OfferUp Reviews 2021 – Is Offer Up Legit or Scam App?

Welcome to my OfferUp Review 2021!

Offer up has been climbing up the ranks in terms of reputation in the industry. This company has been made to help people who wish to buy and sell within their locality.

It claims to have everything you will need to take your product or the item you want to sell online and get you to sell it fast.

I have seen folks make positive remarks about it while others cringe when it is mentioned.

The truth about it and the verdict on it, whether it is legitimate or scam is what I will be giving here.

This offer up review will show the true side of its operation.

Product Name: OfferUp


Founder: A huge team of experts


Product Type: Similar to Craiglist


Price: Free


Best For: People Looking to Buy and Sell Stuff Online

OfferUp Reviews

Summary: Offer Up is designed for people to sell their stuff online. It has nearly all the features that are required for this business.


Rating: 75/100


Verdict: Yes

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OfferUp Reviews – Introduction:

Many people have heard about Craigslist, which has been serving as a good online platform to sell stuff.

Even though it is great and very effective when it comes to its operations, some people claim that it has an ugly look which can be worked on.

Others say, that bringing a mobile application with the same services as Craigslist can be even better as people are now using their mobile devices more.

But the main problem is, as people get busy building better services, there are others who get busy scheming on ways they can rob folks online.

And they use opportunities like these for improvement to bring many people into their system and then steal from them.

Because of this, I took quite some time researching and analyzing the whole operation of Offer up to determine how serious and determined it is to give a better trading experience online. These are my findings.

What is Offer Up?

This is a system that was created with the intention of having people sell their items to their local customers. It is more based on local marketing.

The main difference between Offer Up and Craigslist is the target. Offer up mainly focuses on the mobile users while the latter does the opposite.

So this makes the platform more advantaged as they highest percentage of buyers and sellers are now using their smartphones.

Offer Up has been gaining influence in the industry in the past few years due to this tactic.

And users keep increasing every year. Actually, it is among the most reputable trading systems because of its free services.

How Does it Work?

Well, the man aim of the system is to get you to sell or buy with your smartphone.

That being the case, let us see how you will be able to work your way through Offer up.

For Sellers, here is how you go about it:

• Download the app – When you visit the main website, you are going to get links to the app store you usually use, based on the phone you are using.

You will head there and download the application to your phone so as to create your account and start selling.

• Take photos of the item you are selling – When you have had your account ready, you will go straight to creating space for your item. Here you will take a photo of the item you wish to sell through Offer up.

Make sure you take clear photos so that the buyer can see it well from all points of view.

• Upload the photo and publish the item – You will then upload the item’s picture, add a title which is the name of the product and then place your asking price.

This will help people see the product, and see where they will start negotiating with you from.

• Get contacted and communicate with potential buyers – When you submit the product, it will go a listing where people will be able to see it.

This means within a short while, you will be seeing a number of people getting in touch with you wishing to know more about it.

If you get a potential buyer, you will communicate with them using the app’s messaging platform. You can negotiate and settle on a reasonable price you feel is fair.

From there, you will agree on a suitable place to meet up and do the exchange.

• Rate the Buyer – When you finish selling the product, you will be able to go the app and give ratings on the buyer’s side.

This comes in handy as it will show you how reliable the person you are selling to really is.

For Buyers, this is how you should get your desired product.

• Download the app – You will also have to get the app and get an account with them. You can also do it from the main website where they will direct you to your respective app store.

• Look through the product listing – The next thing is looking for the product you want to buy. You will get a listing with a design like that of Instagram.

So, you will scroll down until you see the product that pleases your eyes.

• Identify the item and contact the seller – When you spot the product that makes you happy, you should go ahead to contact the one who sells it.

Make sure the ratings of the seller are good to avoid any messy scenarios. If they are above average, go ahead and talk to them.

You will do it through the secure messaging platform. And you won’t have to give any of your personal details. You will make your stand and then settle on a fair price and the best meeting point.

• Meet up and finish your trade – You should afterward meet the seller and buy your product that easy and fast.

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Is Offer up Safe? (And a few more things you should know)

I have seen this question almost everywhere I have gone digging for more information on this app. It seems people are worried about it.

Well, the platform is safe to use up to the point where you go to meet with the buyer or the seller. There are times when people have had rough experiences like being robbed and even threatened to be killed.

That is why the company offers safety tips for trading. The safest precaution is making sure you let someone close to you (a relative, friend or spouse) know that you are going to meet someone from the app.

Also, make sure you are doing your trade in a public place where people are in huge numbers. It reduces the chances of being robbed.

The other things you should know are:

  • The creditworthiness of Offer Up is great as it has been well rated and rewarded by many companies and organizations including GeekWire.
  • Offer up doesn’t make money off of the transactions you make with their app. The whole system is completely free which mean they are looking for trust first before they start making money.

Who is it For?

This is a good selling as well as buying platform for people who want to deal with their locality.

If you want to make purchases of a few products and you don’t want to go beyond your town or city, this is the best app to use.

If you also have items you feel are in high demand in your neighborhood, then this is the place to market them.

Pros & Cons:

The Good

Using the app is totally free. There aren’t charges for the seller and the buyer.

• There is a messaging platform to communicate with the seller or the potential buyer.

• You get safety precautions to use to ensure you are well secured when selling or buying from other members.

• You get to rate the buyer or the seller to make others aware of how trustworthy they are.

• You get to use an app which is simple to navigate and make communications.

• The app can be downloaded from the Android app store as well as Apple store.

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The Bad

• You are not really sure of the person you will be meeting with. It may be a robber. And I have seen in many offers up reviews people saying they were robbed.

• The company is not liable for your transactions and dealings outside of the app. You are pretty much on your own.

Final Verdict:

Well, there is so much to say about the Offer up app. I love the way you get to rate the person you deal with.

This will be of great help to other people who will probably be transacting with the person.

I also love how great and easy it is to get your item listed in the program as well as identifying the one you love and going for it.

But the safety issue will need to be seriously addressed as this may possibly lower the number of its users.

I say this because there have been many people who have had serious cases with the buyers, and sometimes the sellers.

OfferUp Review Verdict – Legit!

Product Name: OfferUp
Website Address:
Owner: A huge team of experts
Price: Free to Buy and Sell
Rankings: 75 out of 100

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I hope you will like my OfferUp review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.