25 Online Jobs from Home that Pay $2000 Per Month & More (2021)

In this article, I will reveal you my 25+ ways that are not only the best but also very simple earning methods from home which anyone can use.

I know many of you are not taking steps just due to nonavailability of right direction and guidance.

So stay relaxed and read this whole post to absorb as much info as you can. You don’t need to be involved in all of these.

Only one business is enough to earn a full-time time income from home. As you have heard that;

“Jack of all trades is a master of none.”

I recommend you once you start earning enough money from one online job then move to the next one and so on.

Without further delay let’s look at my best online jobs from home that pay $2000 per month and more.

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#1. Wealthy Affiliate

#2. Commission Hero

#3. Proven Amazon Course

Making money from surveys is a simple and very effective method to earn a decent income from home. I recommend this method to the citizens of the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

The reasons I suggest these citizens are that because most of the surveys are only targeted towards these countries, and they pay well to these peoples also.

Even few survey sites target European and Asian countries as well, but they are very few and pay very less.

The best method is to join the best survey sites and complete surveys as most along with utilizing other income opportunities as well. Typically, you will earn $1 to $20 for completing each survey.

The longer it is, the more you will earn. Let’s suppose if you complete 100 surveys per month and average rate per survey is $10, you have earned nearly $1000 per month.

That’s pretty realistic!

Even I have seen sites that pay nearly $100 per survey, though they demand more effort as well.

So don’t worry, I am showing you all legit survey sites that you just signup there and start earning. The names are;

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Inbox Dollars
  3. PrizeRebel
  4. My Survey
  5. Vindale Research

2. Pay to Click Sites

These are very simple pay to click sites that pay their members for seeing different ads. The ads usually last for a few seconds, and the reward also ranges for a few cents.

PTC industry is notorious for bad and scam sites, but few sites have been paying for more than ten years to its members.

Their earning method is simple!

Join all legit PTC sites and start seeing ads on a daily basis. Recruit as many people as practicable as it will increase your earnings very rapidly.

Certain sites also offer rental referrals option, but I recommend this option for Neobux only.

You are wondering how few cents job can be fixed in this thousand dollars post. Believe me; if you use them right, you can also earn few hundred bucks per month from one site.

Let’s do the math. If you are working on ten sites and each site is earning you $100 per month, your total earnings will reach to $1000 per month.

If you think which sites are legit then I always recommend you to join only;

  1. Neobux
  2. ClixSense
  3. GPT Planet
  4. BuxVertise 

3. Get Paid To Jobs

These are also very simple and easy to do jobs that can be done by anyone. There are many sites available where you just need to register and then start earning money.

These sites are similar to survey sites but apart from surveys they also have other earning options in the form of small tasks.

The tasks may include;

  • Viewing Ads
  • Installing software
  • Sign up

Each job will reward you in the form of points. Later on, you could convert those points into different options. 

Though most of the jobs are not lucrative, they have a pretty good number of jobs, and these can add up very quickly. 

There are numerous sites available, and all you need is to join the most legit ones. I recommend you to join those sites on priority;

4. Blogging

This perhaps the best method among all and most importantly the lucrative as well. You can easily earn $3000 to $5000 per month.

I recommend combining this method with the affiliate marketing.

Even I know people who have reached six figures income per month very quickly.

My suggestion to everyone is if you are serious about making money online, start blogging. Leave all other methods.

But few things I want to make very clear about blogging;

  • It is not a get rich scheme;
  • It requires your effort and time; and
  • It requires investment.

But the good thing is that if you don’t know anything about blogging, then I recommend you to join wealthy affiliate where I also have learned blogging.

You don’t need to think about thousands of dollars for investment. If we do the math then $10 for a domain name, $50 per year for hosting and you need content for your site. That’s all!

5. Affiliate Marketing

It is an extension of blogging, and literally, there are hundreds of affiliate platforms, and you become their affiliate and start promoting their products.

In affiliate marketing, you promote vendor’s product, and they track your traffic through a unique link called affiliate link.

Generally, there are big platforms where vendors placed their products and affiliates when registered with those platforms are allowed to promote the vendor’s products.

Few popular platforms are ClickBank, Shareasale, Commission Junction, and Amazon.

The best form of affiliate marketing is to create a site and start promoting product and services related to your niche.

However, you don’t need a site to become an affiliate marketer. People are using social media sites, YouTube and questioning answering sites to start promoting products and earning money.

If you are promoting goods that are selling for $50 and it is offering its affiliates a $25 commission, suppose you have sold 100 products during one month, you have earned a commission of $2500 per month.

That’s the power of affiliate marketing.

Remember this is only for one product. Once you have a site, you are promoting multiple products and services. So imagine it yourself!

Visit these links for affiliate marketing;

6. YouTube

When I first look at YouTube that it offers $1 for 1000 views, I just ignored it.

But I got amazed at seeing my friends results that they are easily earning $5k per month just by uploading daily one video with average quality.

Some of their videos go viral and have viewed by millions of people. One such video I have seen had nearly 30 million views. It means $30,000 just from one video.

The fun started when you reached to 100k subscribers, and at that time you need to upload one video daily to earn a decent income.

Though some of the people are copying other peoples content, I cannot recommend this if you are serious about building your full-time business from home.

Make your own content and provide value to your viewers. That’s it! If you offer value, your subscribers will mount very quickly.

7. Freelancing Jobs

If you are expert in something, simply start selling your skills. There are many such platforms out there where you can join as a free member and start your work.

