20 Best Online Jobs for College Students that Pay $2000/Month

We know that it has become a common dream for all students to get into and try these online jobs. That is why here we will explain it to you these 20 best online jobs for college students. If you want to meet your financial needs, then this is the best way which you can opt! It a great way and technique of meeting your tuition and educational expenses.

This is the additional income which everyone loves to get! Even if you are working and you are not a student anymore, still you can be the part of these online jobs. These online jobs are mostly done on a part-time basis.

It is the easiest way to get some additional financial income. It is like pocket money for many students. These days, we have many genuine and valid online jobs. They are easy and quick to do, and you can do them from your home.

Almost all online jobs do not want you to come to the office. Just get a laptop, and you can start off with varies number of paid online jobs. Below we have listed down and collected top 20 best online jobs for all college students. So shortlist them and try to do any one of them.

1. Earn Money by Clicking

Some of the websites let you earn money by clicking. So you can visit those sites, read about their terms and conditions and start earning money just by clicking.

This job is called paid to click online job, or you can call it as PTC job. These specific sites will pay you if you are going to view their advertisements. Also by reading ads and clicking on them, you will be paid. It is an interesting online job which many students are currently doing.

More advertisements you are going to watch and view, more you will be paid. You just need to get a fast internet connection, Gmail account, and a well-working laptop.

2. Online Job by Answering Surveys

This is a paid online job, and you can do it by just filling and answering surveys. This is an online survey job, and we know that many college students have heard of this online job line. This online job has become extremely viral. Many of the manufacturing companies are conducting these surveys filling and researching activities so that they can get suggestions about their new products.

For these activities, they need people too! You just make a free account with any of reliable online survey company. You only and prime duty will be to answer those surveys.

3. Working as a Blogger

You can even work as a part-time blogger. If you have some interesting as well as engaging stuff to be shared with readers, then you can put that into the shape of a blog. By making a blog, you can earn and get sufficient money.

To make a blog, you have to write and to share stuff on it on a regular basis. You can start a blog by using these CMS platforms like we have Word Press. You blog can be related to the education field, or it can be a tourist blog, it can be a tutorial blog, or it can be a cooking blog.

4. A job as a Content Writer

If you have fine writing skills, then you can easily get into part-time content writing jobs. You just have to spend 2 hours on a daily basis, and then enough money will come into your bank account. You can work as a content writer for different websites. Or you can work for some online journals.

This is a decent job, and it can give you decent money too. It depends on your writing potential that how much you will earn. Normally 1000 words article can give 1 dollar to 10 dollars.

5. Affiliate Marketing Job

You can sell and advertise products online and get money by sitting at home. For all college students, getting into affiliate marketing online jobs is the best option for them.

You only have to sell the products to other merchants. And if they will buy your products, then you will get handsome range commission. This affiliate marketing online job comes in the form of doing email marketing, sharing social links too.

6. Joining Fiverr

We know that Fiverr is one of the most popular sites and platforms where employers, as well as employees, can make a strong connection. On Fiverr, you can look for many online jobs.

Their job level starts with the earning of 5 dollars. On this platform, you can search for the jobs which are linked with design and graphics category, digital marketing category, photo editing category, video making category.

7. Working as Freelancer

We are now seeing some instant and quick developments in the world of internet. Many of the companies are looking for freelancers who can work on their projects.

You can be one of those freelancers too! You cam visit these freelancing sites, like we have O-desk and Freelancer.com. These sites offer various projects which you can choose according to your caliber.

8. Micro-Level Online Jobs

If you have quite less time to do these online jobs but still you want to make money and enough earnings then you can do these micro-level online jobs.

These online jobs and tasks can be completed in few minutes. For every single task, you will be paid in between the range of Rs 5 – Rs 50. These micro-level jobs are widely preferred by students because completion span of these tasks is quite less.

9. Solving Captcha

You can do this online job too, it is about solving captchas. If you will be able to solve about 100 captchas then you will get 1 dollar to 3 dollars earning. You need to have bit of fast and quick typing speed to do this specific online job.

