One Opinion Review – Is it a Scam Survey Site or Legit?

Welcome to my One Opinion Review!

If you have seen this opportunity on the internet, or your friend has referred it to you to make side income every week by just completing simple surveys, then this review will guide you in detail about oneopinion to know whether it is a scam or legit site.

So don’t worry!

Let’s first look at the summary of OneOpinion Review;

Product Name: One Opinion

Founder: Hugh Davis & Keith Price 

Product Type: Survey Site

Price: Free to Join

Best For: Survey Taking Lovers

One Opinion Review

Summary: It is a reward site where you get paid for completing surveys and other tasks.

Rating: 75/100

Verdict: Yes

What is One Opinion?

One Opinion was launched by Hugh Davis & Keith Price back in 2011. The site conduct surveys on behalf of large marketing research companies.

The members get them to register with this site for free and give their honest opinion and earn points which can later be exchanged for different rewards.

The members not only get rewards in response to their opinions but also they get familiar with new products that are about to introduce in the market.

Hence it is a win-win situation for all the parties.

How Does One Opinion Work?

This is not the first survey site I am writing a review, but if you navigate around my site, you can find numerous product reviews. I generally don’t promote survey sites to my audience because it is not worth the time and effort you put in.

Still, if you are a survey lover then apart from this, few other surveys sites are legit as well, and their members are earning good side income.

Please see in the names of Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Survey Say and Global Test Market.

I have also written a post on legit survey sites list where you can find a lot of useful information.

How Does One Opinion Work?

Now let’s look at the step by step guide how you can use this platform easily.

Free Signup

The first step is to go the site and join as a free member. The process is very simple, and you are required to give some questions, and then they send you surveys based on your profile. 

Before starting each survey, you are tested with pre-qualification questionnaires to check that whether this survey is for you or not.

It is evident from the above that not all people will get the same surveys and most importantly not all get an equal number of surveys. This is the fact that if the survey matches with your profile, then you will only become eligible to it.

Take Surveys

The surveys will be sent to you via email. However, you can log in the site member’s area to find at your own convenience. The surveys are generally are in the form of questionnaires, and it is always recommended that you must give all the information honestly.

Not only this One Opinion can also send you physical products to test them and give your honest opinion. 

Earn Rewards

For each survey you complete and test products, you are rewarded with different points. 

These points when will reach 25000 level then you can trade those points for different rewards that are in the form of Gift Cards, Prepaid Visa Card or even you can withdraw via PayPal. 

Let’s look at their point structure;

10 points are $0.01
100 points are $0.10
1000 points are $1.00

As their minimum withdrawal limit is 25000 points, hence, it is equal to $25. Most of the surveys give you anywhere from 500-1000 points.

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Trusted Survey Site

There are many survey sites in the world, and I have seen most of them are following dishonest practices with the people in the form of cutting members’ points and disqualification. But I found no such problem with One Opinion.

They are very open and honest with the members.

2. Additional Income

It is a good opportunity for people who are looking for some side income. I think $50 to $100 per month is not bad for such people because there are many other survey sites to make more income.

Moreover, if you get products for testing then not only it will be an addition to the income but also an opportunity to see and test new products that are not even in the market yet.

3. Dis-Qualification Points

This site does pay 50 points for the first five times a day if you don’t qualify for. If you exceed more than five times a day, then it is limited to only 5 times a day.

That’s a total of 250 points.

Very few survey sites offer this facility. That’ why I called it one of trusted survey site. 

4. Great Support

The support is decent! Members Issues get addressed and followed up, but it can take time to get things resolved.

They care about their users! They are very honest and straightforward with members. 

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The Bad

1. “No Survey” Issue

As I stated earlier, the surveys are provided based on the information you have provided in the form of pre-qualification questionnaires. If there is no survey related to that information, then you couldn’t do much.

I have seen “No Survey” problem for a large number of members with this site. Even they have to wait for nearly a week to get one survey. So after two weeks, they would be able to earn $2 to $5, say for example. 

This is inevitable with any survey companies because the survey companies want their surveys to be conducted by the targeted audience.

To identify the targeted audience, they generally ask for pre-qualification questionnaires, and if there is anything they don’t want from you, you will not qualify for the survey itself. 

Let’s suppose a Company that specialized in the children toys and don’t want to get it surveys completed from people who don’t have children.

If you don’t have children’s, then you will not qualify to complete their survey.

2. Website Glitches Issue

I have seen members are complaining about glitches in the website and when they try to submit the survey, they see broken links or website get collapsed. This makes their whole effort wasted.

I think the technical team should take this issue seriously to maintain their creditability. Though this issue is very rare but still it needs to be addressed. 

3. Low Rewarding Surveys

As discussed earlier, surveys generally reward you 500 to 1000 points. Such surveys usually last for 15 minutes. So, e.g., if you spend 1 hour on completing those surveys, then you will get nearly $4/hour.

That’s ridiculous.

But this problem is not only with One Opinion, if you look at other survey sites as well then you wouldn’t find much difference.


4. Threshold Difficulty

I have also seen infrequent complaints from members that as soon as they are closer to the threshold level, they start facing a decrease in the number of surveys.

Though I am not in a position to confirm this complaint but still if this issue starts to mount, OnePoint will lose its creditability in the eyes of the people. 

One Point Cashout Options

Once you reach 25000 points, then you get to redeem those points for gift cards.

These gift cards will be sent to you physically, or you can request it in the form of gift codes via email. You can use them in various online shops where major debit cards are accepted.

If you have $25, then you can also request them to your PayPal account. 

How Much Can You Make with One Opinion?

That’s most important if you are using a survey site for money making opportunity.

I knew most of the survey sites offer very few points for each survey you take. The same applies to One Opinion.

That’s true.

On average if you spend 10 minutes for the survey, then it will reward you nearly $0.50 per survey and if the survey length is 30 minutes then most probably it will pay you roughly $3.

So you can make not more than $100 per month.

I have also seen people who have earned $200 per month, but those are very rare.

Please also remember that you don’t qualify for all surveys and after wasting so much time you get rewarded only 50 points.

Is One Opinion a Scam or Legit?

As I have reviewed many other survey sites; I can say that One Opinion is not a scam.

They are very organized and responded to member’s queries promptly. I have seen few complaints on the internet.

The site has been working for more than six years, and they are very open to the members. Moreover, they are also rewarding members 50 points for which they don’t qualify for the survey. It’s rare in the survey industry.

Overall, if you are looking for side income of $50 to $100 per month then joining One Opinion is not a bad option.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, One Opinion is a trusted site, and you get paid for sharing your opinion.

I generally don’t join those sites because it is not worth your time. Wasting one hour for just $5 is not what I want.

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Join as early as possible and start your work today so that you can achieve your dreams.

I hope you will like my One Opinion Review and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.