
  • Attention to detail; proofreaders ought to have the capacity to spot grammatical errors; spelling mistakes, and guarantee that each comma is effectively set. Proofreaders need to ensure each comma is set up and each word is spelled accurately.
  • Teamwork; Regularly, proofreaders insignificant associations, for example, daily papers work as a devoted unit with editors, writers, typists, and different editors.
  • Versatile; proofreaders ought to have the capacity to deal with any sort of documents relating any theme
  • Ability to think for long stretches, as Proofreading includes checking of the moment points of interest
  • Spelling/Grammar; Proofreaders need a dominance of the composed word. They have to see how a sentence is perused, and how a sentence is communicated. Being capable of dialect and composing style is pivotal.

How Much Proofreaders Earn?

Similarly like various online works, proofreading pay the rates run the extent from below the lowest pay permitted by law to over $20 every hour. It completes tending to pay not as much as independent composition occupations. What’s more, it is production based pay.

You will once in a while be offered a time-based compensation. Proofreaders can earn around thousands all things considered for all day work.

The compensation and measure of work differ by the editor’s accessibility and workload. A proofreader who can keep up a few steady customers may acquire more, though somebody who’s just searching for circumstances in their spare time will procure less as compared to the other.

You could also use other home based jobs to supplement your income. See my other posts including transcription jobs and data entry jobs.

How Do You Train to Become a Proofreader?

If you are especially gifted or experienced in a particular field, for example, the medicinal or lawful industry, you can focus in on your subject matter.

It is suggested that prospective proofreaders ought to act naturally persuaded, adaptable, and have a falcon eye for subtle elements and language structure. While numerous proofreading jobs don’t require a formal preparing, it absolutely doesn’t hurt to look over your aptitudes

Tools Requirements:

Proofreading is one of the vast online employment that should be possible from pretty much anyplace and on pretty much any gadget. Work on your tablet on the off chance that you might want. There are a couple of devices that may make your life less demanding, in any case.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a web-based editing is done through Google Docs which takes into account a markup method and adding remarks to a unique report. Archives can likewise be shared effortlessly on the web.


Dropbox is another incredible alternative for imparting archives to customers who want to utilize Word or another report shape.


It is a spectacular online device for spotting syntax and spelling botches. The free-form will enable you to check WordPress and web-based social networking, however, you will require a Premium record for Microsoft Office items and Google Docs.

It can be a tremendous help be that as it may! It can even influence proposals for sentence structure and that written work to the style we talked about before. It won’t discover everything. Try not to depend on Grammarly to carry out your activity.

Bottom Line:

The development of spellcheck and other electronic language structure checking programming implies that editor occupations will become gradually in the vicinity of 2010 and 2020.

With responsibility, your editing abilities will create, and you’ll see the advantages that accompany knowing such an important aptitude. Begin by volunteering to edit for loved ones, web journals, and nearby organizations. With training, you’ll feel prepared and certain to hop into the activity showcase.

Regardless of whether you figure out how to proofread just to enhance your own particular substance or need to acquire some cash, you’ll see it be extremely fulfilling.

If you are not comfortable with this job or if you are looking for a job that can make you sustainable income from home then see my #1 recommendation.