Plus you have to work on the daily basis for about 3 to 4 hours so that handsome income can be transferred to your bank account.

10. Online Tutor Profession

If you have fine amount of teaching skills then you can become an online tutor easily. This is a high paying online job. Plus if you are good in teaching science subjects then you will get more higher earning. You can even give your consultancy services as an online tutor.

You can join these sites like Fiverr.com or you can join this one website Tutor.com. You have to submit your resume and experience details by making a profile on these specific sites.

11. Reading E-Books

Another way of earning online is that you can be reading E-books. If you are fond of this book reading habit, then you can avail it in a profit earning way. You just have to read E-books and get money for that reading. Visit this site, Paid Books. They will pay you in Bitcoins.

Just make a free account over there. By reading on such sites, you can make about Rs 2000 on a per month basis.

12. Data Entry Jobs

This online job is extremely in demand. You can go for data entry work or you can fill forms. By doing such a job, you can earn thousands on a per month basis easily. You just have to get a genuine data entry client. Your typing speed has to be good and you should have sound English knowledge.

13. Selling Photos

How about selling your photos and getting money in return of them! This is also an online job which you can prefer. If you have taken photos of some of the notable and famous events then you can sell those photos later on. You can give those photos to sites like istockphotos or to Shutterstock.

On a per photo basis, you will get rs 250. If you are good and have fine photography skills then you should turn out this skill of yours into an income earning opportunity.

14. Buying and Selling Websites

For any online business, they need a name and an online presence. This presence can be given to them if they will make a website of their online business. If you know how to develop a site then you can fully involve yourself in this online job. You can earn money by buying and selling websites and domain names.

15. Creating a YouTube Channel

You can design your own YouTube channel and earn money from it. More your videos will get views and more you will get subscribers, more your YouTube channel will be able to earn. You can upload funny incident videos or dancing videos on your channel, you can be uploading online teaching videos or educational tutorials over there.

16. Virtual Assistant Online Job

You can work as a personal secretary on online basis. You just have to make your presence online and this is all! This is an online part time job which includes the activities like you will be managing clients, you will be scheduling appointments, you will be arranging meetings for your boss. You will be organizing events and also making phone calls.

17. Selling Your Personal Products on Online Portals

This is next one easy to earn money. If you have bunch of personal products which are of no use to you, then you can sell them on the sites like Olx or on click.in.

You can get in touch with direct selling sites like Flipkart or Amazon. You can sell out any homemade product, any product related to home decor. If you have unnecessary wall arts or paintings at your home then you can sell them on these sites too.

18. Search Online Jobs on JobTonic

You can search for more and more online jobs on JobTonic platform. This platform has more than 17 lakh online jobs present in it. All of their offered and available part time online jobs works on genuine basis. You can use filters while you are searching for home based jobs or if you are looking part-time student level jobs.

19. Part Time Selling Job

You can also become a part-time seller if you want to! You just have to take few hours from your busy schedule and sell products on sites like Snapdeal, Amazon or on Pepperfry.com.

By becoming an online seller, you can really get a heavy profit by doing this selling. One of the recommended products which you should sell out are these CCTV cameras, surveillance-related kind of equipment, security cameras. If you have extra in amount of home theatres at your end or mini speakers, if you have extra radios or beard shavers at your home then you can for sure sell them out too.

20. Online Job as a Consultant

This job as a consultant is only about giving professional advice to the clients. And this can be done online. You can guide your clients online that how they should start their business.

This job of consultation is getting widely and extremely popular in whole industrial sector. If you have experience in consulting service then you should do this job on online platforms. You can earn around Rs 10000 to Rs 30000 if you will take this online consulting job seriously.

These are 20 best online jobs for college students which not only college students, but all people can easily opt. Some of these jobs can give you speedy and quick income. If you think that your financial constraints are getting bigger, then try doing these online jobs.

Sooner more online job options will be shared with college and university level students. It is just the beginning phase which will give you a tough time in this online job world. But as time and this beginning phase will be passed, then you will earn more and more handsome amount of income range. Try these online paid jobs and give us your feedback that which one is easier!

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