Some services sell like hot cakes, and if you know these, you can make 5k per month very easily.

I have listed down some hot selling offers;

  • Logo designing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video creation
  • Voice over
  • Business proposals
  • Social media marketing

To be very fair, if you don’t know how to do these services, you may learn it on the internet. Just Google around, and you may find tons of free information.

Just have confidence in yourself, and you are set to go.

I recommend Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance platforms if you want to step in. 

8. Content Writing Jobs

This job has shown tremendous growth over the past years, and this is due to increasing number of peoples are coming into the blogging field.

The more bloggers create blogs; more they need content for their blogs/sites.

That’s why content writers are in high demand. You can get paid from $5 to $50 for writing 1000+ words content.

Content Witten may be of different forms; from generally written article to product reviews, email swipes, press releases, rewriting, pdf writing, eBook writing, and many more.

There are many popular content writing platforms that you may be part of and can earn a decent income.

I recommend i-writer, Fiverr, Text Broker, etc.

9. Captcha Solving Jobs

At first glance, this looks very simple. But once you start typing, it requires a lot of your concentration. Still not technically very tough job and you just have to type the Captcha to earn money.

Each captcha image may contain 5-12 characters which you have to identify & enter.

For solving 1000 captchas, you can earn $1 to $3. If your typing speed is fast, you can type 1000 Captchas in 1-2 hours.

If you work 5-6 hours daily, you can earn up to $250-$300 by solving Captchas.

I have compiled a list of best captcha entry sites where you can signup & start earning immediately.

10. Online Data Entry Jobs

There are hundreds of legit online companies looking for individuals for data entry jobs.

These jobs may vary from copy-paste, converting one format to another format, data digitization, etc. The jobs don’t require any technical skill, and you can do it from your home easily.

Depends on the type of jobs, you can expect to earn anywhere $200 to $500 from one site. 

Beware of many frauds in this industry that initially ask for the registration fee. Even some legit sites will ask for the registration fee. Don’t pay them as there are many free data entry jobs available.

I have compiled a list of legit data entry job sites where you can find a few top ones.

11. Online Money Making Apps

From the last five years making money from apps is a hot trend among people. This could be ranged from creating your own apps to installing different apps and get cash back options.

There are hundreds of apps that you can use and make money by;

  • completing simple offers (like playing free games, watching videos, installing apps, signup on sites)
  • get shopping cash backs, and
  • review products and get paid.

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12Online Tutoring Jobs

If you are expert in something, then you can teach someone online. Let’s suppose you are good at the English language then there is a huge audience all over the world that is looking for online English classes.

You only need a PC/laptop with a high-speed internet connection to start with this. You can use Skype or other software for communication.

You can make more than $20 per hour as a tutor.

I have written a detailed article on tutoring jobs guide that will show you precise steps to work as a tutor and earn more revenue in shorter time.

13. Fiverr

Fiverr is a hot topic nowadays and the reason is this it is too simple to earn money from this site.

Many people think about who cares for $5 but believe me, $5 will add up very quickly, and moreover, you can also offer custom service for value above than and $5 and extras as well.

I recommend you just to get one of the most popular skills and start selling. I know reaching the first level is tough but once you reached then, organic orders begin to come more quickly.

Once you reach the second level, then the fun start and your bucket will full of orders.

14. Online Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs simply mean convert audio or video form to text form. These are highly paid jobs but at the same time require a lot of skills, e.g., good listening, tying, grammar, and linguistics.

High paid transcription jobs require in the medical, legal, media, police and entertainment industry. Their salaries range from $25,000 to $1, 25,000 per annum.

I have provided detailed guidance on online transcription jobs here.

15. Domain & Site Flipping

This is another very profitable business in which the webmaster sell his website to another person. A website is just like an asset you have in the form of property, but it is not tangible.

Similar to your property that you can sell to someone else you can also sell your website to someone else.

Few valuation techniques are more familiar to estimate the price of a site.

A good website mostly sells for x20 to x35 times than his average monthly income. Let’s suppose if a site has an average monthly income of $1000 per month from last one year then it could easily sell for $30,000.

Though there are many other factors as well, this is what I have seen in the majority of times.

Three most popular platforms you can use for this purpose are Flippa, Empire Flippers, and Sedo.

16. Launch Jacking

This is a super simple way to make a good income each month. If you are not familiar with Jvzoo and Warrior Plus platforms, then I just share with you some idea about these sites.

These are the sites where people especially top internet marketers launch new products on a regular basis.

All you need is to find the products name before their launch and write a product review on them or create a video on them. When people buy a product using your affiliate link, you will get a commission,

The good thing is as the product is not launched yet, so there is no competition at all, and by taking advantage of it once you have created a video and on the day on launch when people search the product and find your video then they may buy a product using your affiliate link.

To get the info about the new products and their launch dates you can use “MunchEye.com.”

17. Email Marketing

This is another very profitable business out there. You have heard that;

“Money is in the list.”

Every successful internet marketer has an extensive list. If you are getting traffic to your site and you are not building a list, then you are wasting your traffic.

Each person on your list has a potential of generating $1 per month. So let’s suppose if you have a list of 10000 people then you can earn $10,000/month from it.

18. Product Development

Why promote someone else product and just get a percentage commission when you develop your own.

If you do this, then there are hundreds of affiliates that are ready to promote your product in front of large audience.

I know most of them are not in such a position to develop your product at the start, but once you have enough knowledge, then you can do it easily.

I hope you will like my post25 Online Jobs from Home that Pay $2000 Per Month & More and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.