OMG Machines Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: OMG Machines
Website Address:
Product Price: $45
Business Owner: Greg Morrison and Mike Long
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 points

OMG Machines Review – Introduction:

OMG Machines was launched back in 2012 by Greg Morrison and Mike Long and it created a lot of buzz in internet marketing world. OMG stands for One Man Gang. OMG Machines teaches its members about search engine optimization (SEO) so that they can also get higher rank in search engines.

The program has gone through lot of changes to stay current with the changes made by Google. Apart from SEO, you will also learn how to do email marketing effectively to generate leads, sales and conversions.

What is Included in the Product?

If you look at the training then it is divided into different lessons;

Lesson 1 Keyword, Niches and Domains – This lesson includes seven video course that talks about domains, niches and keywords. If you look at the videos then it includes choosing an exact match domain, understanding keyword research and local clients, additional keyword methods, affiliate website samples and niche case study.

Lesson 2 Building your OMG Machines – This lesson guides you how to register your domain, choose a hosing plan, how to set up and install wordpress, building your own OMG machines.

Lesson 3 Articles and Back linking – Back linking is also one of important factor to rank higher in search engines. This area discuss in detail about article creation process, submitting them to article directories, and other important strategies.

Lesson 4 Turning Visitors into Customers – Another important lesson to get a deep insight about how to convert your visitors into customers. I have seen lot of people struggling in this area but when they walkthrough this area then they will get a pretty good idea.

Advanced Training – In this area you would learn more about advanced backlink strategies in the form of Web 2.0 sites.

Pay-Per-Click Techniques – Another quick way to get traffic to your site is using PPC marketing. This module guides you all this in the form of over-the-shoulder video tutorials on how to use Google AdWords and all the strategies needed to build and handle lucrative pay-per-click campaigns for your website.

Things I Liked:

Lot of Useful Information

I have seen some areas and able to get a tons of useful information from this product. Everyone knows SEO is a crucial part of your online business if you it perfectly. The whole game is revolved about getting top position in search engine and if you do it then there are unimaginable benefits you will get.

To achieve this SEO is the primary thing that you should learn for your website. The only issue with SEO is that most of the people are using blackhat techniques for achieving quick results. They do get the results for a short span of time but it will only last for few months.

There are hundreds of people who are using their strategies and are getting good results. There are majority of methods they will teach you are all purely white hat methods.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Over Priced Product

The commission conspiracy Part 1 package price is $49 and commission conspiracy package Part 2 price is $99.

Other than this there is another support and coaching system called “no holds barred support and coaching system”  that is available at;

  • 1-time payment of $7999
  • 12 monthly payments of $699 each (Totaling $8,388)

I think this is too much for such a product and how a beginner can afford such a pricy product. With respect to $49 product, such information can easily be found on the web if you search them.

Some Risky Strategies

SEO is all about managing risk and improve your business to gain more authority and trust in the search engines. There are some strategies in the training area that may in fact harm your business. Google has updated its algorithm ever now and then the strategies that were working in the past may not be worked now.

Especially if you are using backlinking strategies you should be very careful because these are the ones people are spamming in the form of blog commenting, article directories, and web 2.0.

Other than this there is also some guideline about using article spinner and create multiple version of a single article. This is then submit to multiple place to get a backlink but do remember that this may work in the past but no more today.

Lot of Hype

If you move around the site sale page and video then you will find lot of hype in the form of lot of screenshots, testimonials, and other promotional videos. It is difficult to validate such claims but one thing to remember, earning money online is not an easy task to and it requires lot of effort and time.

The purpose of such type of promotional material is just to enroll you as a new member and in reality it is not easy to reach five figures income within few months.

Is OMG Machines is a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, OMG Machines offers a good training on SEO and the training is well step by step and easy to use format. If you don’t know SEO then you could not achieve top rankings on the search engines. The only issue with this site is very high price and some risky backlinking strategies.

I am happy they are updating this system regularly to stay under the radar of Google. If you are really looking for earing money online then see my #1 recommendation.

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